Saturday, April 23, 2005

Chapter 3 -Part II - The Scam Begins!!

Junior Cape Crusaders!

Welcome back to Part II The Scam Begins! We lasted visited our imprisoned POW hero Leader General Jack he had managed to con, scam, swindle, cheat, hustle, rip-off, bamboozle, hoodwink, hornswoggle, hose, sandbag, screw, set up, shaft, shuck, fleece, flimflam, deceive, defraud, dupe, fast talk, convince our Embassy in Tashkent that he was indeed a Stupor Patriot World Famous Terrorist Crime Fighter and acquire the now famous and much talked about Tashkent Visa Request citing him and his reporter/producer/stringer friend Gary Skurka as DoD Contracting Officers!

Yes our imprisoned POW Hero Leader General Jack knew how to walk the walk and talk the talk (and talk is Jack's specialty) and he knew that in the fog of war anything can happen! But you see Junior Cape Crusaders there was also another plan that our imprisoned POW Hero Leader General Jack had in mind! He was not just going to help poor innocent Afghan's ! He wanted his terrorist crime fighting cape back! He wanted to prove to the world he was the greatest of the GREATEST!! He wanted to prove that he was indeed... Peacemaker. Our imprisoned POW Hero Leader General Jack had another plan and he just found the perfect scam avenue accidentally handed to him by our Embassy.

So our imprisoned POW Hero Leader General Jack and his reporter/producer/stringer?DOD Contracting Officer friend Gary Skurka headed into Afghanistan to rendezvous with Kinghtsbridge International who was already on the ground doing good deeds! Together they were to investigate the dreaded Humanitarian Daily Rations that US Forces were dropping (from 10,000ft) to help feed (of course none of it was anything near the normal afghan diet) the starving Afghan's!
(BTW nothing like sitting around having some goat and have a pallet of HDR's fall through your roof!)

But things were not going well! Ever since Tashkent our imprisoned POW Hero Leader General Jack connived, conspire, and plotted to set the stage for his famous return as a terrorist cime fighter!


Our imprisoned POW Hero Leader General Jack's reporter/producer/stringer/DoD Contracting Officer friend Gary Scurka (who now claims he was never in business with Jack) was wounded by enemy fire! According to Our imprisoned POW Hero Leader General Jack he rushed to aid Skruka grabbing medical assistance (like the camera man) ripping off the badly placed bandages on Scurka while Our imprisoned POW Hero Leader General Jack's trusty medical aid shot video footage helped (forget the fact that Skurka was being supervised by a former Vietnam medic) our imprisoned POW Hero Leader General Jack replaced the bandages and SAVED SCURKA's LIFE!

Oooooor you can believe this account:
This is part of a much longer overview that is available upon request wherein I outline in detail my firsthand personal experiences with Keith "JACK" Idema in Afghanistan beginning in November 2001. I can provide the names of at least five people who were at the helicopter pad
on 11 November 2001, when I went head to head with Keith "JACK" Idema when I discovered that he was on a SAT phone speaking to a Major at the US Embassy in Tajikistan trying to get them to send a US Blackhawk helicopter in to MEDEVAC Gary Scurka who had been wounded earlier in the day.
Mr Idema was in a panic and out of control and was attempting to get an aircraft from the US Military to fly to our location in the dark when it was very dangerous and totally unnecessary. The Afghan Government does not even fly helicopters in the dark because it is that dangerous. I saw this whole incident as Keith Idema simply trying to place himself in the
forefront of a possible international news story.
Nothing more, nothing less and this was confirmed after we had finally obtained and read the story outline " Operation Pathfinder " that was presented to National Geographic, that is exactly what he was there to do. " Former Special Forces Soldier rescues US aid workers and saves the day..." or something along those lines. I have that story outline and other documents and they have been made available to various media organizations interested in finding out the facts and exposing the truth. Kevin Sites from NBC, Tim Friend from USA Today and Greg Long of Partners International and others at the scene of the wounding had taken very good care of dressing the wounds that Gary suffered and as the SENIOR medic there on the ground that night, having served in Combat in the Dominican republic and Vietnam, I was the person best qualified to make any determination as to the most appropriate course of action to protect Gary from further injury or even the possible loss of his leg.
Once again there are very credible witnesses that will confirm that we moved Gary to the Afghan clinic where he was treated by highly qualified trauma doctors and stabilized. He was returned to our compound for the night and thanks to Mr Abul Khalili meeting and a meeting that he had with Dr Abdullah we were all provided transportation on an Afghan Military helicopter back across the border inside Tajikistan the following day. The last time that I saw Keith Idema was during some interviews that I did as a wrap up to the National Geographic piece at the hotel in Dushanbe. At that time I did have a heated exchange of words with him when I refused to give him copies of a four-page document that had been secured on our behalf and which was later to be submitted to DOD and USAID.
Those documents were part of a presentation that was to be made in an effort to obtain additional relief items for Afghanistan. I refused to give Keith Idema these documents because by that time I did not trust him and he told me that I should at least let him scan them so he could move Dr Abdullah's signature on the page because it was so low on it as it was. I firmly believe that he would have used that scan on other documents, therefore I refused and once again we had words.
Yes Junior Cape Crusaders our imprisoned POW Hero Leader General Jack did in deed have ulterior motives and a mess of computer programs to generate documents with as well (just like our imprisoned POW Hero Leader General Jack generated Fox News Letterhead and drafted a letter from Cafasso unjustly removing Jack from his so called Fox News Contract!) So the flight began with our imprisoned POW Hero Leader General Jack planning the breaking of his contract with Partners International next move!

STAY TUNED!! Junior Cape Crusaders for Part III Binny, Binny Where Is My Binny!

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