Monday, May 16, 2005

Phonies, Phonies look who's calling who a Phony!


DISCOURAGED FORWARD! Junior Cape Crusaders!

One of our Junior Cape Crusaders brought this article to our attention and so we thought that we would post it so that you all know that it will NOT be the FBI, CIA, DIA, NSA, KGB, FSB, and or little green men from mars who will shut down Our Imprisoned POW Hero Leader General "Groucho" Jack Idema website it will be the US Commerce Department regulating the bussiness.

We have also added one e-mail (below) on Phonies, Phonies look who's calling who a Phony! From Tracy-Paul Warrington Chief Warrant Officer (retired) US Army Special Forces. It was this letter that got Chief Warrington a letter threatening to sue his company. Of course the Chiefs company told Jacks Lawyer to go pound salt and unlike the dribble from Our Imprisoned POW Hero Leader General "Groucho" Jack Idema claiming he got Chief Warrington fired was of course all duckspeak. But we thought that you would interested in what the Chief had to say. BTW Jack! Chief Warrington is indeed a "real live" Green Beret who has the DD214 to back up his service to our Great Republic! Don't you just wish you could have been like Chief Warrington ? Oh one last thing Jack...

Domain Owners Lose Privacy
By Kim Zetter
02:00 AM Mar. 04, 2005 PT

The U.S. Commerce Department has ordered companies that administer internet addresses to stop allowing customers to register .us domain names anonymously using proxy services. The move does not affect owners of .com and .net domains. But it means website owners with .us domains will no longer be able to shield their name and contact information from public eyes.

The Electronic Privacy Information Center said the move violates First Amendment rights to anonymous free speech. And the representative of one of the largest domain-registration companies is concerned that customers who have been victims of stalkers won't be able to protect their privacy without changing their web address to a domain that offers anonymity. Wired News has learned that the edict came a month ago from the National Telecommunications and Information Administration, the Commerce Department agency that advises the president on telecommunications and information policy. The agency ruled with no warning and without any discussion with the companies accredited to sell and register .us domains. The domain companies were told they would lose their right to sell .us domains -- the official, top-level domain for the United States -- if they didn't comply.

The NTIA did not return a call for comment. But it told registrars it was not setting a new policy with the directive -- it was simply enforcing a provision in a pre-existing contract that the registrars had violated. But Christine Jones, general counsel for Go Daddy, the largest registrar of .us domains, disputed this.

"This has nothing to do with them clarifying an existing contract," Jones said. "We've been selling proxy registrations for three years; they knew it but never said anything against it. They established a new policy, and for them to say otherwise is pure crap."

Story location:,1848,66787,00.html

DISCOURAGED FORWARD! Junior Cape Crusaders!

Today we will start and look at what our imprisoned POW Hero Leader General Jacks lists as the phonies who are against him. Phony Knights, Phony Colonels, and Phony Writers..... But first we have made an executive decision at Stupor Patriots Comm Center. After reviewing all of the facts in this case and the new postings on the Super Patriots site ( we have decided to give each one of our Stupor Pats new nicknames.

Attention Junior Cape Crusader! From this moment on our hero's will be known as! Our imprisoned POW Hero Leader General "Groucho" Jack Idema, Captain Bret "Harpo" Bennett, Ed "Chico" Caraballo and John "Gummo" Tiffany there lawyer !

Our Imprisoned POW Hero Leader General "Groucho" Jack Idema has been a busy camper in his Afghan cell and has come up with a new site he calls the Rolling Stones Update ! Whats the matter does the truth hurt? Poor Imprisoned POW Hero Leader General "Groucho" Jack Idema!! But Junior Cape Crusaders please note that we have always maintained that our Imprisoned POW Hero Leader General "Groucho" Jack Idema was Special Forces Q U A L I F I E D! As you can also see our Imprisoned POW Hero Leader General "Groucho" Jack Idema has posted some of his very nice certificates and NOT posted his DD214 signed off by the US Army Inspector General's Office. That's because Junior Cape Crusaders the only place you will find Our Imprisoned POW Hero Leader General "Groucho" Jack Idema heroic military service record is in our Imprisoned POW Hero Leader General "Groucho" Jack Idema warped mind. By the way how come the gang at Lopburi (Thai SF HQ) don't remember you? Maybe all the deep undercover work was done around the Thai gogo Bars....Like the undercover operations in Lithuania!

Yes Junior Cape Crusaders our Imprisoned POW Hero Leader General "Groucho" Jack Idema had been busy posting his madness all of which we will take on. Must be the cramped quarters! Lax of sex or maybe to much sex? Our Imprisoned POW Hero Leader General "Groucho" Jack Idema seems bent to prove he is a hero! A Humanitarian?! The Savior! The Terrorist Killer!

Our Imprisoned POW Hero Leader General "Groucho" Jack Idema has said that Ed Artis is a phony Knight! Wrong answer! You see Junior Cape Crusaders Sir Edward Artis of Knightbridge International belongs to a self-styled humanitarian foundation that bestowes Knighthood based on a history of strong good deeds in the humanitarian arena! The group is well known and operates in many Countries. To achieve this worldwide distinguished honor you must have achieved honorable and heroic status in humanitarian relief operations. Now this is what real humanitarian hero's are made of Groucho!! The Fact is that Our Imprisoned POW Hero Leader General "Groucho" Jack Idema loves to make false and deceptive claims when he sue's people to run up their legal bills. BTW Jack digging dirt up on people you sue is like the pot calling the kettle black. Before you dig in other peoples garbage you should make sure that you have cleaned up yours.....

So no one has ever said that Our Imprisoned POW Hero Leader General "Groucho" Jack Idema was not Special Forces Qualified. We are just saying that everything else he claims to have done in the military is PHONY! BTW.....We find it hysterical that Captain Bret "Harpo" Bennett has a much more impressive DD214 than Our Imprisoned POW Hero Leader General "Groucho" Jack Idema! Jack....Bennett has been in actual combat and has the Combat Infantry Badge. ....ah.... where is yours Jack?

As far as being a lousy soldier please note his DD214, FitRep and Scout Record which you can find on the right hand side of this site. The rest is mindless DUCKSPEAK! And we will address how Our Imprisoned POW Hero Leader General "Groucho" Jack Idema got into the reserves though he was prohibited from re-enlisting..... Bumback......

As far as Ed "Chico" Caraballo is concerned we will cover him in one of our next postings! Yes there are skeletons in this boyz closet! We will note that Ed "Chico" Caraballo is indeed a award winning journo who was suffering from a very bad case of cranial rectal inversion when he signed on for this "PRIVATE GIG" and was not posted as a journo and I am sure that Our Imprisoned POW Hero Leader General "Groucho" Jack Idema can show us his USG Approved Press Credentials! How the stress Ed? Holding up ok! We hear Our Imprisoned POW Hero Leader General "Groucho" Jack Idema wants to get you out so you can front of the TV Cameras.....

As far as our Our Imprisoned POW Hero Leader General "Groucho" Jack Idema being wanted well just look at Our Imprisoned POW Hero Leader General "Groucho" Jack Idema picture posted in the uppper right hand of this site! And yes Imprisoned POW Hero Leader General "Groucho" Jack Idema we too question the US Attorneys Office about not charging you sooner. And we remind all of our Junior Cape Crusaders that the USPIS had Our Imprisoned POW Hero Leader General "Groucho" Jack Idema under investigation for Charity Fraud at this time as well.

Our Imprisoned POW Hero Leader General "Groucho" Jack Idema states that he received a medal at the WTC on TV on 9/11/2003! WOW ! Fooled those people too! And what about that heroic combat record of yours with all those other medals that don't exist? What a Phony! And the phony has the nerve to call others phonies!

Our Imprisoned POW Hero Leader General "Groucho" Jack Idema likes to state that he obtained photo's from a "source"! Remember this quote? "It was always " a source that refused to be named." That's press lingo for; it was made up, or at best, a rumor, in order to sell newspapers. Sickening when you think about it, criminal when you consider how it affected the lives and liberty of three innocent Americans and their families (c) J. Keith Idema "Super Patriot.US " (oops was that copyrighted ?) ! Care to identify that source or do you have a double standard? Of course he does! That why Our Imprisoned POW Hero Leader General "Groucho" Jack Idema likes to sue people!

Please Junior Cape Crusaders please read the rest of the ranting of a madman at his site !

6/5/03 2:29:18 PM Eastern Daylight Time


I noticed that Jack Keith Idema will be in the Nelson Algren Reading Room on June 7th, 2003 at 11:00 am. He will be on a panel about American War. Are you aware that Mr. Idema is in fact a federally convicted felon? He was convicted on 55 counts of wire fraud and one count of conspiracy on 11 April 1995, in Fayetteville NC. He served almost three years in prison.Since 1993, Mr. Idema filed over 70 civil lawsuits against anyone or thing that he perceived as interfering with his plans to acquire fame and money.

Some of defendants include Dreamworks SKG, Minolta Corporation, FoxNews (last week), Equifax Credit, and the US Government (twice).Mr Idema has not served in the US Army for over 15 years. Mr. Idema claims to be involved in the War on Terror. I checked with the US Central Intelligence Agency, US Central Command, US Army, US Department of State and the US Department of Homeland Security. None of them ever consulted with Mr. Idema, hired him in any capacity, or used any information supposedly provided by him. He is a convicted felon and has no combat experience of any sort. So why would anyone want Mr. Idema around their operation; especially the US Government?

The purported video tape supplied by Mr. Idema showing Al Qaeda rehearsing to attack American schools is largely discredited by professionals. I reviewed the tape myself and it shows nothing relevant to the war on terror, much less tactics used by terrorists.I am an Antiterrorism/Force Protection Project Manager for the US Government; and have been for the last year. Before that I designed forensic information systems for Federal, State, and Local Law Enforcement.

Before that I was a soldier in the US Army Special Forces for 18 years. I retired in 1993. In short, I have over five times more experience as a Green Beret than Mr. Idema. During my service, I served as a Special Forces Instructor, Weapons Sergeant, Engineer Sergeant, Intelligence Sergeant, Team Sergeant and received a commission as a Special Forces Warrant Officer. As a warrant officer, I commanded a specialized unit of Green Berets which was responsible for hostage rescue and other special activities. I have combat awards as well as one award for valor (non-combat).

I have Bachelor's Degrees in Computer Science and Mathematics; and Master's certificates in database design, development and data warehouses.The point I'm making here is that I lived the life that Mr. Idema only dreams about. Mr. Idema has no knowledge of war, much less operational art or tactical fieldcraft. He has no combat experience. Most importantly, there is not one single person on this planet that can vouch for the veracity of his actions in Afghanistan. Writing about them in a book does not make it the truth. Besides, if it was true, who declassified the the operations? Who did Robin Moore and Jack Keith Idema get permission from to write about Mr. Idema's actions in Afghanistan?Mr Idema is not a patriot. Mr Idema does not represent Green Berets; in fact, they consider him a disgrace. Mr Idema has no role whatsoever in the global war on terror. I should know, because I am involved in the fight and someone of his supposed expertise would be widely sought after in this 'business'.I realize that your organization will do nothing. It's too embarassing. So you'll continue to "render unto Caesar".

But you've been warned about him.I find it very ironic how newspapers will hound their subjects when they lie to them; but when news organizations make such glaring errors like allowing Mr. Idema to be idolized, not one word is ever mentioned to the public.For what it's worth, I'm asking you to pull Idema's appearance on your panel, do some research, and get a real hero from Afghanistan at a later date. Also, it would be really nice if you would tell other news organizations about Mr. Idema and keep him out of the public eye. Some day his actions or 'expertise' will get someone killed. They won't blame him, they'll implicate Special Forces and the US Government; and the news media will faithfully hound us for his actions.

Tracy-Paul Warrington
Chief Warrant Officer (retired)
US Army Special Forces



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alan B'Stard M P said...

you are wrong about Artis. As an alleged knight of Malta, he is not entitled to the title " Sir before his name

a ‘Knight of Grace’ or a ‘Knight
of Justice’ is not entitled to use the title ‘Sir’ which a
knight of State Orders of Chivalry is entitled to use.
New knights of the Order receive the accolade from
the Grand Prior when they are touched on the
shoulder with a sword and receive their robes and insignia