Wednesday, July 20, 2005

God Loves You!

Discouraged Forward! Junior Cape Crusaders and our trusty side-kick half in/half out Francis!

Well Junior Cape Crusaders our imprisoned POW Hero Leader "Groucho" General Jack Idema and his lawyer John "Gummo" Tiffany were doing their stick comedy act on WMCA 570AM on the Kevin McCullough Christian Radio Show hosted by none other than Jack's old buddy Barry Fiber Farber! God Loves You!

Let's take a look at some of the highlights!

  • Jack claims that he saved the lives of over 500 American soldiers at Bagram Air Base!
  • Gummo makes the claim that the US State Department and the FBI bribed the Afghan Government in the trial of Jack and our Stupor Patriots!
  • Jack and Gummo make the claim that the US Embassy ordered the Afghan Judges to convict and punish Jack.
  • Jack States that the only qualification that Interior Minister Ahmed Ali Jalali ever had was that he was a translator for Voice of America.
  • Gummo claims he has "proof" that members of the US State Department and the FBI were present while Jack was being beaten into unconsciousness.
  • Jack claims his Super Patriot following includes US Military including US Special Forces personnel in Afghanistan, Iraq and Kuwait.
  • Gummo makes claim that the actions of the FBI against Jack are "criminal".
  • Jack and Gummo state that there should be a march on the White House and Congressional Hearings.

Well Junior Cape Crusaders to top that off Barry Fiber Farber started reading so-called e-mails from others including a reported Sgt Major in Iraq who claims Jack a hero and Jack's lovely and beautiful wife Vicky! Oh yeah its seems that Jacks other friend and conspirator Ted "anti-government" Kavanau was calling Barry and producing his show for him.

Ok let's see.... If God had anything to do with this show we are all in trouble! Jack your a convicted con man with a lawyer who has no ethics. Gummo if you had one ounce of proof to the claims you made you would have both Inspectors Generals in DoJ and DoD jumping though hoops! So if you don't trust them? Why not go to the Chairmen of the US Senate Intel, Foreign Relations and Judiciary with your evidence? Instead of show boating for the next book and movie deals!

Why? Because Gummo your full of bull-sheet-rock! So full of it that you kind of forgot to mention that your client was rebuked and sanctioned by the California Courts for not answering the depositions in the cross motion in the Idema vs. Fox News case! Wonder why that slipped your mind Gummo? And that is also why our trusty side-kick Francis half in/half out Pizzulli bolted from that part of the case! Jack did not answer the depositions and the Judge sacked him! Kind of cherry picking aren't you Gummo??? Guess Jack projects he is better than the Judge!

Once again Junior Cape Crusaders if there is a conspiracy here it's between Jack, Gummo, Barry and Ted and not the USG!

Barry Fiber Farber....Let us answer the question you asked Jack on why the main stream media is not on this story? It's simple Jack's lawyer has lost all creditability and Jack is a known proven beyond a shadow of a doubt LIAR! You know this Barry you old sly anti-government dog you! As one old time NYC talk radio host use to say; "you fake, you phony, you fraud, get off my radio" ! Nice Christian boy Barry!

BTW Jack! We hear you had a small fire at the old Idema homestead in Fayetteville! It seems your loving, beautiful wife Vicky attempted to set her new boytoy on fire! What a marriage! Jack scam's, Vicky scams, Jack screws around, Vicky screws around, Jack shoots at people, Vicky tries to set them on fire!

What's next dueling banjo's?

Gummo......very serious charges you make....very grave charges........Ethics Committee......We can't wait!



Anonymous said...

Dear colonel,
Are you a christian? Then you must hate children. Did you ever think an attorney was a right to anyone alleged? Why be so cruel and trashy with the name calling? It is not a nice thing to do the kids. You are a disgrace to our armed forces. Please apologize.

Anonymous said...

Not the couple to invite to join the Country club I see!

Stupor Patriots said...

Well Thanks for all the comments! Yes the only Country club we knbow that wants jack is CLUB FED! And they have him on a reserved list!

Stupor Patriots said...

Well now thank you for writing to us and yes we love children but not CONVICTED FRAUDSTERS! Christians? Hummm yeah you mean the ones who try and expose evil do'ers and fraudsters? Yep that's us!

Ah...BTW "ever think an attorney was a right to anyone alleged? My my...let's go to the audio tape! Yep we tape all of Jack's radio gigs!

Tiffany " I have unequivocal proof" Hummm we think there is a slight difference betten alleged and unequivocal proof!

Oh before we forget... God Loves You!