Thursday, April 06, 2006

Psychotic and Homicidal Knicker Knots Part Cuatro!

DISCOURAGED FORWARD! Junior Cape Crusaders Worldwide and our new trusty side-kick Psychotic and Homicidal Lynn Thomas of COWS BLOG!

Thank God its Friday.... Thank God I am Free! And Thank God for the Men and Women of the United States Military!

Well Junior Cape Crusader as we have told you Jackbo and his rag-tag bunch of legal hound-dogs are at it again suing, suing and suing.... This time its Columbia Journal Review (CJR) a well respected journal. KICKS! Even Jackbo's own site The Stupid Patriots is trying to grab media attention! Fat chance Jackbo! Let's take a look at Jackbo's latest;
"Alexis Surovov, assistant director of giving at Yale Law School, sent an angry email from a Columbia University account to Clinton Taylor and Debbie Bookstaber, two young Yale grads who are so frustrated at Yale's refusal to answer questions about Taliban Assistant Minisiter Rahmatullah going to Yale that they've launched a protest. Called NailYale, it focuses on the Taliban's barbaric treatment of women, which extended to yanking out the fingernails of those who wore nail polish. In a column on, they urged alumni "not give one red cent this year, but instead send Yale a red press-on fingernail." On Surovov, said he was angry because the furor over the Taliban official was hurting fund raising. He also accused Mr. Taylor and Ms. Bookstaber of "terrorist tactics," which when challenged he amended to "terror tactics" (sorry Yale, Rahmatullah is the terrorist). Now Columbia University has been NAILED again. This time sending threats to people supporting Jack Idema, posting phony blog posts, running a blog that violates Anti-Cyber Stalking laws, and endorses spousal abuse and the beatings, murder, and assault of Jack's family members and the woman who runs
We just love this line about making threats....cyber stalking........endorsing spousal abuse, beatings, murders and assault of Jacks family members! Jackbo are you projecting again? Lets face facts here Jackbo.... You have the "criminal record" to support all of the above. You have a history of not being ...ah.... stable..... Shoot at any reporters lately? Threaten any lately? Like the ones at CNN? Stars and Stripes? ABC News? Hows beating up your girl freinds and or wife? What do you mean you never have? Jackbo now the Fayetteville Police have a storage trailer holding all of your police records! Hell the Fayetteville Courts have their own Idema filing system! Everyone in Fayetteville is at peace or should we say at peace until 2009? Psychotic and Homicidal Lynn Thomas is a mirror of you! She has slandered people she does not even know and threatened folk by her "Treason Hunting Contest" to the point where Steven Pearcy had to file a police report citing her as the main driving force for is death threats. A Police Report was filed with the Capitol Hill Police because of Lynn Thomas's blogs threatening a sitting United States Senator. The Allstate Insurance Company, Lynn's employer, has banned her from using their computers because of her slander, lies and threats. Lets not forget that Lynn here has a cyber stalking complaint against her with the USPIS.

But of course we expected you and Lynn to make these unfounded charges. What else is new? Jackbo you need to grow up! And we expect Francis and even that IDIOT Tiffany under pressure by you is going to try the same thing Francis did with the Fox News lawsuit..... BTW Tiffany.... where was this great lawyer that was going to prove a conspiracy in the Fox News case? LOL! Stick with parking tickets.... Puzzulli got his butt kicked in that one didn't he? This is why Jackbo, no one in the mainstream press gives a hoot about you. You are so well known as a bull-sheet-rock artist that no one cares....with exception of course of Psychotic and Homicidal Lynn Thomas. Besides when did it become illegal to tell the truth Jackbo? Or Bumbbackbo, or LynnBo.....? This is why a guy who converts to Christianity get world news attention and even attention from the President of the United States and you only get attention from Cows Blog! What a loser......

So Jack post your DD214 with a letter from the US Army Inspector General's Office backing up everything you claim! What Jackbo can't? Of course you can't. Why? Because your full of it. 2009 is a long time Jackbo....

BTW Lynn.... Speaker of the Parliament and Prime Minister are as about the same as you being as well endowed as Dolly Parton!

Enjoy Afghanistan!



Stupor Patriots said...

Hey Kinder.... here is some trivia for you......complete the folllowing (Area Code) Prefix - 6200.....

Its your cell number so you should know it...... LOL! What a life......

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