Saturday, November 05, 2005


DISCOURAGED FORWARD! Junior Cape Crusaders Worldwide and our trusty side-kick "almost very out" Francis!

Yes Junior Cape Crusaders there is a FREE JACK IDEMA movement going on! Check it out at CAO !! Of couse this is being propelled by none other than our dearly beloved Imprisoned POW Hero leader General "Groucho" Jack Idema himself. You know Make it up as you go !

Yes our POW Hero Leader has indeed been busy pumping himself up.... a g a i n! So Jack yes we support you getting your freedom from that terrible Afghan Prison! So that the FBI can put they're arms around you here in the States and lock you up in one of our very nice 5 Star Federal Pens! No Internet included........

So Junior Cape Crusaders please help support our General Fraudster and set him free from that terrible Afghan Prison! Stay Tuned there is more bull being slung than the States of Texas has cows!



Anonymous said...

Ambitious young pols blog it out on the Net
Letters from lawyers are flying in a controversy pitting some of Montana's young and ambitious political operatives from both parties against each other.
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Cao said...


Maybe you could get the name right.

It's called...

Cao's blog.

Cao. Pronounced "key" --as in caoilfhionn (key-lin).

Got it?

Say it with me now, "CAO".

That's a good boy.

Now run along, I know they've got job postings at, LOL

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We have tended to see jihadist terrorism as something produced in
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Middle East, and exported to Western countries. Protecting ourselves is
a matter either of walling ourselves off, or, for the Bush
administration, going "over there" and trying to fix the problem at its
source by promoting democracy.

There is good reason for thinking, however, that a critical source of
contemporary radical Islamism lies not in the Middle East, but in
Western Europe. In addition to Bouyeri and the London bombers, the March
11 Madrid bombers and ringleaders of the September 11 attacks such as
Mohamed Atta were radicalized in Europe. In the Netherlands, where
upwards of 6% of the population is Muslim, there is plenty of radicalism
despite the fact that Holland is both modern and democratic. And there
exists no option for walling the Netherlands off from this problem.

We profoundly misunderstand contemporary Islamist ideology when we see
it as an assertion of traditional Muslim values or culture. In a
traditional Muslim country, your religious identity is not a matter of
choice; you receive it, along with your social status, customs and
habits, even your future marriage partner, from your social environment.
In such a society there is no confusion as to who you are, since your
identity is given to you and sanctioned by all of the society's
institutions, from the family to the mosque to the state.

The same is not true for a Muslim who lives as an immigrant in a suburb
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you have seemingly infinite choices in deciding how far you want to try
to integrate into the surrounding, non-Muslim society. In his book
"Globalized Islam" (2004), the French scholar Olivier Roy argues
persuasively that contemporary radicalism is precisely the product of
the "deterritorialization" of Islam, which strips Muslim identity of all
of the social supports it receives in a traditional Muslim society.

The identity problem is particularly severe for second- and
third-generation children of immigrants. They grow up outside the
traditional culture of their parents, but unlike most newcomers to the
United States, few feel truly accepted by the surrounding society.

Contemporary Europeans downplay national identity in favor of an open,
tolerant, "post-national" Europeanness. But the Dutch, Germans, French
and others all retain a strong sense of their national identity, and, to
differing degrees, it is one that is not accessible to people coming
from Turkey, Morocco or Pakistan. Integration is further inhibited by
the fact that rigid European labor laws have made low-skill jobs hard to
find for recent immigrants or their children. A significant proportion
of immigrants are on welfare, meaning that they do not have the dignity
of contributing through their labor to the surrounding society. They and
their children understand themselves as outsiders.

It is in this context that someone like Osama bin Laden appears,
offering young converts a universalistic, pure version of Islam that has
been stripped of its local saints, customs and traditions. Radical
Islamism tells them exactly who they are--respected members of a global
Muslim umma to which they can belong despite their lives in lands of
unbelief. Religion is no longer supported, as in a true Muslim society,
through conformity to a host of external social customs and observances;
rather it is more a question of inward belief. Hence Mr. Roy's
comparison of modern Islamism to the Protestant Reformation, which
similarly turned religion inward and stripped it of its external rituals
and social supports.

If this is in fact an accurate description of an important source of
radicalism, several conclusions follow. First, the challenge that
Islamism represents is not a strange and unfamiliar one. Rapid
transition to modernity has long spawned radicalization; we have seen
the exact same forms of alienation among those young people who in
earlier generations became anarchists, Bolsheviks, fascists or members
of the Bader-Meinhof gang. The ideology changes but the underlying
psychology does not.

Further, radical Islamism is as much a product of modernization and
globalization as it is a religious phenomenon; it would not be nearly as
intense if Muslims could not travel, surf the Web, or become otherwise
disconnected from their culture. This means that "fixing" the Middle
East by bringing modernization and democracy to countries like Egypt and
Saudi Arabia will not solve the terrorism problem, but may in the short
run make the problem worse. Democracy and modernization in the Muslim
world are desirable for their own sake, but we will continue to have a
big problem with terrorism in Europe regardless of what happens there.

The real challenge for democracy lies in Europe, where the problem is an
internal one of integrating large numbers of angry young Muslims and
doing so in a way that does not provoke an even angrier backlash from
right-wing populists. Two things need to happen: First, countries like
Holland and Britain need to reverse the counterproductive
multiculturalist policies that sheltered radicalism, and crack down on
extremists. But second, they also need to reformulate their definitions
of national identity to be more accepting of people from non-Western

The first has already begun to happen. In recent months, both the Dutch
and British have in fact come to an overdue recognition that the old
version of multiculturalism they formerly practiced was dangerous and
counterproductive. Liberal tolerance was interpreted as respect not for
the rights of individuals, but of groups, some of whom were themselves
intolerant (by, for example, dictating whom their daughters could
befriend or marry). Out of a misplaced sense of respect for other
cultures, Muslims minorities were left to regulate their own behavior,
an attitude which dovetailed with a traditional European corporatist
approaches to social organization. In Holland, where the state supports
separate Catholic, Protestant and socialist schools, it was easy enough
to add a Muslim "pillar" that quickly turned into a ghetto disconnected
from the surrounding society.

New policies to reduce the separateness of the Muslim community, like
laws discouraging the importation of brides from the Middle East, have
been put in place in the Netherlands. The Dutch and British police have
been given new powers to monitor, detain and expel inflammatory clerics.
But the much more difficult problem remains of fashioning a national
identity that will connect citizens of all religions and ethnicities in
a common democratic culture, as the American creed has served to unite
new immigrants to the United States.

Since van Gogh's murder, the Dutch have embarked on a vigorous and often
impolitic debate on what it means to be Dutch, with some demanding of
immigrants not just an ability to speak Dutch, but a detailed knowledge
of Dutch history and culture that many Dutch people do not have
themselves. But national identity has to be a source of inclusion, not
exclusion; nor can it be based, contrary to the assertion of the gay
Dutch politician Pym Fortuyn who was assassinated in 2003, on endless
tolerance and valuelessness. The Dutch have at least broken through the
stifling barrier of political correctness that has prevented most other
European countries from even beginning a discussion of the
interconnected issues of identity, culture and immigration. But getting
the national identity question right is a delicate and elusive task.

Many Europeans assert that the American melting pot cannot be
transported to European soil. Identity there remains rooted in blood,
soil and ancient shared memory. This may be true, but if so, democracy
in Europe will be in big trouble in the future as Muslims become an ever
larger percentage of the population. And since Europe is today one of
main battlegrounds of the war on terrorism, this reality will matter for
the rest of us as well.

Mr. Fukuyama is professor of international political economy at Johns
Hopkins and chairman of the editorial board of The American Interest.

Copyright © 2005 Dow Jones & Company, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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