Saturday, August 13, 2005

The Great Blizzard of August 2005!

DISCOURAGED FORWARD! Junior Cape Crusaders Worldwide and our trusty side-kick "almost out" Francis!

WOW! We woke up this morning looked out the window and behold SNOW! So in amazement we ran outside and.... WAIT! Its not snow! Its tons and tons and tons of "legal papers"! So we ran back in and got our bull-sheet-rock detectors and as we thought, it pegged on General Jacks Level! As we told you, the devil was brewing up a storm and indeed he did! One hell of a storm!

So lets take a look at the case file ( Enter Case # BC296228 then hit SEARCH ) once again. On August 2, 2005 Jack and his wife filed a declaration and support motion as pro-se in the "ALREADY" MUTUALLY DISMISSED cross complaint against Jack. This one almost slipped by us......

Lets take a look at the highlights! Jack claims;

  • He filed discovery and that deception was brewed against him.
  • That he has Protective Status as a POW with ID card Number 92.
  • That he was found innocent of all charges and is being detained in a conspiracy.
  • Asked for a stay in all legal matter until his POW Status hearing is held to protect his rights.

WOW! Talk about throwing the bull around! First Jack, the case at hand was "MUTUALLY" DISMISSED. Meaning that you and Francis "AGREED" to the dismissal and so it was ordered by the court. Second, while there is some house keeping and last minute motions being done on other issues you decided to "paper" an open case file. Third, as far as your POW Status is concerned. You better take a hard look at UNHCR's Legal and Protection Policy on your issue. Your kind of short on the mustard. Try... "Irregular Force" "Armed Band" and "Mercenary". Not POW.... Oh your POW CARD! you can't buy things in Afghanistan. Jack this is one area in which you excel in. Fourth, your rights to legal protection? Jack you have "LAWYERS" Francis and Gummo. They have made several appearances on your behalf. You have Internet and Sat Phone privileges unlike other real POWs, including Saddam Hussein. In the cross motion YOU decided to play games and removed Francis and went in as Pro-se. Why? Well Francis is bound by ethics. Something you lack and besides Francis is smarter than you. Fifth, as far as your claim to discovery is concerned. Ah....Jack a Judge ruled differently and its your responsibility to make sure as a pro-se lawyer you make all appearances. Not anyone else's. Sixth, Conspiracy and interference. Jack, talk about a broken record! Don't you ever get tired of singing that old song?

Lastly, Your status as a ah.....POW... has nothing to do with your standing in court. You have access and representation. We suggest that you study the General Manual Noriega Case. And that was a declared war. His POW Status did little for his criminal case. So enjoy the next five years! You can always refile and we are as sure as it is hot out, your not going to stop filing cases.
But we are more amazed with the supporting documents by Vicky! The only thing she has not made claim to is that little green men from mars have landed and tried to abduct her. Lets take a look at the highlights!

Vicky claims;

  • The defendants have sent her masked threatening e-mails and attempted to extort documents from her.
  • The defendants are using illegal websites to post false documents and stalking her.
  • She is stressed and feels her life is threatened.
  • Her business was ruined by the defendants.
  • She was drugged and had her statements taped.
  • Her mail was stolen.
  • There was an attempt to bribe her.
  • And she had sexual advances and promises of trips abroad for sex plotted against her.

HOLY SMOKES! Vicky since you filed a "AFFIDAVIT" a legal instrument under oath of perjury we H I G H L Y recommend that you IMMEDIATELY file criminal complaints and we would expect anyone found doing anything like this to you to be brought to justice. And we mean it! BTW having a website is not illegal...or are you and Jack also involved in having an ILLEGAL WEBSITE too ?

But what is more amazing in all of this is that as stated by Vicky is that this has been going on for a long period of time. Funny??? Jacks "lawyer(s)" never mentioned any of this in any court filings. Wonder why?

So Junior Cape Crusaders Worldwide the blizzard of August 2005 is in a massive "state of emergency" and clean up and we expect to get hit with a Category 12 Hurricane any day now! Remember, it ain't over until the fat lady sings! BTW....anyone find her yet?



Anonymous said...

Stalking is one of Vicky's fovorite words. Any damage done to her business is of her own doing. It is pretty sad when you can't even run a dog walking service sucessfully! Maybe she should try the food service industry or even better go home to Mamma! Oops she can't isn't she wanted for various crimes in her home state? What a Paragon of society.....

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Anonymous said...

Talk about a paragon of virtue, really missed the boat, didn't you?

You ought to take a serious look in the mirror, if you can stand to see the ugly puss that's looking back at you.

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Simple Obsessional:
A prior relationship exists between the victim and the stalker which includes the following:
Acquaintance, neighbor, customer, professional relationship, dating, and lover
The stalking behavior begins after either:
The relationship has gone “sour”, or
The offending individual perceives some mistreatment
The stalker begins a campaign either to rectify the schism, or to seek some type of retribution

Based on the Diagnostic Statistical Manual, 4th ed. (DSM-IV, 4th ed.)
The central theme of the delusion is that another person is in love with the individual
The delusion often concerns idealized romantic love and spiritual union rather than sexual attraction — “a perfect match”
The object of affection is usually of a higher status and can be a complete stranger
Efforts to contact the victim are common, but the stalker may keep the delusion a secret
Males, seen most often in forensic samples, come into contact with the law during misguided pursuits to “rescue” the individual from some imagined danger. Females are seen most often in clinical samples

Love Obsessional:
Similar to the erotomanic individuals:
The victim is almost always known through the media.
The delusion that the victim loves them may also be held
The erotomanic delusion is but one of several delusions and psychiatric symptoms — this individual has a primary psychiatric diagnosis
These individuals may be obsessed in their love, without having the belief that the target is in love with them
A campaign is begun to make his/her existence known to the victim

The Rejected:

* As a result of a relationship dissolution (i.e. estrangement, disruptions, break-ups) from an ex-partner (but inclusive of a parent, friend, or work associate) this type of stalker can be observed desiring a mixture of reconciliation and revenge.

* This individual often experiences feelings of loss, frustration, anger, jealousy, malevolence, and depression.

* The Simple Obsessional subtype given above closely approximates this type of stalker.

The Intimacy Seeker:

* These stalkers pursue an intimate relationship with an individual perceived as their true love, but their attentions are not wanted by the object of their affection.

* The type of stalkers who fall into this category often have a delusional disorder (i.e. erotomania). Those who represent "intimacy seekers" may suffer from other disorders (i.e. schizophrenia, mania) or hold morbid infatuations.

* Erotomania and Love Obsessional best represent this category.

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* They often lack sufficient skills in courting rituals.

* They may also display a sense of entitlement: believing they deserve a partner, but lack the ability or desire to engage in subdued, preliminary interpersonal relations.

* Another aspect of these stalkers is that they may have had previous stalking victims.

* Unlike the intimacy seekers, those in the incompetent category do not view the victim as having unique qualities; they are not infatuated with the victim -- only attracted, and do not assert that the affection is mutual.

The Resentful:

* The goal of this stalker is to frighten and distress the victim.

* These stalkers may also experience feelings of injustice and desire revenge.

The Predatory:

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* The stalker often strives to learn more about the victim.

* The stalker may even mentally rehearse a plan to attack the victim.

* Most of these stalkers are diagnosed paraphilias and, compared to the previous four categories, they were more likely to have histories of sexual offense convictions.

Anonymous said...

You fit almost every one of those goddam categories, you freakin' animal.

Anonymous said...

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