Friday, June 24, 2005

Letters From Home!

DISCOURAGED FORWARD! Junior Cape Crusaders and our trusty side-kick Francis!

Yes boys and girls nothing ever surprises us concerning our imprisoned POW Hero Leader "Groucho" General Jack Idema! And you all thought that Texas was the largest producer of Bull-Sheet-Rock!

Even Sargie Bumback has gotten into the act of sling the bull! Must be the $450,000 or so from the Wiggins suit! That is of course minus the $200 Grand + being held by the USG.... Either that or Jack must have some nasty pictures of good 'ol Sargie hanging around..... What Sargie pushing broom getting to you?

So Sargie playing your childish games eh? Poor ol' Jack! BTW Sargie Congress and the USG is a waste of time. Good for some press but really a waste of time. What Sargie can't get your grubby hands on Jacks money? Maybe Vicky has smartened up! Or maybe there is something else going on? So Chico has been split from our imprisoned POW Hero Leader "Groucho" General Jack Idema? Bad water eh? More like bad karma! And the singing begins!

BTW Sargie thank for the e -mail we got a laugh and a half with it! Wonder if the FBI is investigating you as well? Remember when the side-walls of that hole Jack dug caves in you should not be standing too close to the edge!

Hey Gummo! Is this part of your BRILLIANT Strategic Legal Defense? You trying to start the REVOLUTION? LOL!

Francis do lawyers wear dunce caps? Man do we have one for you!

Sargie Bumback! Let us know if you get any reply from these folk?, <>, <>, <>,

BTW and just to let you know Sargie... is NO LONGER A US SENATOR! We think he was ...ah.... also under investigation just like Jack! Think it had something to do with campaign fraud.....

But Try sending this e mail to these folk URGENT INVESTIGATIONS! You will get a faster response! You know Sargie maybe you should also call them yourself! They have some wonderful and caring people who work for them.....

Send reply to: Bumback at Counter-Terrorist Group US" <>

From: "Bumback at Counter-Terrorist Group US" <>
To:<>, <>, <>, <>, "Foo, Jenny J" <>

Copies to: "John Edwards Tiffany" <>, <>, <>, <>,>, <>, <>, <>, <>,<>,
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Subject: Request for Congressional Investigation
Date sent: Tue, 21 Jun 2005 19:54:10 -0700

This is a request for an Immediate investigation into the case of Jack Idema, Ed Caraballo, Brent Bennett, and their illegal and wrongful imprisonment in Afghanistan. These men were found INNOCENT of ALL CHARGES by an Afghan Appeals Court Panel of six judges, nincluding three High Court religious judges. After they were declared innocent, the United States Department of State requested to Supreme Court Judge Shinwari (a close personal friend of Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad- who Idema and company are suing) that these men be kept in continued imprisonment so as not to embarrass Khalilzad and the US State Department.

I have in my possession, a videotape of the Appeals Court hearing, secretly recorded by an Afghan official, in which the Court finds these men INNOCENT. Can the US Dept of State please explain why they are still in prison? It is my understanding from contact with the Afghan government that Mr. Caraballo is now receiving decent treatment from the embassy, now that he has been separated from Idema and the other two men, but that the others are being completely abused.

They have been refused ALL water, ALL care packages, ALL mail, and refused ALL medicine by the embassy. I have been informed by a Captain in the United States Marine Corps (as you know, the USMC has been supplying water to them even though the state department has refused, and now the state department is refusing to even deliver it) that there is water available and ready for the men at Pulacharke Prison but the State Department is refusing to deliver it to Jack "

Idema and company because someone there (at DOS) "is mad at him." (That is a direct nquote from the United States Marine Corps). Have you people lost your minds? Have you forgotten that you are employees of the United States of America, and therefore serve at the pleasure and direction of United States citizens and taxpayers? According to my official Afghan government source, two of them have severe dysentery, and possible typhoid. Addititionally, none the individuals they have daily contact with has Hepatitis B and even though Jack Idema offered to pay for medicine for this man, the US State Department has refused to provide it.

This subjects the US State Department to clear liability in a civil court should any one of these men contract this highly contagious disease. Is this information true? If not, then; 1. Will the Embassy bring them water?2. When will the Embassy bring them water?

As you are no doubt aware, the water at Pulacharke Prison is perhaps some of the worst in Afghanistan. Sickness and disease is rampant. Your denial of water and medicine only further identifies a severe retaliatory attitude towards these men, and apparently the State Department feels that since they have not yet been killed by al-Qaeda terrorists, hopefully they will die from disease. At least this is how it seems to an observer, and quite frankly, I believe this is the actual case.

Your conduct, the conduct of the state department, and the conduct of Russel Brown and Ambassador Khalilzad is disgusting- especially from what I have read and seen on the website. As you know, Cipro is used to fight or prevent a bacterial infections. It is used for a wide variety of "infections including pneumonia, infectious diarrhea, typhoid fever, and bone, joint, skin, andvarious infections. It is a critical drug to prevent death after having been forced to drink water which can be fatal to Americans who have not built up the required anti-bodies prior to ingesting local source water, and, from what I have been advised by the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, the water at Pulecharke Prison is basically "run-off" water, making it the worst possible source in Afghanistan. Will the Embassy bring them Ciproflaxacin?

When will the Embassy bring them Ciproflaxacin? Absent the US Embassy providing these men with these required items to keep them alive, I am going to research the possibility of retaining an attorney for a class action lawsuit by myself and more than 50 other concerned Americans against the US State Department. Since when did these men stop being US citizens and start being put on an enemy of the state list by the State Department?

I hope to hear that they are getting water and medicine within two days; further, I am requesting an immediate Congressional investigation of this matter.I have also blind carbon copied this letter to more than 200 concerned citizens and family members and are asking each of them to; 1) request a congressional investigation fromtheir local representative; 2) consider joining in a class action lawsuit against the State Department to force the DOS and Khalilzad to deliver and send mail from these men; 3) bring criminal charges against Montana resident Russel Brown for violations of human rights, violations of the Geneva Convention, violations of the Convention Against Torture (Brown's suppression of the medical reports showing Jack Idema was violently and repeatedly tortured while confined is in itself, a criminal violation of the CAT treaty).

Further, THREE Afghan officials have stated on the record that over the past two weeks Russel Brown has attempted to coerce and bribe Afghan Ministry of Justice officials to engage in violations of international treaties and laws by subjecting Idema and company to torture, aggressive interrogation, transfer back to the NDS torture facility, and to search and seize their legal materials, and other personal property. Lastly, I have been informed that Mr. Brown, in retaliation for Idema's lawyers taking action against Brown and Khalilzad, has now BRIBED another Afghan official, by flying former a Taliban officer to Pakistan to get his visa for an all expense paid trip to the United States by Brown, in return for inflicting punishment in violation of international law on Idema and his men. After thirty years in defense of America in the US Army Special Forces, your attitudes, your conduct, and your petty twisted subversion of the law makes me ashamed to be an American.

Thomas R. Bumback
Master Sergeant
US Army Special Forces

One last thing Sargie Bumback if you want to influence people sending e mails like this is not one of the ways ...... But you missed your calling! Forget about pushing broom..... You should be a writer for SNL! This was the funniest thing we ever read!

Vicky...... get a grip on yourself girl..... and get a lawyer to represent you. You know Vicky you can alway call the FBI if good ol' Sargie Bumback is playing games....

Time is coming Jack...... Hey Harpo.... ET Call Home..... Get Lawyer real fast!


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