Thursday, July 07, 2005

Jack on KDKA !

DISCOURAGED FORWARD! Junior Cape Crusaders and our trusty side-kick Francis!

Well our imprisoned POW Hero Leader "Groucho" General Jack Idema and his Attorney Gummo Tiffany did exactly what we expected on KDKA......a outrageous comedy act...... Lets look at some of the highlights!

  • Jacks claims he warned about the London Attacks!
  • Jack claims that he also warned the US Military about flying over the mountain range where 16 US Special Operations soldiers were shot down!
  • Gummo Tiffany called for all Americans to demand US Senate hearings on Jack!
Well Junior Cape Crusaders it seems Jack is living up to our psycholingist assessment and can't seem not to portray himself has a hero boy! Must be one of the reasons why there is a vanity wall at dad's house...

So Jack tell the world specifically who in the US military you warned? Who specifically you warned about the London bombings?

Jack your a sick and demented convicted liar.... Now prove us wrong!

Since we were unable to get through to KDKA we have asked for air time to counter the in- creditable claims made by Jack and Gummo. We do note that William Hagler seemed to be booted off the KDKA air waves. We hope this was an mere accident! Now Jack don't tell us you threatened Mr. Hagler?

Now Gummo listen up! We have a surprise for you. As we go to press you have a wish coming true! A hearing!

...ah..of sorts.......

Not exactly a US Senate hearing but a New Jersey State Supreme Court Ethics Committee Hearing! Yes boy's and girl's one of our Cape Crusaders has filed a ethics complaint against John Edwards "Gummo" Tiffany, Esq. !! With our help we logged 90% of Gummo's public statements, the lack of a few legal responses, more lack of oversight of Gummo client making false public statements, allowing his client to violate copyrights by altering news articles [forget it Jack we already downloaded the page] against others and ...ah.... a certain slanderous e-mail sent from Super Patriot Support Staff to you Gummo! Among other things!

So Gummo you will get your hearing to prove your position as a "Officer of the Court". Better have all the evidence you claim to have handy.

Oh did we forget to tell you Junior Cape Crusaders that there seems to be another tape discovered! Our buds in DC tell us a audio tape! A Vicky Idema audio tape! Lets see.... there is an AQ Tape, a Secret No Torture Tape and now a Vicky Idema audio tape.

We think its called "heist"!

Seems to be a recording of Vicky Idema talking about looting Jacks mothers jewelry! As we understand it, after Jack left for his Afghan Fantasy II trip, Vicky was caught on tape talking about visiting dad [H. John Idema] who she thought was side tracked and had forgotten about his wife's jewelry and that Vicky might be able to loot most of it from under his nose! Guess you might say Jacks marriage is a criminal match!

One last note Junior Cape Crusaders it appears Jack has filed his own motion in the California Courts. We can't wait to see this boner!

Stayed Tuned Junior Cape Crusaders our arty barrage is just beginning to acquire its target!


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Anonymous said...

you forgot to mention that Vicky Ann also said that she would use physical force to get the loot from Mr Idema. In fact she was looking for an accomplice for that act. Nothing worse than elderly abuse!