Friday, July 01, 2005

O' The Snowstorm of July!

DISCOURAGED FORWARD! Junior Cape Crusaders and our trusty side-kick Francis!

Yes, Junior Cape Crusaders and our trusty side-kick Francis it does snow in July! Especially when our imprisoned POW Hero Leader "Groucho" General Jack Idema is blowing the snow!

Noted in our imprisoned POW Hero Leader "Groucho" General Jack Idema's website is a news flash: "The Two Top Official Sources for the Press Against Idema and his Team Have Tendered their resignations after being accused of illegal activities, poor security, and links to terrorism and Pakistani Intelligence Agencies"

Of course this statement is all bull-sheet-rock! The actual news report states;

"Excerpt from report by Afghan news agency Hindokosh

Kabul, 26 June: Unconfirmed reports say that Ali Ahmed Jalali has resigned from his post as the interior minister of Afghanistan. The reports say that Jalali has officially submitted his resignation to Hamed Karzai and that the president has accepted his resignation.

It is believed that Engineer [Ahmad Moqbel] Zarar, the deputy interior minister in charge of security affairs, would be appointed as the interior minister until the establishment of the parliament. Political experts have been expecting the sacking of the interior minister after a rise in security incidents and unrest in Kabul and southern Afghanistan.

It was also said that the interior minister had disagreements with Hamed Karzai over the appointment of governors, security commanders and district heads without his consent.

Copyright 2005 BBC Monitoring Service distributed by United Press International.

You see Junior Cape Crusaders our imprisoned POW Hero Leader "Groucho" General Jack Idema just loves to make statements he cannot of course back up with anything close to facts............Anything for a headline....

The fact is our imprisoned POW Hero Leader "Groucho" General Jack Idema's paid associates such as General Fahim who is a very well know drug smuggler of course with the help of the Iranians and a rather ...ah.... unsavory type of fella along with some of the other Panjshiris who by the way run the prison at Policharki for a nice profit not to mention selling anything they can get their hands on are a huge part of this problem. These are the terrorists that of course our imprisoned POW Hero Leader "Groucho" General Jack Idema never says a bad word about! Got to love Jack! These are the same folk who seemed to have given our imprisoned POW Hero Leader "Groucho" General Jack Idema his cell accommodations and we bet for a very nice profit and also Jack's so-called MOD ID Cards.... Wonder how much that cost? Gee, all of this on Skip Londons loan of 10,000?

So our imprisoned POW Hero Leader "Groucho" General Jack Idema thinks that Jalali is a traitor and terrorist and was the reason why he resigned. Jack no one can blow snow like you! Enjoy the 4th of July in Policharki! Now Gummo before you start opening your yap you better be able to put up the facts instead of slinging mud.... We will be watching!

In case your wondering more about Ahmed Ali Jalali he was a Colonel in the Afghan Army who fought the Soviets and along with Lester Grau wrote the combat tactics book the Otherside of the Mountain Mujahideen Tactics in the Soviet-Afghan War. Jalali knows more about guerrilla operations than our imprisoned POW Hero Leader "Groucho" General Jack Idema could ever consider reading about! Oh one other thing Jalali is combat tested....ah....something Jack has never been in besides play acting in Afghanistan!

So Jack get a life! Like Vicky has............

To all our brother and sisters in arms....

We at Stupor Patriot Comm Center wish all of our brothers and sisters serving in the US Military and especially in harms way a safe 4th of July! We all know that the fireworks you all confront daily in both Afghanistan and Iraq will never compare to anything like what Americans will see the evening of the 4th. Our prayers are with all of you this Independence Day weekend!

Thank You for serving and protecting all of us at home! God Speed to you all! BE SAFE!

(Enjoy the 4th Jack maybe Fahim and get you something special for our Independence Day?)

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