Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Coming Soon- Part 3 Wingnutoshpere no more!

DISCOURAGED FORWARD! Junior Cape Crusaders Worldwide and our trusty side-kick "almost very out" Francis!

Coming Soon Part 3 - Wingnutoshpere no more! Stay Tuned!

"Each time I write about the plight of Jack Idema, the U.S. Special Forces soldier illegally imprisoned in Afghanistan along with his right-hand man, Brent Bennett, and Emmy award-winning journalist, Ed Caraballo, Iam conscious that I haven't really talked, in detail, about Jacks relationship with the Afghan troops he trained and fought alongside. "

Nice of you Jack and of course Ms. Lynn Thomas to tell all your readers that award winning journalist Ed Caraballo is no longer housed with our LEGALLY Imprisoned POW Hero Leader "Commander" Groucho Jack Idema. Caraballo by his own request asked to be separated from good ole Jackbo.... Caraballo finally got the picture ! What the hack is wrong with Major "Harpo" Bennett?

Fought along side! LOL! Please Lynn tell us about Jack killing people? We would love to know that murder was committed!

Illegally imprisoned LOL! Look who is talking about illegal! Again Jack you can always apply to the prisoner exchange program and serve out the rest of your sentence here in the States! LOL! Oh by the way to your wife lately?

(her contractor boyfriend know pillow talk)

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