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Commander Jack to the rescue!

DISCOURAGED FORWARD! Junior Cape Crusaders Worldwide and our new trusty-side kick Award Winning Journalist Ed Caraballo!

The latest update...Note that the Afghans are in control not the State Department as JackLynn babbles on with. "Mohammed Qasim Hashimzai, the deputy justice minister, said before Monday's negotiations started that he wanted to end the standoff peacefully, but warned that the government could use force. "

Afghan Prison Peaceful After Deadly Riot

Only Mr. Potato-head would spit and sputter about taking people out from the same prison as the riots take place! Nice Jack there you sit in prison talking crap and you wonder why some of these guys might want to do you in. Real smart bozo... You dine in luxury as you claim while the other prisoners starve.... Nice Jack and you talk more garbage.....You scream about your human rights violations.... what a phony! No wonder why Caraballo did not want to come anywhere near you! You know JackLynn that Sat Phone was taken away from you before because of your stupidity and it will get taken away again. Your so full of it Jack! Hey Tiffany call a press conference and tell the world how badly JackLynn is being treated! You phony Haitian ambulance chaser.......

One last thing Jack... How much are you paying Abdul Salam Bakhshi to make these stupid statements about you. Its well known that your buying Bakhshi off...... Keep greasing his fingers Jack you just might get lucky!

Here is the latest update! BTW Jack your so full of it! Locked and Loaded! With what? Afghan double bean stew?

Power Restored Amid Afghan Prison Riot 59 minutes ago
KABUL, Afghanistan - Rioting inmates at Kabul's main prison agreed to halt violence late Monday and prison authorities restored supplies of water, electricity and food cut off a day earlier in an attempt to put down the revolt, officials said.

The Commander Jack Idema Prison Unrest Action Figure!

Man O Man.... JackLynn can't seem to make up his mind whether or not he is fighting AQ and the Taliban or running from them! BTW Jack if you so afraid what's with all the Bravado on Cows Blog? !We laugh at statements by Abdul Salam Bakhshi... Well guess the payola percentage goes up after this one...... eh JackLynn?

Think the bad guy's can read the internet? Keep posting the bullmeter is pegged at the Jack Idema level! Gee Jack and we thought you were one bad dude! Yes Junior Cape Crusaders if you believe that this riot was to get to JackLynn then they mak'em mighty stupid in them dar Texas cow pastures.......

We really have to LAUGH at the credits for the pictures on Cows Blog! "Courtesy of the United Front Military Satellite"? Jack your so full of it! Dam the United Front has some really good overheads! Hell there better than ours!

But it looks like John "Gummo" Tiffany found a fool is AP Reporter Paul Alexander..... Hey Alexander your boy Jack Idema has said that the AP was worthless....guess you are back in good graces now!

Come home Jack we have very nice, warm and safe prisons here.......

Afghan Says Prison Attack May Have Targeted Americans

By Paul Alexander
Associated PressSunday, December 19, 2004; Page A29

KABUL, Afghanistan, Dec. 18 -- An inmate injured in a deadly Afghan prison shootout Friday will be questioned to determine if he and four comrades, all once suspected of belonging to al Qaeda, were trying to escape or attempting to attack three American prisoners, the warden said Saturday.

Officials initially said four inmates -- three Pakistanis and an Iraqi -- were involved in the day-long fracas at Kabul's Pul-e Charkhi prison that left the four prisoners and four guards dead. But Abdul Salam Bakhshi, a prison official, said Saturday that another prisoner who was injured also was involved. "We are going to question him, and he will tell us why they attacked, what was their target, whether they wanted to escape or what was their aim," Bakhshi said.

He said it was possible that the men were trying to get to the three Americans, who are being held in a different part of the prison while serving sentences of eight to 10 years for operating an illegal private jail in Kabul and abusing Afghan detainees there while on a freelance hunt for terrorists.

Jonathan Idema, Brent Bennett and Edward carefully are seeking to overturn their convictions after a dramatic trial before a special Afghan court that embarrassed U.S. and NATO forces and sowed confusion about the U. S. role in Afghanistan.

Idema's American attorney, John Tiffany, said his client called him from the prison and said the three had been targeted for death by the inmates who attempted the jailbreak.

Idema said during his trial that he was in daily contact with high-level U.S. officials, but the U.S. government described him as a vigilante working on his own. He also accused the FBI of orchestrating his arrest.

Afghan troops stormed the overcrowded Pul-e Charkhi prison just after nightfall Friday with small arms and rocket-propelled grenades, ending the 10-hour standoff that began when the five inmates beat and stabbed a guard to death, Bakhshi said.

A gun battle ensued that killed three other guards and two of the would-be escapees. Two other inmates, both Pakistanis, scavenged a gun and barricaded themselves on the prison's war-damaged second floor, taking potshots at security personnel ringing the site.

We then revisit with Jacks old girl friend CARLOTTA GALL another dingdong from The NY Times!

February 27, 2006
Militant Inmates Riot and Seize Control of Cellblock in Afghan Prison

PUL-I-CHARKHI, Afghanistan, Feb. 26 — Prisoners in Afghanistan's main high-security prison, among them people accused of being members of the Taliban and Al Qaeda, rioted and seized control of one cellblock on Saturday evening, battling with guards through the night, the Afghan authorities said Sunday.

Up to 5 prisoners were killed and 31 wounded as police guards opened fire to stop them from escaping when the violence began, a health worker at the prison said, based on information from the prison doctor. Sporadic gunfire could be heard outside the prison on Sunday.

The Afghan authorities moved in about 300 soldiers and seven tanks to surround the prison, near Kabul, the capital. The prison houses about 2,000 inmates, including 70 women. The prisoners include ordinary criminals and about 350 prisoners thought to be fighters for the country's ousted Taliban movement or for Al Qaeda. There are also three Americans, two former soldiers, Jonathan K. Idema and Brent Bennett, who were found guilty of running a private jail in Afghanistan, and a free-lance cameraman, Edwardcarefullyo, who was convicted with them.

Prison officials blamed Taliban and Al Qaeda prisoners for starting the riot, which began with a protest by prisoners over being required to wear uniforms. "They broke the locks of their cells and broke through a wall to the female section and entered the women's cells," said Muhammad Qasem Hashemzai, the deputy justice minister. The women, some of whom have children with them, did not seem to have been harmed, he said.

Prisoners could be seen behind the barred windows of Cellblock 1 on Sunday. They were hanging the light-blue new prison clothes out the windows on metal bedsteads and setting fire to them. Bullet holes pocked the windows of the cellblock from the shooting on Saturday night. The prisoners were shouting, "Long live Islam, long live the prisoners, death to Bush, death to Karzai," a reference to President Hamid Karzai.

The prison in Pul-i-Charkhi, a large pentagon-shaped prison built in the 1970's, became notorious during the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan when tens of thousands of opponents were imprisoned and executed and buried in mass graves nearby.

The prisoners at Pul-i-Charkhi are demanding to speak to Sebaghatullah Mojadeddi, the chairman of the Peace and Reconciliation Commission, which negotiates the release of Taliban prisoners from American military custody, said Gen. Abdul Salaam Bakhshi, director of the prison.

They also demanded to speak with the head of the Supreme Court, Vice President Ahmed Zia Masud, the leader of Parliament and observers from the United Nations and its Human Rights Commission, he said.

"We are trying to negotiate," Mr. Hashemzai said. "They are not very well organized — everyone is saying a different thing." He added: "We want to solve the problem with negotiation. Otherwise, if we attack them, many of them will be killed."

Afghan officials have sometimes struggled to maintain control of the prisoners here. In December 2004, prisoners said to have been linked to Al Qaeda — an Iraqi and several Pakistanis — overpowered their guards and tried to escape. Four prisoners and four police officers were killed in the ensuing battle, and the police barely prevented the group from breaking into the cell of the American prisoners. Last month, seven prisoners accused of ties to the Taliban escaped during visiting hours.

This time prisoners broke up their metal beds and used the bars to smash windows and break out of their cells, General Bakhshi said. Then, police officers at the scene said, the inmates escaped from the cellblock and charged at the main gate, police officers said.

"We started shooting in the air first and they didn't care, then we had to shoot toward them directly," said one police officer, who did not want to be identified because he was involved in the shooting. "It was very dark and we didn't know if any of them were killed or wounded. We didn't know how many rushed us, but we knew it was out of control."

Hamidullah, 30, a health worker who was working in the prison late Saturday night, said he had been in contact with the prisoners and had given first aid kits and other supplies to one of the prisoners, a doctor.

"I didn't see any killed or wounded myself, but the prison doctor and some others are treating the wounded," Hamidullah said. The dead and wounded remain inside the cellblock, he said.

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