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Todays Lesson T & D !

Case in Point Number 10.

PS: BTW Jack "Furthermore, the Rolling Stone Article uses BOGUS documents (such as third party hearsay regarding a phony document that is incorrectly alleged to be in Jack Idema's military file)." Just to clear this up for you. If you are referring to the DD214 that is listed on this site. We have some bad news for you. This DD214 which was used by the press was obtained by a massive FOIA that went out to 28 US Agencies including the FBI, DEA, DIA, CIA, DOS, DOJ, DOD, US Army, SF Command, SOCCOM, AND, PERSCOM just to name a few. But you can very easily clear this up Jack! By stopping your stonewalling and answering the counter-complaint in the Idema vs. Fox News lawsuit, which of course your not talking about or you can simply post your DD214 signed off by the US Army Inspector Generals Office as true and accurate. So its this simple. Either talk to talk or walk the walk?

Discouraged Forward! Junior Cape Crusaders!

Today's lesson will be in deciphering what is known as T&D or Treachery and Deceit! We will take as an example of this from our Imprisoned POW Hero Leader "Groucho" General Jack Idema's own website! We find it very interesting that our Imprisoned POW Hero Leader "Groucho" General Jack Idema loves to post his nice distorted certificates and quotes but refuses to answer these issues in the counter-complaint of the Idema vs. Fox News lawsuit!

We will again visit with Peter Bergen who seems to be on a media campaign which we find rather interesting. Bergen is pumping an "article" not a book titled "Shadow Warriors". Could this be the title of an up coming book? Why would famed CNN Terrorist Correspondent Peter Bergen be doing running around hawking a article on Idema? Who is propelling all of this and why? Finally we will give you some homework to sharpen your investigative skills.

But lets visit some of the quotes by our Imprisoned POW Hero Leader "Groucho" General Jack Idema! All of these quotes are accredited to

We will first note that many of these quotes are excerpts strikingly similar to those letters written to Judge Boyle who was preparing to hand our Imprisoned POW Hero Leader "Groucho" General Jack Idema a judicial sentence and are not written as thank you for being such a wonderful humanitarian, terrorist-hunter-killer. While these are excerpts and not the entire letter as written and are all before our Imprisoned POW Hero Leader "Groucho" General Jack Idema went off the deep end after serving time for his fraud conviction.

Case point Number 1:

"Here are REAL QUOTES from REAL sourcesand with their REAL names: “Keith Idema may be one of the last individuals for whom the phrase ‘I give you my word’ still has meaning. To Keith honor is everything…. Keith will do what he has pledged to do, no matter how difficult..." "I have relied on him in the past, and never been disappointed.” (Signed; [The Honorable] Timothy Connolly, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Special Operations and Low Intensity Conflict) on official US DOD stationary (the top Pentagon civilian over all US Special Operations units in the world). "

Yes the names are real but the story is slightly distorted. Again this quote seems striking familiar to what Tim Connelly wrote to Judge Boyle before our Imprisoned POW Hero Leader "Groucho" General Jack Idema was sentenced. while today Tim Connelly does not even want to talk about Jonathan Keith Idema and in one case even attempted to hide so that he would not be called upon to testify in any other matter. Today Connelly will not defend our Imprisoned POW Hero Leader "Groucho" General Jack Idema. Please don't believe us ask Connelly himself!

Case in point Number 2.

"In fact, I was assigned to teach surveillance operations to a British SAS commando force during which time Idema was their principal instructor in hostage rescue and close quarter battle. He [Jack] was the consummate professional with only two goals in mind; saving lives and combating terrorism for the red, white and blue.” (Letter written by Peter D. Montfort, former Special Forces operative and Senior Detective with the Dutchess County, New York Sheriff’s Office. The letter is dated May 25, 1994)"

This again goes back to our Imprisoned POW Hero Leader "Groucho" General Jack Idema fraud trial. Got to wonder what a Special Forces Operative is? It does not say US Army Special Forces or British SAS. Guess anyone who teaches a military special forces team is now considered an operative. Want to bet he did not sign that letter like that?

Case in point Number 3.

“SGT Idema possesses a strong personality and a highly developed individualism…He is sure to abrade an occasional superior. Such occasional abrasion is a scant price to pay for his often demonstrated abilities; and besides, some superiors can use a little scraping now and then…Idema is definitely a person, and I prefer a thoroughbred that on occasion needs the bridle, but never the whip, to a plodding cart horse. SGT Idema is the man I want around when the going is rough and in times of stress and crisis. He is a tough and hard driver when you need him. I think the Army needs him and that he belongs in the Army for as long as we can keep him.” (Excerpt from a 1978 efficiency report contained in a letter of support for Idema written by his former commanding officer, Special Forces Captain Ray Carney. The letter is dated April 30, 1994)

Of course we would like to see the entire efficiency report not just a selected versions of it. And then again there is always this one! Funny!!Its dated June 15, 1994! How Interesting!

Case in point Number 4.

“Idema is a stand-up kind of person. He is what we call a self starter. He is a leader of men and not a follower. He speaks his mind in a true and honest manner and is not a bureaucrat. Although some may not agree with his tact in which he uses to get his point across he is true to his word and is dependable in the highest caliber. I would stand side by side with Idema in the toughest situations in both military and civilian life.” (Letter of support for Idema written by Special Forces operative and counter-terrorism expert, Master Sergeant Peter L. Conners (later Command Sergeant Major). The letter is dated May 18, 1994 on Department of the Army stationary from a classified unit)"

Same applies here.........Lets see the entire letter!

Case in point Number 5.

I have known few people as loyal and dedicated to their Country as Keith Idema.” (Letter of support for Idema written by John M. Comparetto, New York City Police Detective and Executive Director of the Rockland County SPCC, and later Chief of State of New Jersey Corrections). The letter is dated June 1, 1994)

Yes the Rockland County SPCC ! Wonder what they thought of our Imprisoned POW Hero Leader "Groucho" General Jack Idema making this claim?

" Mr. Idema has been a police detective, working for the SPCC Child Abuse Task Force where he helped implement a variety of training programs aimed at protecting children in hostile environments. In the 1970s Mr. Idema trained anti-poaching teams for the South African police and military, where he developed a special interest in the protection of wildlife. He has been an adviser to more than a dozen countries and as a program director for the US Agency for International Development during the 1986 Haitian crisis, tasked with the protection of humanitarian aid efforts. Throughout his career Mr. Idema has had a particular interest in the protecting children and animals. Mr. Idema’s military experience includes service with Special Forces elements whose expertise included working with indigenous people and organizing vulnerable groups with capacity building programs.

Case In point Number 6.

Mr. Idema goes in locked and loaded and never quits.” “But he’s not afraid of pain, and he’s not sweating death. It’s never occurred to the guy to yield; never crossed his mind.... No doubt about it, Keith is a hardass, but a true patriot, a man of courage and inviolable honor. (statements of Major James Morris, recipient of FOUR PURPLE HEARTS, and FOUR BRONZE STAR Medals for valor in Vietnam. Major Morris served three combat tours in Vietnam and has covered eight wars and conflicts as a combat correspondent. He is the author of the best-selling book WAR STORY.

Well Major Morris.... One of the prime Idema story tellers..... So Major how many times can one man be proved wrong?

Case in point Number 7.

“Idema’s word can be taken as gospel.. I would want him with me in any battle...” Command Sergeant Major Alex Schwarcbher, US Army Special Forces, and the Senior enlisted man for the United States Army Special Warfare School at Fort Bragg -- the school that trains and qualifies Green Berets. Schwarcbher's medals include the purple heart, the bronze star, the silver star, the MSM, AM, and Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry.

Once again nice words for a comrade going to jail!

Case in point Number 8.

Jack Idema is “a man who has walked the moral high ground, and has lived according to the creed ‘Duty, honor, Country’…” Lt Colonel Rick Lester, Classified Special Operations unit (TF-160).

Again nice words for a comrade going to jail. Note it does not say he still does walk the moral high ground. Please note the detail at the end which I am sure LTC Lester did not sign off in this manner "Classified Special Operations unit (TF-160)". BTW we would love for you to post the entire letter!

Case in point Number 9

“Idema is the best Special Forces Weapons Sergeant I have ever known, and one was one the most valued team members in my command." And, in a letter of commendation, "...his ability to train indigenous foreign armies is unsurpassed." Written by Colonel Gary Rohen (MACV-SOG Vietnam Team Leader) who is currently the Deputy Director of the FBI's Counter-Terrorist Watch Command in Washington, DC.


"Idema with Colonel Gary Rohen on a Special Forces Counter-Terrorist Team. Both are carrying SFM16's with 203 Grenade Launchers, PVS-5 Night Vision Goggles and Browning Fast Action pistols. Rohen is now the Deputy Director of the FBI's Counter-Terrorist Watch and was in constant contact with Jack Idema during his latest mission in Afghanistan. Rohen was supposed to deploy with TASK FORCE SABER 7 to Afghanistan but was pulled from the mission for medical reasons. "

SSA Gary Rohen of the FBI of which SoJ has the scoop on this story as well. Yes its all about personal contacts not whether it was sanctioned or not. BTW There is no more FBI Counter Terrorism Watch Center. We are sure that SSA Rohen is kicking himself one again! Anyone want to call SSA Gary Rohen and ask him what he thinks?

Case in Point Number 10.

"But lets sum it all up- take ALL the unnamed unidentified alleged sources about what a lousy soldier Idema was and how he barely made it in Special Forces School, and then read what the SPECIAL FORCES SCHOOL COMMANDANT said.

In an official letter dated January 7, 1976, Colonel Charlie A. Beckwith, School Commandant, who became famous as the First Commander of Delta Force, commended Jack on his "perseverance, motivation, and professionalism" in Special Forces:

"During that selection course you excelled by meeting every requirement set upon you, whether it be arriving at your objective on schedule, navigating across hazardous terrain, evading detection or leading an ambush. The initiative you took and the motivation you showed in attaining every objective of a course that was designed to be impossible to complete reflects greatly upon yourself and Special Forces."

[Signed,] Charlie A. BeckwithColonel, InfantryDirector, Special Forces School"

Yes no one ever said that our Imprisoned POW Hero Leader "Groucho" General Jack Idema was never a Special Forces Qualified Soldier. Moreover what does the Special Forces Association think of our Imprisoned POW Hero Leader "Groucho" General Jack Idema today?

"He is not a member of the association, nor will he ever be," said Mel Smith, secretary-administrator of the association. "He is not eligible to join because of certain issues in his background." Smith did not elaborate." The News & Observer, August 9, 2004

"The Special Forces Association, a national organization of former Special Forces members based in Idema's hometown of Fayetteville, N.C., has banned Idema from its gatherings and disavowed any association with him, labeling his supposed battlefield exploits as "outrageous" in a letter from association officers.

To: Sent:
Friday, March 14, 2003 11:2 8 AM
Subject: The Hunt for Bin Laden: Task Force Dagger, by RobinMoore

To: Association Members Comments from National HQ Concerning: The Hunt for Bin Laden: Task Force Dagger, by Robin Moore.Robin Moore, the author of The Green Berets, continues his love affair with US Army Special Forces. Mr. Moore, imbedded in the 5th Special Forces Group during the takedown of the Taliban regime in Afghanistan, has a first hand view of the action.

He presents a gripping story of courageous Special Forces soldiers locked in combat behind enemy lines. Although based on fact, the knowledgeable reader may be irritated by fiction used to fill gaps in research and outrageous claims by Keith Idema, one of the book's advisors. Nonetheless, it is a story that captures much of the culture of today's Special Forces operators and the courage of today's young men fighting in the Global War Against Terrorism.

JAMES C. DEAN Secretary/Administrator
Special Forces Association, PO Box 41436Fayetteville, NC28309-1436 email:sfahq@aol.comTelephone 910-485-5433 Fax 910-485-1041

Hey if you don't believe us ask the Special Forces Association! Got that Major Morris?!

Now we have Mr. Bergen again! wonder how much Barry Farber and Ted Kavanau are willing to go on this before they lose what little creditability they have left?

Details of a Private Jail in Afghanistan Talk of the Nation, May 18, 2005 · Journalist Peter Bergen joins us to talk about his new article on Jack Idema, the former Special Forces soldier and con man convicted last year of running a vigilante prison in Afghanistan. Guest: Peter Bergen, article "The Shadow Warrior" appears in Rolling Stone; author, Holy War, Inc. : Inside The Secret World of Osama bin Laden; fellow at New America Foundation

Do you have no shame Mr. Bergen? Its seem odd that Mr. Bergen is hawking the Rolling Stones article and wearing very nice rosie glasses while distorting much of the truth! Please listen to the interview and if you wish please e mail your thoughts to Mr. Bergen at !

Now your investigative home work Junior Cape Crusaders!

Please research the following names and tell us what they have to do with our Imprisoned POW Hero Leader "Groucho" General Jack Idema?

01. The Ritchie Bros
02. Masoud Khalili
03. Noorullah Delawari
04. Mr. Mohammad Ehsan
05. Mr. Haji Haroun
06. Mr. Yacoub Qhane
07. Mr. Saifi
08. Mr. Sardar Dehqan
09. Mr. Sardar Kishwarz
10. Mr. Sardar Musawi
11. Ambassador Bahrami
12. Ambassador Taherian
13. Mr. Hujaullah Kargar, AKA Pouya Kargar, Dr. Pouya, Dr. PouyaKargar
14. Mr. Mohsen Karimi
15. Mr. Ivanov
16. Mr. Haji Timar
17. Mr. Abul Fazel Khalili AKA Abul Khalili
18. Mr. Masoud Khalili
19. Mr. Haji Haseen


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