Friday, June 24, 2005

Jack Live!

DISCOURAGED FORWARD! Junior Cape Crusaders and our trusty side-kick Francis!

Yes gang our imprisoned POW Hero Leader "Groucho" General Jack Idema is back on the air! This time with Sherrie Gossett of Accuracy In Media! Sherrie if your a investigative journo we are owers of the largest media outlet in the United States! What DUMB-STUPID-IDIOTIC questions! Hey Sherrie Reed Irvine must be rolling over in his grave! Even he was not this stupid!

Please take a moment and have a listen on the AIM Report its a hoot! If this is an example of Accuracy In Media then we are all in trouble. Remember welcome to conspiracy radio! Now Sherrie its interesting that you cite just Peter Bergen and not the many other reporters who have done articles on our imprisoned POW Hero Leader "Groucho" General Jack Idema. Very accurate of you..... LOL!

Now listen very carefully to Gummo Tiffany and Jack both hang themselves several times over. Jack when did you go to work for the Northern Alliance? September what? Was that before or after you decided to screw over the NGO you were suppose to really be working for? Sherrie you did not do your Mrs. Homework?

So you were tried by a Taliban Judge? They were all Taliban at one time Jack! What smoke! Now Sherrie..... Lets ask Gummo Tiffany some real questions?

Gummo.... How about PROVING YOUR ACCUSATIONS about the Judges? PROVE the conspiracy about the FBI? You know Gummo your making some very serious charges about the USG. Think it's about time you show something besides your mouth? Show something in writing? Nothing? Just Jacks word? Gummo there is a BAR In New Jersey you know! Hummm wonder if Gummo can be brought in front of the Bar? Well we at Stupor Patriots will research the matter and we have the right person who is willing to take it on if its possible!

Now lets ask these questions? Gummo either put up or shut up!

Where is Jacks Fox News Contract?
Where is the copyright violation against Fox News? Oh yeah thats right Fox was dismissed and Jack owes them $20 Grand!
Was Jack a DoD Contractor?
Was Jack ever a under cover intelligence operative? ..ah.. Jack...Hansen was not active with the Russians back then.....
Was Jack ever a Police Detective?
Why did Jack use a Hawala if he was legit?

We had to laugh at the Human Rights Abuse charge? We hooted over the charge that our Embassy was not forwarding Jacks care packages! Gummo where does it say that any US Embassy is to be used a someones personal PO Box? BTW Hey Gummo who is paying for Jacks special care in prison? Like the Internet and Sat Phone? While other political prisoners are treated like dogs? BTW Sherrie you were not the first to interview Jack from prison. The two chip monks from Fayetteville had him on a few months ago.....

But don't fret Junior Cape Crusaders we at Stupor Patriots Comm Center will once again do our civic duty! We are going to file a complaint with the International Red Cross! We are going to ask the Red Cross why Jack is getting special treatment over other political prisoners to the extent that he is? Matter of fact we will also research a legal suit against the Afghan Government over this palace treatment. Protective Custody is one thing but the treatment that Jack and boys are getting is another!

Gummo, if you could prove anything you said Jack and the boyz would be free like yesterday..... But you can't and the fact is that there is NO conspiracy against Jack! You just smoke issues which all have answers....Gummo whats next the Art Bell Show? Please let us know when the next time is and one of us will call in. We can guarantee you we will not be blown so easily off nor let you off the hook.... Nice smoke job Jack enjoy jail you will be there for a while... And when that ends we have another one here in the States waiting for you! Yes Gummo there are more surprises coming down the pike.... Better get a case of asprin ready.....

Sherrie word of advise from us. Next time don't make it so obvious.....

BTW Bumback interesting that the mil nets did not play the interview. What Happen?

"Update: Per Tom Bumback, Master Sergeant US Special Forces (r) DDI, Counterr-Group : "Messages went out on several active duty military nets about this today and the commo guys at Bagram are airing the show through their network. Kabul TV is talking about translating it for Afghans to hear." Also: from Superpatriots: "All of Bagram will be tuned in thanks to Hughes Electronics and our friends in the Commo section there. Now we're trying to get Najaf compound in Iraq on line for audio, and we already have five other SF and Special Ops bases there tuning in."

Jack your a proven LIAR! Your lawyers an idiot and Sargie Bumback is a gold digger........


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