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Chapter Two - Part 1 - Back To The Future and the dreaded DD214

Chapter Two - Part 1 - Back To The Future and the dreaded DD214

Welcome! Back Junior Cape Crusaders and Counter Terrorist Crime Fighters Worldwide!

In this first part of this Chapter we will explore how our Imprisoned POW Hero Leader General Jack got his sacred terrorist crime fighting cape! Lets go back a little to General Jacks nuke hunting days in Lithuania. Well first we must continue with General Jacks magnificent military career. And to help all of our junior cape crusaders understand this lets first hear it as its been reported by the press, court documents and by our Imprisoned Hero POW General Jack himself.

In a previous bio our Imprisoned POW Hero General Jack describes himself as,

" Mr. Idema has been a police detective, working for the SPCC Child Abuse Task Force where he helped implement a variety of training programs aimed at protecting children in hostile environments. In the 1970s Mr. Idema trained anti-poaching teams for the South African police and military, where he developed a special interest in the protection of wildlife. He has been an adviser to more than a dozen countries and as a program director for the US Agency for International Development during the 1986 Haitian crisis, tasked with the protection of humanitarian aid efforts. Throughout his career Mr. Idema has had a particular interest in the protecting children and animals. Mr. Idema’s military experience includes service with Special Forces elements whose expertise included working with indigenous people and organizing vulnerable groups with capacity building programs."

On our Imprisoned POW Hero Leader General Jacks old Sargie.com site our hero displays :A photo of himself in military uniform from the period he claims to be in his military service when "he helped stop the communists from taking over the country El Salvador"

On our Imprisoned POW Hero Leader General Jacks old NGU Films site details how he traveled to Lithuania "as an undercover intelligence source." It describes our Imprisoned POW Hero Leader General Jacks as having "fought terrorists for more than 20 years." One example this site provides is how, "in 1991 Idema infiltrated some of the Soviet Union’s most secret intelligence units", and how in 1993 "he briefed the US Government of terrorist attempts to obtain Weapons of Mass Destruction."

In 1999 our Imprisoned POW Hero Leader General Jacks military service was depicted by The World Net Daily as being "Special Forces and Special Operations units from 1975 to 1992." This covered the period our Imprisoned POW Hero Leader General Jacks Stupor Secret Counterr Group site states he was operating covertly in Lithuania. World Net also reported he "helped train hostage rescue team personnel for both [Army] Delta Force and the FBI." They listed him as a "Special Forces explosive expert."

After an interview with our Imprisoned POW Hero Leader General Jack, LexisOne reported "In 1991, Idema, a non-commissioned officer in the United States Special Forces, returned from a mission in Eastern Europe..."

In interviews promoting The Hunt For Bin Laden, our Imprisoned POW Hero Leader General Jack, confirmed he’d been an "adviser to Royal Thai Army Special Forces, Counter Terrorist Task Force Leader, Undercover intelligence agent in Russia, military adviser in Nicaragua, El Salvador, Laos, Cambodia, Eastern Europe…working with the Contras in Central America".

In 2000, our Imprisoned POW Hero Leader General Jack and others filed a civil suit against Steven Spielberg, Dreamworks and others. The core dispute in the complaint was that our Imprisoned POW Hero Leader General Jacks military record, and actions working for the United States Government. ." The complaint makes public numerous additional qualifications for Mr. Idema (who the complaint says enlisted in 1974) including, but not limited to being "a graduate of the United States Army Institute for Military Assistance"; holding "extensive qualifications from the United States Army John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center"; "recipient of numerous prestigious awards and letters from various government organizations and foreign countries"; "expert in light and heavy weapons, counter-terrorism, hostage rescue, and close-quarter battle tactics." It further presents our Imprisoned POW Hero Leader General Jack as "the only Special Forces Qualified operator on the ground, behind the Iron Curtain (in 1991)"

The complaint against Dreamworks states Mr. Idema conducted special operations "in Central America, Southeast Asis, and Europe". It confirms that our Imprisoned POW Hero Leader General Jack concealed "classified units, people, and missions to insure Idema remained loyal to his covert comrades in the U.S. Military" and categorizes him as "a man who was once America’s youngest Green Beret," who received Royal Master Thai Jump wings in 1985 as "one of less than a handful of Green Berets to do so."

Yes junior cape crusaders this is our Impressive Imprisoned Hero POW General Jack and we at Stupor Patriots Comm Center are Proud.....DAM PROUD... WE SAID DAM PROUD! to have him as our Imprisoned POW Hero Leader!

BUT! Junior Cape Crusaders we have uncovered a Galactic Disinformation Conspiracy against our Stupor Patriots, especially against our Imprisoned POW Hero Leader General Jack! We at Stupor Patriots Comm Center have uncovered shocking, irrefutable and exclusive evidence that the sinister terrorist organization known as "AWIA" (All World Intelligence Agencies) and its Terrorist Revolutionary Group SMM (Space Men from Mars) are behind this sinister plot (Actually if there is any evidence of a close encounter of the fourth kind its sitting in a Afghan Prison).

We at Stupor Patriots are here to show you General Jacks DD214 Conspiracy (and if you believe this is a conspiracy then your dumber than dirt!). Don't worry Junior Cape Crusaders!!! We are sure that our Imprisoned POW Hero Leader General Jack can post his DD214 certified as true and accurate by the US Army Inspector General's Office to prove his statements are true! (Hold your breath! )

General Jacks DD214

(Little light wouldn't you say? Oh yea we forgot General Jack was so black his record has been sealed! BUSTED,
CERTIFIED and Convicted (actually twice).

We are also forwarding this and other stupor duper secret information (or is it a FedX label from Ringling Bros to Jacks Mothers, fathers, sisters third cousins, wife's nephew? Oh what the hell! We will use it anyway) to our Caped Crime Fighting General Counsel who we can only identify by his Stupor Secret Codename "JET"! We are very please that we can afford (we are paying this guy, aren't we?) some one with a background like "JET's" and that he has agreed to handle our case! "JET", Junior Cape Crusaders is a "MASTER" at International Law. Studying at the prestigious Idi Amin Institute for Peace, Social Justice and Conflict Resolution, graduating with high honors (Magnum Crud Out-loud) where JET specialized in International Parking Scofflaw Violations! (And you can tell it by the number of appeal losses in this case.)

So Junior Cape crusaders terrorist crime fighters worldwide...Let it be known to all that our JET can't be downed! (with exception to a few stingers, sam's and a smoke and mirrors legal case) And we will be unrelenting in our cause to free our Stupor Patriots from their Hilton Palace Prison! (for at least the next five years!)

In Part ll we will educate you on the undercover work our Imprisoned POW Hero Leader General Jack was doing in Lithuania and his good conduct record......

Stay Tuned!!!!!!!!! Junior Cape Crusaders.... more Zap....Zowie.....KaPow.....KaBlam Coming atcha soon!!!!!!!!!

Remember Junior Cape Crusader Terrorist Crime Fighters Worldwide....The Double Stupor Secret Stupor Patriots Motto!

Discouraged Forward!

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