Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Lynn Thomas Idema?

DISCOURAGED FORWARD! Junior Cape Crusaders Worldwide and our new trusty-side kick Award Winning Journalist Ed Caraballo!

Yes Junior Cape Crusaders as you can see we have chosen our new trusty side-sick Award Winning Journalist Ed Caraballo! Why you ask? Its simple! Ed got the picture! You see Ed demanded out of the Idema fortress and away from Jack's bullshit! Ed finally saw the light! He saw just how full of bull Jack really was and had enough! Jack used ED... Lied to Ed...Duped Ed... and sent Ed to prison. It took living with Jack for Ed to finally see just how much of a fraud Jack really is. Of course ole honest Jack never mentioned that Ed had demanded his removal from Jack's presence! Jack your such a lying sack of dung!

So we have chosen Award Winning Journalist Ed Caraballo as our new trusty side-kick! The only question we have is what the hell is wrong with Bennett? Or is this lug that stupid?

Well it appears that Jack also has two wives. One of them is in Fayetteville screwing her brains out and the other is in Steamwood having cybersex and a run of verbal diarrhea on behalf of her cyber-lover Jack. Right Lynn? So what's with the attack on Warrington, Artis, Morris and Cafasso? Let us tell you...

Last week Jack just did not get his butt kicked in Court, but he got his lawyer our former side kick Francis CJ Puzzulli lambasted by the Judge. Matter of fact we found out that the Judges in the case saw through Idema and his horsehocky lawsuit and Jack was sanctioned by the courts for not answering discovery. They plainly had enough of Jack! This after Jack continues to make claims of all these documents pertaining to his innocence and heroism! What a bunch of bull!

However this was a major set back for Jack and now Jack is taking out his revenge by leaking and editing materials that were once under a gag order to defame the trio by using his cyber-lover Lynn Thomas! We know this for a fact since we have in our fingers some of Jack's love letters to Lynn, soon to be published!

While Lynn is about as stupid as they come and is a spitting image of Jack. Matter of fact you can say she is the female equivalent of Jack Idema. Thomas has done zero research and relies solely on Jack to supply her information. Even Jack's lawyer Francis now sees that Artis is the real deal and his client a Jack-ass! BTW Lynn we find it funny that you are running around the world-wide-web deleting any reference you can about yourself, just like you do on your blog to those who oppose you. BTW (THIS IS OPEN SOURCE) Lynn here is one you missed! Your son must be proud of his mom fronting for a convicted felon! Embarrassing isn't it Lynn to be exposed as the sicko you are? Don't worry we have taken screen shots of all of your wonderful works and pictures.

But let the truth be known. Jack is using Lynn just like he has used and abused the other women in his life. The sad thing is that Lynn Thomas being a abused women herself is still drawn to this type of behavior. So Jack has had to settle for the Lynn Thomas's of the world, whacked and cracked.....Because anyone of any importance knows Jack for what he really is..... a fraud....nothing more than a wartime tour operator..... So Jack tell ..ah...we mean Lynn, tell us how many terrorists Jack killed? Tell us where he killed these 911 monsters? LOL! Jack your so full of dung the Government of India wants to contract you for home heating!

So Jack and his cyber-lover Lynn are on the attack to defame Warrington, Artis, Morris and Cafasso. Guess Thomas does not care if she is sued? Oh sued? AH! So that is it! Jack wants this so he can play his game this time using this sorry sod Thomas! Nice Jack.... But Lynn's problems are just about to hit the oscillator..... Lynn like Jack just does not get it. And she just does not care either... just like Jack! And we see where Jack ended up! This time Thomas it will not be a slap on the wrist and 30 days probation Thomas.

BTW Jack all four, Warrington, Artis, Morris and Cafasso are much bigger men than you will ever be. Warrington has a proud history as a true Green Beret, something Jack never achieved. Warrington reviewed the AQ Tapes and Warrington knows more about terrorism than Jack could dream about! Jack knows this.... So once again Jack has to attack someone who is a authority.

Artis has done a world of good for people in need. Those who know him know the good works done. Artis knows the truth about Jack and Jack can't stand it! You see Artis was there....... So Jack has had to attack the most creditable of the three and defame him, trying to hurt his foundation. BTW Thomas you know crap about Knightsbridge... Very nice Christian woman... BTW Thomas what cult did you say you belonged too?

Morris has done the same and has a heart of gold and even tried to give Jack a second chance after Jack made promises he was not going to keep. Signed an neutrality agreement and then broke it. As normal Jack screwed him over like he has done to 98% of his friends. That is the reason why Jack has really none. So Jack has to attack Morris... Morris knows the truth...

Cafasso... now here is a story never told. As we know it... Cafasso was a freelancer just like Jack, but without the criminal record and hunt for fame and glory but was outed by Jack and some of the other steroid induced wannabees keyboard heros.

Let's talk about some of the sources in the NY Times article used against Cafasso. Source number 1. A political hack who today is very quiet about Jack Abramoff...( Cafasso also seems to have pissed off some folk in DC by outing a WH Staffer back in 2001 who was organizing Muslims for the President after 911 who back in 2000 aliened themselves with terrorist groups and this staffers father back in 95/96 brought in Ayman al Zawahiri under a false passport into the United States to do a fund raiser for Bin Laden and that's just for starters...Cafasso's freelancing goes way back). Source number 2. At the time, 54 year old male who had been married five times and dated nothing over the age of 28. Source number 3. A habitual drunk who attempted suicide and could not keep a job. Source number 4. Another sorry sod who could not find work and lived off his DC bureaucratic wife! Lets not talk about some of the other Flight 800 wingnuts.... Yes we believe that the possibility of a shoot down exsisted. But like 911 got a screwed up with interagency fighting not a cover up....

Lets not talk about some of the unidentified Fox News Sources.... right Kevin Magee? Right John Moody? Yes John Moody who we understand was the one who blew the story on reporter Danny Pearl by reporting his demise a month earlier than Pearl was actually killed. The source for this story as we are told was none other than Mansoor Ijaz.... Cafasso overrode Moody though he had no authority to do so and effectively killed the story ..thus as we understand it pissing Moody off... Kevin Magee... Magee another who would sell his grandmother to protect Fox......One day we hope that this story gets published......

Hey Jack got to wonder why Cafasso was never prosecuted? Interesting eh? Besides Jack lets tell the world that Cafasso not only edited the first manuscript of the "Hunt for Bin Laden" and there was no Jack Idema, Joe Cafasso or any Jack Idema day dreams just pure Robin Moore and the Green Berets... But there is more right Jack? Cafasso gave Robin Moore the money to hire Chris Thomas and even coined the title of the first chapter in the book "The Tiger Roars"! Chris Thompson another guy you screwed over. Here is a kid that thought Jack was the cream of the crop! Until Thompson moved to Fayetteville and moved in with Idema. It seems that people who live with you Jack get to know the real Jonathan Keith Idema! Thompson ran from Idema!

But lets not stop there Jack, lets also tell the world that it was Cafasso who was having you hunted down in Afghanistan back in 01/02 for defrauding the USG. For running the scams you were. For dishonoring the families of Green Berets just to file scoops, like the blue on blue attack, where you went live and told the world that the Greenies called the air strike on themselves even before the families were notified and knew who was killed or wounded! Dam near crimnal. Just like you pleading for the U.S. to arm the Northern Front while Washington was giving the Russians money to supply the Northern Front! Jack just could not hold his running mouth! Why? because Jack knew crap about the geo-politics just like he did not know about the HDR situation!

To top that it was Cafasso who filed a criminal complaint with the feds against you for charity fraud! But of course you know all of this! Of course you do Jack! You help propel the death threats Cafasso got! So Jack focuses on Cafasso as much as he can and will continue until Jack can't breath.....

Just like your trying to do now to all three... Just like Lynn Thomas did to Steve Pearcy and U. S. Senator John Kerry! Jack is trying to use this wingnut to go after the Artis, Morris and Cafasso.... Like we said Thomas is as sick as her hero boy! Jacks uses the press against those who opposes him, but then edits and uses selected press to make himself look like a hero while screaming bloody murder at those in the press who call him what he is.....a convicted liar! This includes breaking the cease and desist order that United Press International served on him. So now its a smear campaign against those cited by Jack and his cyber-lover Lynn Thomas! How's abortions Thomas? Like we said Lynn is just like her lover-hero someone with a ton of double standards......

Stayed Tuned the outing is near..... as we expose Lynn's circle of wingnuts!

(Your such a fraud Jack!)


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