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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Thomas Rides the BULL!

DISCOURAGED FORWARD! Junior Cape Crusaders and our trusty side-kick Psychotic and Homicidal Lynn"The Lying Brain" Thomas of COWS BLOG!

What a wonderful day! Jack Idema is in jail being stomped on because of his own stupidity and of course helped by the stunt that Lynn "The Lying Brain" Thomas and the four bimbo's pulled last month in front of the Afghan Embassy not just insulting the Afghans but all Afghan women and helped slam the door on Jackbo. Thanks Lynn!

We see in Lynnbo's latest posting at COWS BLOG that Lynn continues the distortions with her laughable idiotic analysis of Jackbo's PROVEN fraudulent AQ Tapes while Lynn continues to attack those who helped put Jack in Jail or wrote the truth about her lover boy. So Thomas how about doing something tell the entire truth? What? That tongue of yours only good for licking Jackbo's coolie?

So Thomas attacks forgetting all about the FACT that Jackbo has had many opportunities to prove his case in court and every time he sued one of the people Thomas continues to wrongly defame he has not just lost in court but ended up being sanctioned and owing the defendants money. Of course Thomas reports on all that? Well of course not! Every time Jackbo has gotten his ass handed to him Thomas rails against the truth and attacks or threatens the person who was wronged. Just like the threat of calling the FBI. LOL! Calling the FBI ! LOL! Lynn Thomas is going to call the FBI! Ok, here is the jist of the conversation between Thomas and the FBI.

"Hello Agent Smith, my name is Lynn Thomas and I am a blogger who supports Jack Idema. You know Jack Idema that hero of Afghanistan you helped set-up, beat and are illegally holding in prison! Well I want to file a complaint! I am being harassed by some people who know Jackbo is a fraud and helped the FBI send him to jail."

This would be a hoot! I am sure that the FBI would immediately send Agents to Lynnbo's trailer park and take her report and start a manhunt! LOL!

Thomas just plainly for what ever demented reason refuses to acknowledge the truth and this includes emails and statements from Jackbo's old Commanding Officer and Green Beret Billy Waugh. But note that Thomas only attacks a selected group of people. You have to ask why? Why not bring to light that Jackbo's old Commanding Officer wrote personally to Thomas and Thomas even refused to answer or post his email. Also note that Thomas has not even mentioned the fact that Billy Waugh slammed the door on Jackbo's private prison. She forgets that 98% of Jackbo's claims have been exposed as BULLSHIT! His military record, how and why he entered Afghanistan, and even the FRAUD Jackbo committed playing US Military covert terrorist hunter killer. But none of this sinks into Thomas lying brain. Yes she is a very sick and demented woman.

But why? Its simple why do women write and want to marry axe murders?
Women like Lynn Thomas are like those who marry prisoners that they met through the mail or through the media while the guy was already in jail. They tend to be shy (note we at Stupor Patriots outed Cao as Lynn Thomas) have low self-esteem, consider themselves to be outsiders, have been victims of abuse, and they hunger for an emotional relationship. They Identification with aggressive personality, rescue fantasies, acts of compassion, they show sympathy for a political cause or for an outcast, the way to be the center of attention and in the limelight, it fills need to be needed and to feel important, a desire for danger or thrills, out of a sense of rebellion and it fills a void caused by failure of, disappointment in, or lack of romantic relationships. This is the same personality disorder that Lynn "The Lying Brain" Thomas suffers from while this is Jack Idema's MO...using women who have low self-esteem. BTW Jackbo where has your WIFE been? Why is she not pounding away for you anymore? Its simple Vicky finally woke up....

Lets also include that the facts about Jackbo Idema are so plain that only a psychotic and homicidal person like Lynn Thomas would continue to pump out the bullshit and attack the people that she has never met and does not even know. Very sick mind, very sick person. You see Junior Cape Crusaders with Lynn "The Lying Brain" Thomas this is not about truth its about not being able to except the fact that for the last few years she has been wrong and proven wrong consistently and that her sexual fantasy has been attacked and exposed as a fraud, using unnamed or perverted sources. So in return of having her wet dreams mopped up Thomas attacks by recycling the same old Jack Idema bullshit with a new spin of the day. Like the last story of Jack becoming a Afghan Citizen! LOL! What a stupid COW Thomas proves herself to be. She proves that her so-called brain is a little off the track. So Thomas we guess Jack surrendered his US Citizenship to become a Afghan! This would only be to good to be true! We would love nothing more than to have Jackbo exiled to the very place he scammed....LOL!

We hope that Thomas's husband sleeps with a Level IV vest on because you never know when Lynnbo is going to snap.

But Lynn "The Lying Brain" Thomas we here at Stupor Patriots are going to very shortly be having the last laugh.... Call it a going away present. We hope that you enjoy the notoriety you are about to get.... LOL!

Hey Jack hows life all alone?

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The BULL In the Sky!

DISCOURAGED FORWARD! Junior Cape Crusaders and our trusty side-kick Psychotic and Homicidal Lynn"The Lying Brain" Thomas of COWS BLOC!

Just as we told you Junior Cape Crusaders! The latest posting at COWS BLOG has Jackbo triumphing over the evil Karazi, FBI, DoS, and DoD forces that are holding him and and the Stupor Patriot forces from capturing Usama Bin Laden!

And as we told you Lynn "The Lying" Brain Thomas is so full of it her eyes are not just brown but her skin color matches. This is one sick woman. Why would anyone make up a fantastic story about Jackbo and Brentbo like this? For what gain? Why would Thomas blame everyone except herself and her idiot lover-boy? Only one sick psychotic and homicidal moron would go out of her way to propel lies such as these.

All we have to say is -

Rolling On Floor Laughing Our ASSES Off With Tears In Our Eyes!

Dam Thomas this is one of your best lines of distortions yet! Do you go to bed at night dreaming this crap up? Or does Jackbo and his buddy Tom Dumbback actually write this crap for you?

Stay tuned Junior Cape Crusaders the truth is about to kick Lynn "The Lying Brain" Thomas right in the butt! You would think by now that this whack-job would finally get the picture. But she is so delusional that she actually lives in another dimension.

Stayed tuned!

Hey Jack time is approaching and soon there will be another knock on your door.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

The BULL Fly's Again!

DISCOURAGED FORWARD! Junior Cape Crusaders and our trusty side-kick Psychotic and Homicidal Lynn"The Lying Brain" Thomas of COWS BLOC!

Yes Junior Cape Crusaders something is amiss in Kabul! General Major Colonel Bennett of Task Farse 7 Sabre was whisked out of Jacbo's clutches and kicked out of Afghanistan to a stupor secret location for re-education and mind control .... What hogwash being pumped by Lynn "The Lying Brain" Thomas... Hey Bennett think you learned a lesson like the next time stay away from Jack Idema?

According to Lynn "The Lying Brain" Thomas -

"Bennett family: Brent is fine, no thanks to the US State Department. A teammate of ours spoke to him. He is no longer in State Department custody, and the information on Caos blog can be confirmed. He says he cannot make contact right now for reasons we can't go into. Actually I should say he is not just fine, he is safe and continuing to support his teammates from an undisclosed location. Jack and Zorro are also fine, facing continued assaults by the State Department, but in good spirits and holding out while the dust settles. Rumor is that certain members of the Afghan govt are not happy about the State Department and FBI using Afghan forces for an illegal operation and attempted illegal extradition of Americans. Kabul TV announced tonight that the Supreme Court admitted the men had been innocent all along."

LOL What a bunch of BULLSHIT! We just love this crap Thomas spins "
He says he cannot make contact right now for reasons we can't go into." "he is safe and continuing to support his teammates from an undisclosed location". "Kabul TV announced tonight that the Supreme Court admitted the men had been innocent all along." Hey Lynnbo please post the link to the story! Whats next? Jackbo continues to fight the KGB, CIA, GRU, DoS, DoD, FBI, UFOs assault! Out numbered by the forces of truth our Hero Jackbo continues his lying assault while saving the entire world from prison......

Hey Tiffany go ahead make our day you have enough problems already please help us out here and add to them.....Like open your mouth with more stupid statements! The recorder is running......

Oh well Junior Cape Crusaders don't fear General Major Bennett will surface soon enough... Maybe in irons or maybe he is spilling his guts to the FBI on ole Jackbo.... But we will keep you posted..... Can't give the entire plot away here.... BUT! The real questions are who will save western civilization from the death blows of Usama Bin Laden with only half of the Stupor Patriots still in prison? How will Jackbo manage now that he is alone? How will Lynnbo lie through her teeth to save her Jackass lover boy? Will Tiffany get sanctioned? Is General Major Bennett ratting ole Jackbo out or maybe his family has finally kicked some sense into him?

Stay tuned Junior Cape Crusaders ..... Lynnbo is on the lying roll and there is more to come!

Look at the brightside Jack! Your force protection is no longer with you... LOL!

Thursday, September 28, 2006


DISCOURAGED FORWARD! Junior Cape Crusaders and our trusty side-kick Psychotic and Homicidal Lynn"The Lying Brain" Thomas of COWS BLOC!

"Thank God it's Friday! Thank God I am Free because men like Jack Idema are in JAIL"!!! THANK GOD HE IS SHUT DOWN!

Well Junior Cape Crusaders here we have Jackbo adding a little drama and BULL SHEET ROCK while the Afghans once again take his privileges away because of his BIG MOUTH and IDIOT MORONIC BIMBO friends....

Nice letter Lynnbo seems like Jackbo's phony document maker was at it again! How do we know? We asked if this was a legit letter! The answer? BUZZZZZZZZZZZ Wrong Answer!

In the meantime Jackbo and his lying girl friend Lynn "The Lying Brain" Thomas have been using Jackbo's prison and Rogue Radio Empire talking Chit!! While his bimbo girlfriends go screwing around near the Afghistan Mission. And they thought the Afghan's would take this lying down?

So here we have Jackbo doing his North Carolina smoke dance.....anything for a headline! This is kicks!

"Jack Idema and Captain Brent Bennett are under siege at Pulacharke Prison, Brent has been siezed by Karzai Forces and intelligence agents working under the direct orders of the United States Ambassador and US Consul. Idema is apparently barricaded in and holding out.

Two important documents are attached from Idema's ex-wife and his lawyers.

The last message received by Jack Idema, the American Green Beret that has been held at Pulacharke with his "Task Force Saber 7" anti-terrorist team went as follows:

______JACKBO Quote a few hours ago______

"This is it, Karzai and the US has finally ordered them to use weapons against us, the new General Sadiqi , has said that he was given orders to shoot to kill if we resisted. We may not make it through the night. if not, bye. At least you know what finally went down. They are going to cut all the phones off in this area soon if they do come in. My block is on fire, surrounded, and they already got Brent, I will hold out to the end.

goodbye friends,

Captain Bennett? Boy got demoted? Now here is the truth. You see Junior Cape Crusaders Jackbo once again pushed the wrong buttons using his big mouth and having his bimbo's go screw around in front of the Afghan Embassy, which really did not help him at all. Matter of fact it helped us! LOL Thanks Lynnbo for screwing your lover-boy for us.

Well all we have to say is......



BTW Jackbo who shut who down? LOL! Cheers!