Wednesday, May 03, 2006


DISCOURAGED FORWARD! Junior Cape Crusaders Worldwide and our new trusty side-kick Psychotic and Homicidal Lynn Thomas of COWS BLOG!

Good gosh Junior Cape Crusaders does our trusty side-kick Psychotic and Homicidal Lynn Thomas have her wires crossed or what? Its simple Lynnbo... Caraballo served his time and was released by President Karazi. Jackbo ain't any where near his time served yet and as far as he refusing to leave or refusing amnesty is totall bull-sheet-rock! Just like you!

"Parliament signed a release order for all of the members of Task Force Saber, but Karzai required that Jack sign a similar Amnesty agreement as they had offered him three times previously. Jack refused."

Dam broad just does not get it! Parliament does not have the power and NEVER signed anything! So Lynnbo why not post this signed order? Jack refused! ROFLMAOWTIME !!!

We also get a kick out of Jackbo's lawsuit against CJR and yours truely! In case your interested in following along just click here LA Superior Court and type in case number BC345094! What a kick! Suing over slander! Jacks entire website is nothing but slander! And Ditto that with Psychotic and Homicidal Lynn Thomas cyber-stalkers blog! You know Francis you have one set of BIG Coglioni di mulo! Want to see cross-complaint that will not let you off the hook?

"Then Parliament decided to just release them on Mujahadeen Day (April 28th), the day of Afghan Holy Warriors. The US Embassy promptly stepped in and started lodging “informal” objections to a declaration of innocence, claiming they are all ‘guilty’. Then the Ministry of Justice ordered them all released Sunday morning."

The US Embassy did nothing of the sort! Hey Francis! Your suing for slander while Jackbo's lover girl post distorted stuff like this? ROFLMAOWTIME !!!

Here is another....

"Actually, Cao, you might be the first person to be able to wade through the bullshit and publish the facts. They were terrorists, they got caught, Idema caught them, and then they lied. Like, here’s a good one: the terrorists were supposed to be hanging upside down in a basement. Problem was there was no basement in the house, I know, I sent a team there to photograph it. Nor has ONE piece of evidence ever been shown against them- Just anonymous sources who have all either dissapeared or been identified, and now fired. Good job, keep it up, and never let them see you sweat.

Comment by Command Sergeant Major Donald "


Eh.... violating the old UCMJ there Command Sergeant Major Donald? BTW Command Sergeant Major Donald of what? The Girl Scouts?

Attention CJR, Google or Blogger.... If you need any assistance for us please just e-mail us. We will provide you with anything you need including any and all documents we have. Which for your information Francis amounts to some 16 CDs loaded with details that you will never want to come out in any court! LOL! Nice Francis your client slanders people on his website, has his lover girl Lynnbo also slander people and you are suing for slander?

We also find it pathetic that Lynnbo would be brown-nosing Caraballo after the derogatory rants she has posted about him. A small victory ? What a meathead! Caraballo served his time and he has been released. Nothing more and nothing less. When 23 Star Super Afghan Commander Brent Bennett's time is up then he will be released as well. That is if the FBI is not waiting for him outside those gates. When Jackbo get released he will finally enjoy freedom! Right up until the FBI slaps the cuffs back on him.

Francis we just want to know one thing? Just one thing? After the beatings you have taken from all of those Jackbo legal losses why do you continue to sue for free? Independently wealthy? Nothing better to do with your life? Still trying to get Steve Spielberg's money?

GREAT BIG Coglioni di mulo! Francis!


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