Thursday, January 05, 2006

The Great Free Jack Idema Scam Part 1 of 5

DISCOURAGED FORWARD! Junior Cape Crusaders Worldwide and our trusty side-kick "almost very out" Francis!
Well Junior Cape Crusaders you thought you saw it all, didn't you? Well with our imprisoned POW Hero Leader "Commander" Groucho Jack Idema there is always room for improvement! Jack just loves scams as we all know and he is a pro at finding the far really far right "wingnutosphere" to help him defraud people. Right Ms. Patriotic" Lynn Thomas?

We are not going to get into the rewrite of Jacks history. Jack can't prove anything in a court of law other wise he would not be in jail right at this moment. Pictures, phony documents, spinning... It just does not matter. Jack is a fraud and Jack will serve out his sentence no matter what that drug dealing, illegal weapons jockey warlord Mohammad Fahim says and then Jack will come home and face charges here in the States. That is if Tiffany is not implicated as Puzzulli almost was. Francis how do you sleep nights? You must have Jackbo nightmares every night.... Francis.... are you seeing jackbo shadows at the end of your bed? Can you see your law license flying out the window? Yes Francis you know what we are talking about......
BTW Jack if your so upset with being held in Afghanistan why not apply to the US for the exchange program and serve out your time here in the State? LOL! We will tell you why...NO Sat Phone... NO Internet.... NO payoffs...and NO bully pulpit to commit fraud...Let's not talk about the additional pending criminal charges...... Keep spitting out e mails and faxes Jack and if by now you are not getting the picture then your as stupid they make them in a Texas cow pasture. And Jack we have a ton of your e mails we have not posted.....yet......
For the record Lynn Thomas we are not press, nor part of Jacks many moronic lawsuits, nor associated with any parties Jack is suing. Yes we remain anonymous like you did once smearing others with your Cao's Blog and just like some of your other buds The Pink Flamingo Bar & Grill, The Lone Voice, Red Hot Cuppa Politics, Kender's Musings, Irate Nate, Devil's Kitchen, Big Dog's Weblog, Theodore's World NIF , Rottweiler Puppy , Making Headlines, My News 'n Ideas, Right For Scotland and Freedom Folks are doing now. We laugh at Kender.... Nice try to hide your IP Don! What a dolt! You know this exposing of "wingnutosphere's" anonymous bloggers has an appeal. Especially those who perpetrate and conspire to commit fraud by assisting Jack. We can't wait to see what happens to our spam guard now.

Anyway we all stay anonymous for a reason. Ours is simple, we created stupor patriots to counter the lies and distortions posted by Keith Idema and knowing Keiths abusive love of the courts we decided to stay anonymous for a while. Yes Keith Idema. ....Jonathan Keith "Seagull" Idema! We also wanted to have some fun with the site because Keith Idema is nothing more than a cartoon character in the first place. Jack Idema is a figment of Jonathan Keith Idema's wild imagination. His desire to prove to H. John Idema a true American Patriot that his son is better then his dad. Nothing more and nothing less. You had it all Jack. You could have been the best. But that ego of yours and your mouth are your undoing! Yes we all remain anonymous for one reason or another.

While we are not ready to identify who we are yet. That will come shortly, we promise that to you Jack. We owe you that much. Matter of fact Jack one of us will do that in person in Kubal soon. Hell Jack you even tried to subpoena us. Again our motive has been to right a wrong... a Jack Idema wrong. To print the real story not the story being propeled by Lynn Thomas, but what really happned. But the others bloggers as posted here? Well its also simple for them as well. They have a dangerous agenda. They wish to propel their brand of the rule of law and their brand of religion which has nothing to do with Christianity. Their brand of politics and hate. Yes hate. They hate anyone who opposes their way of life which is nothing like the American way. It has a lot to do with Anti-Abortion Extremism. And Jack knows this very well. Jack is using this hoping to get one of these wingnuts to pop a cork and do Jacks bidding like cyberstalker Lynn Thomas helped do to Steve Pearcy.. Jack has tapped this source through his Attorney John Edwards "Gummo" Tiffany who is both attorney and agent. Its been Tiffany who has been setting up all the far right wing conspiracy and religious radio show gigs for Jack. Nice Tiffany.....

The main steam press knows Jack for what he really is. A common criminal. Facts are facts Jack. Jack also knows this so he had to go find some brain dead losers to assemble as his Mike Force. Well he found them! Late last year we had gotten bored with Jack. Well Jack can be boring playing that old "its a conspiracy" record of his. But we got interested again in all of this right after Jack gave copyright to Cao's Blog and Lynn Thomas. That caught our eye immediately. Jack gives nothing away for nothing....NOTHING! There had to be a catch. And indeed there was. So we began to explore Cao's Blog and discovered the many faces of Lynn Thomas !

Smooth Talkers ( Attention Blogger this is OPEN SOURCE MATERIALS) ! Right up Jacks alley. We also found that Ms. Thomas has the right personality disoders that Jack would exploit and he did exploit them. Jack you do know how to use women... For example, Ms. Thomas thirst to make some puter money and her lousy research capabilities. Take for instance the shot at us being Mariah Blake. Hey Thomas! Ms. Blake has not been with CJR or over a year now. Shows how much research you really do Thomas! Your writings on Afghan geo-politics is also criminal. Fahim is nothing more than a criminal enterprize which is why Jack associates with him. Here is a challenge for you Thomas. Find one Afghan specialist in a well known university here in the States to agree with you and then post or better yet tell that person to write us. While we know for a fact that if Jack is not writing some the trash you place on your website posting under your name as the paid blogger under contract with Jack Idema, then pigs fly B-1 Bombers (email and details to follow)...

But we will get to Ms. Lynn Thomas in Part IV. And Lynn we have a plethora of open source and public records that we will post plus and a few Jack Idema e-mails. Get that fax machine ready Jack this will be a dozy! Yes Lynn its all about character and motive and character and motive do matter and yes Lynn your a character alright, pets shops and check kiting all rolled up in one. Sound familiar Jack? Vicky? Its music to a criminal family.... Hell Durham and Fayetteville! Hell they are neighbors! But more on that in Part 4.
Well back to Jacks latest scam...... Jack was going no place real fast. He had to do something to make it look like there was an army on his side. In reality there is nothing more than a paid blogger... Lynn Thomas who herself has a very checked past and a bunch of Anti-Abortion Extremist and maybe even some of Jack cohorts in crime blogging. Mix in some junior HTML crap and it makes it look like Jack has an Army screaming murder. Right Jack?
BTW Wideawakes.... nice paypal.... Did you know that Jack is being investigated for using a hawala? Oh yeah we also know that ebay was notified about your usage of its paypal for good old Jack Idema! Scams and the people that help propel them! Oh Tiffany... tell us your part of all of this?

In our next posting we will expand on this new found relationship between our hero, Lynn Thomas and some of the "wingnutosphere" nut jobs that are helping Jack Idema propel his sad sack story!

So Junior Cape Crusaders stay tuned!
(BTW thanks to one of our special friends for their research help)


Kender said...

So who am I?

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Drum roll, please... and Kender is:

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