Thursday, March 31, 2005

Chapter One: The Tiger Roars....or was it a putty cat?

Welcome Junior Terrorist Evil Doer Crime Fighters !

This site is dedicated to the Stupor Patriots those fearless fighters of terrorist evil doers worldwide. From their stupor secret forward operating base code named "Pulacharke Prison" deep in the heart of Afghanistan they continue their secret rouge campaign to fight the dark realm that confronts the world!

Our Stupor Patriots actual Secret Headquarters is located in a very plain looking building marked with a very non-descriptive sign that says "TOP SECRET HEADQUARTERS OF THE STUPOR PATRIOTS" In Fayetteville, North Carolina. You can visit them here;

Our Hero's target? Is a 6 foot Arab who drags a kidney dialysis machine with him, who by the way, is as elusive as our hero's true identity and character for that matter and is none other than Usama Bin Muhammad Bin Ladin known to us all as UBL!! The price on his head? A Stupor Cool $25 Million! Can you imagine, junior cape crusaders, how many General Jack law suits that can bring on? Hell the Free World would not be safe!

(Oh one housekeeping note: To the army of lawyers that General Jack deploys. This site is not copyrighted, and please feel free to use any parts of it, we insist! However, it is a parody, which is protected under the free speech articles of the United States Constitution and if you don't know any of those, please go back to law school and learn them all over again.)

OK junior cape crusaders lets get back to our Hero's. Please visit our hero's at we understand they have some wonderful recipes that they will be enjoying for at least the next five years while they post their delusional messages! They seem to be having a zapo, zonko time or is it a buffy time? Especially with all those bad guys living next door, be careful of that soap boy's! Yes our Hero's are enjoying the finer life style in Afghanistan! Which reminds us junior cape crusaders, we have to run to the supermarket and get ready for our cross country trip this weekend taking in all the fresh air and stretching our legs in "Freedom"! Like all 3000 miles of it!

But please feel free to contact our Stupor Patriots which you can do here . Matter of fact give General Jack a call, its his dime. We insist that all of our junior cape crusaders send our Hero's what ever they need. Yes boys and girls keep that graft rolling in! How else are they living in style? We have been told that very soon our Hero's will be posting a paypal site for your convenience.

So who are these super secret crime fighters? These defenders of freedom? How did they get their capes? How did they secretly arrive deep inside Taliban Country? That is all stupor secret to the outside world. But to you junior cape crusaders we will explore all of these deep dark secrets in coming Chapters! Zowie! KaPow! Action Packed!

So lets start with a look at our action leader hero... General Jack Idema! By the way cape crusaders.. General Jack hates being called Jonathan ..ah.. or Keith! So let's keep it a secret between us junior terrorist evil doer crime fighters and lock this information up in our stupor secret junior terrorist evil doer crime fighters decoder rings!

Onto General Jack! General Jack is a former US Army Special Forces "Qualified" Soldier. Yes this is all very true. Ah... but General Jack was never on a A-team ...ah.... matter of fact never on a B team .....ah....never on a C Team either ...well maybe in the reserves as a "rigger".... And NEVER, ever, ever a Singleton.! But that has never stopped our hero General Jack from his grand strategy of movie stardom!

So stay tuned junior terrorist evil doer crime fighters for;
Chapter Two: Back to the Future And the Dreaded DD214! (Yup we'll post it!)

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