Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Jacks Bull-Sheet-Rock Factory!

DISCOURAGED FORWARD! Junior Cape Crusaders Worldwide and our new trusty-side kick Award Winning Journalist Ed Caraballo!

Well gang in today's ..ah.... gag....installment of Cow-Jack's Blog JackLynn can't make up his mind if he is running the Afghan news desk, playing Commander Jack! leading a prison assault or just being Keith Idema and Jacks bull-sheet-rock factory.

First of all there is no confirmation of anything is exactly correct! And Jack your the last person anyone would trust for information. Second, Ed Caraballo did in fact stay behind. Thats because he trusts those others guys over you! Says a alot about you Jack! Caraballo rather place his safety in others rather than you! We certainly hope that Ed is ok. We ROFLMAOWTIME over the bull-sheet-rock of you holding off all those bad guys! "Karzai told the Minister of Justice to move terrorists INTO JACK'S BLOCK ! The only BLOCK that was NOT successfully taken over by the terrorists". We ain't that lucky Jack! But you wonder why you keep losing your privileges? Jack just never knows when to shut his mouth! Hey hero boy since you are pumping this stuff from that Sat phone of yours why not send over a picture of Fortress Idema? Show all of us the armament you claim to be holding off these guys with? Show us those women and children your hiding behind. Hell Jack your taking pictures of everything else!

We also get a kick out of your double standard bull-sheet-rock! Jack says " No one will be charged with murder, rape, assault, revolt, or any other crime". Guess your the only one in that entire prison who is innocent?! What a phony!

We will throw this report in just for fun Afghan Prisoners Agree to Halt Rioting !

Her sits fat Jack Idema throwing the bull around on one of Fahim's sat phones, drinking beers, eating Afghan onion rings, living in his so-called Officers Quarters and bitching and moaning while other prisoners eat scraps and the only way they can communicate is by revolt! Yeah even the bad guys have the right to have food and water before facing death or life in Pulacharke Prison.... the scum of all prisons. But here is badass Jack Idema saying "kill'em all and let Allah sort them out"! Then on top of all that while Jack pigs out he bitches and moans that his human rights being denied! Jack your such as big fat LIAR! No wonder why these guys want to carve out a chunk of Poughkeepsie turkey!

Here is another laugh! "We don't know, but we do know that when it all played out even Karzai did not have the power to stop Jack's communications from Pulacharke, or pull Jack's own security force and bodyguards out of the prison, where they all remain at this time". Jack please show us a picture of this so-called security farce of your! Communications shut off? Thats next! You have not learned your lesson Jack. Remember the last time the toys were taken away.... Say bye-bye Sat Phone!

Jack Idema is not a Green Beret. Was never a Green Beret. Jack could never live up to the standards of a Green Beret. Keith Idema is nothing more than a spoiled brat being taught a very nasty lesson. Jack if anything happens to Caraballo your to blame. Your the reason why he was there in the first place. Your the reason why he is in jail and your the reason why he is no longer in the same quarters with you. Caraballo was your responsibility and you let him hang all for your own glory!

If anything happens to Caraballo your to blame Jack. Sleep well Keith!


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