Saturday, August 26, 2006

If I Only Had A Brain!

DISCOURAGED FORWARD! Junior Cape Crusaders Worldwide and our trusty side-kick Psychotic and Homicidal Lynn Thomas of COWS BLOC!

"Jack doesn’t write for me, because I, unlike you, have a brain, and I’m perfectly capable of doing research on my own." Lynn, Marlone, Lawler, (The check kiter) Thomas of COW's Blog


Well Junior Cape Crusaders if Lynn Thomas's latest smear is one written by a true Christian woman then hell we want to to become Buddhists. One has to wonder if Thomas is jealous of Kathryn Cramer? Thomas monkey's can do research, analysis of that research is another thing!

So Thomas with that brain of yours how many awards do you have for writing? How many books have you published? Co-Published? No Lynn not coloring books! Hell besides right-wing talking points do you even read other books? The Classics? The foundation to life itself! No Thomas, Ann Coulter is not classical
literature. Ever really study International Relations? No Thomas we do not mean Rush Limbaugh.

By the way Lynnbo "the Brain" Thomas, when was the last time your site was hit some 18,000 times within a 24 hour period because of a missile graphic you not just posted, but created? And where does that slanderous, Blog of your rank? Maybe Lynnbo you should have said "
I haven't got a brain... only straw.".... Hell anyone who can believe Jack Idema is a hero has wet straw for a brain.

Lynn Thomas goes on to further degrade Cramer by saying, "What I don’t understand is–some woman living in suburbia who is striving so hard to destroy a way of life that she herself enjoys".

.. eh Thomas, and you do what for a living? Oh yeah, a file clerk for a Insruance Company! You live where? In an A P A R T M E N T in a suburb? Well at least that is an upgrade from that double-wide trailer you once lived in. Ever been out of the Country? No Thomas we don't mean Puerto Rico! Ever seen the aftermath of a real war? Ever seen real starvation? Ever seen someone dying from Aids? Ever seen the aftermath of a child stepping on a landmine? Hell when was the last time you actually got off your fat ass and stopped blogging for one dam minute to go and help the homeless in your area? What not worth it?

Resaerch is one thing, understanding what you are researching is another and you have no clue.

Want to learn? Try these two! Sic Semper Tyrannis 2006 and NO QUARTER between the two of them there is some 50 years of knowledge and none of it is anywhere near that warped brian of yours! Now call these guy's lefties.....

But Lynnbo "the Brain Thomas here just loves to re-write history and overlooks the many faults in our foreign policy that are cause and effect of us having to go to war to protect our economic interest. By the way Lynn "The Brain" Thomas what the hell did Iraq have to do with the GWOT? Lynnbo "the Brain Thomas forgets that at one time Saddam was one of our assholes. We armed him and when he gassed the Iranians we sat on our hands! Oh yeah and that was under a REPUBLICAN Administration. When he attacked the Kurds he used Russian helicopters right Lynn? Yep those good old Russian Huey's..... That was March 22, 1988 under a REPUBLICAN President!

When the Kurds went to over throw Saddam and asked us for help and that was with defecting Iraqi General's telling our folk they would stand down the Iraqi Army, we said what? Great? Were in? No you jackass we pulled our two CIA Officers out and pulled the carpet out from under the Kurds! And the Kurds almost pulled it off. BTW, that was also under a REPUBLICAN President!

Good foreign policy right Lynnbo?

But just like Lynn "the Brian" Thomas does for her honeybee Jackbo she disregards about 100 years of history and uses that "brain" to distort the facts to her deranged way of thinking. It's people like you Thomas who are a danger to this planet. Just like those "IslamoFASCIST" you are no different. You are the Neo-Con example of a so called ChristianFASCIST! You and a IslamoFASCIST think the same the only difference is ideology. You want to kill not to save a Country. Not save a way of life. But to save YOUR ideology. So does a IslamoFASCIST want an ideology saved. They could careless who dies. Same deal, just a different God. But in your case a Christian God has nothing to do with anything you write or think. Thinking means expanding ones education. That's outside the internet and listening to the opposition without slandering them.

Cramer is a grad of Columbia University got a well rounded education. You never went to college and barely finished high school. And if there is anyone who knows jack-shit about terrorism it you! Thomas you would not kow a terrorist if one was stupid enough to hold you hostage! Of course Lynn Thomas the good Christian woman that she is believes that all Muslims must be destroyed. "If someone has vowed to kill you, as the jihadis have, self preservation demands that you simply-kill them first." Yep sounds like a Christian thing to us. Guess old Lynn "the Brain" Thomas never heard of a guy named Jesus Christ. Just the thing that Christ would say, right Thomas? Just like Jackbo decided who was dangerous and got that wrong as well and now you want the world to believe you can also make these types of decisions? You are a terrorist Thomas.

We loved the point Lynn "The Brain" Thomas makes here, "Apparently, violence, for one thing. She is a ‘peacenik’. A person who doesn’t believe in war, because she doesn’t believe there’s anything worth fighting for. Or dying for, and I assume that includes her own child. That is very sad."

Yep had to stick the family in there right Thomas? Good Christian Woman and what a wonderful Mother to boot! Your a Muther alright Thomas. Not good enough for you to slander someone who has a different point of view and who you have no clue about since your as shallow as they come, but you got to dig into the family. Well Thomas we hope that Military Officer never comes knocking at your front door. But what the hell Lynn loves war especially when that includes " LYING" and "DISTORTING" the facts for going to war! What the hell is 3000 dead American soldiers? 30,000 wounded American Soldiers? And who knows how many innocent civilians that have been killed? For what? What threat? Eh what the hell is a little lie to save an ideaology! Hell Lynn "the Brian" Thomas has been lying and distorting facts for so long that if the truth kicked her in the ass she would threaten to call the FBI.

And the kicker to all this psycho-bull from Lynn "The Brain" Thomas? "Because I believe we should be supporting our fighting forces. War isn’t about politics, it’s about WINNING."

No you god-dam idiot WAR is suppose to be a last resort not something we make up as we go and fight half-ass. Not something we lie about to get into! You should be screaming bloody murder to get our guy's out! That is how you support our troops! Not sacrifce them because of your cool-aid drinking, Sean Hannity research capability and Rush Limbaugh "BRAIN" and ideology! Saddam did not attack us. Saddam was no threat to us! Winning? There are NO WINNERS in war everyone loses and War is always about ECONOMICS!

No Thomas, It's not people like Cramer who are the problem. It's assholes like you and Jack Idema. All talk and no action. even your talk makes me puke! All bullshit and no humanity. There is no balance its all kill...kill...kill with you. That is not someone with a brain, that is someone with a sick mind.

Yes Lynn "the Brain" Thomas, you have a brain and one day you'll get up from sitting on it and start using it.

Licensed to Kill
September 1! You'' just love it Jack! Oh Francis Jack will be calling soon!

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Diane said...

More lies. Don't you people have lives to live?