Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Letters to the Stupor Patriots Comm Center

DISCOURAGED FORWARD! Stupor Patriot Junior Cape Crusaders!

Yes Junior Cape Crusaders we have received much mail from many readers asking tons of questions. So let us try and answer some of them.

Koos van der Merwe in Dikshit, India, writes:
Do you guys have a code or oath?

Stupor Patriots Comm Center (SPCC): Yes Koos all Stupor Patriots must take an oath of office as Junior Deputy Cape Crusader Terrorist Crime Fighters. That Oath is;

" I, (state a phony name), do solemnly swear that I will support and defend Twentieth Century Fox, MGM and Paramount Studios, My Booking and Literary Agents the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear AK47s, RPGs, my own faith true faith and allegiance to General Jack to the same; that I take this obligation under threat freely, without any IQ mental reservation or purpose of evasion unless there is a detain on sight order; and that I will well and faithfully discharge my weapon at reporters the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me General Jack God.''

Peter Petrov in Elephant Butte, New Mexico, writes:
Where is your headquarters?

SPCC: Peter sorry but that information is Stupor Duper TOP SECRET! We can tell you though that our weasel cave is miles beneath the surface of our Planet.

Joe Farnarkle in Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch,
Wales (UK), writes;
What type of crime fighting tools do you use?

SPCC: Well Joe, we have the latest state-of-the-art crime fighting equipment including our JET BLACK "JackRabbitMobile" (actually it's a 3-speed 1974 Chevy Vega with a air foil and bat wings held on with duct tape). But our most devastating weapons are parody, satire and cynical comics humor ( and with the Stupor Hero's there is plenty of material to work with) .

Walter Plinge in the UK , writes
Do you guy have really cool names like General Jack does?

SPCC: Yes Walter all Junior Cape Crusaders are given "Handles" to protect they're identities. While we also worship and mimic our Imprisoned POW Hero Leader General Jack. Some of the code names are: Jack Hammer, Jack Hoff and Jack Mehoff.......

Otto Normalverbraucher in Germany, writes
Where do your finances come from?

SPCC: Well Otto much of our funding is "Black" (just like General Jacks). But we are a 501 C45 Non-Profit Tax Exempt Humanitarian Organization (only applies in Tuvalu.)
So we receive much funding from our many supporters worldwide. But our Imprisoned POW Hero General Jack is quite a guy and he supports our efforts endlessly. Matter of fact Otto because of our Imprisoned POW Hero General Jack we just came into some bucks. BIG BUCKS!

Jan met de Pet in Bastard, Norway, writes
Is it true that General Jack is a deadbeat?

SPCC: Jan our Imprisoned POW Hero General Jack is no deadbeat! Though those dastardly AWIA guys are trying to continue to spit out their vial disinformation campaign about our Imprisoned POW Hero Leader General Jack.

See here:
Those AWIA guy's want you to think that our Imprisoned POW Hero Leader General Jack makes phony claims of never having a Federal Lien against him for his fraud conviction, being setup by the FBI, not committing a crime, (lets forget the stupid things like a trial and evidence), not convicted by a jury of his peers and does not pay his debts to Society or to the people he defrauded! (and it's taken nine years and a lot of black books). Or that he is a "Deadbeat"

Well Jan that is not true!General Jacks No Deadbeat! As soon as the Appeals Courts do the same thing the Afghan Courts did (up hold the lower court so that when the case goes up to the USSC it will do the same thing or just fall asleep and not hear it) that bill will be paid! BUT! We will spend Billions to legally fight AWIA off! Even if we have to go all the way to the US Supreme Court and onto the World Court! This is the price of Stardom!

Well boy's and girl's keep those letters coming and we will try and answer more of your questions!

Remember Junior Cape Crusaders to visit out Stupor Patriot Hero's at:

Stay Tuned for Part II coming very, very SOON!!!!!!!!!!!


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