Wednesday, March 08, 2006


DISCOURAGED FORWARD! Junior Cape Crusaders Worldwide and our new trusty-side kick Award Winning Journalist Ed Caraballo!

Well Junior Cape Crusaders we are off to sunny Florida for our Fish'in vacation! But Jack we feel badly for you since you can't call home no more. So to make the rest of your prison time enjoyable we have sent you two pin ups to make you relax and enjoy your sexual desires and day dreams as a humanitarian and terrorists hunter killer!

Lynn's latest asks, "With no news coming out of the prison, it’s difficult for any of us to even make a guess as to what’s happening. Has Jack been moved out of Pulacharke? If so, by Karzai’s people or his friends in the Northern Alliance?"

No Lynn Jack is still in prison. One of our Afghan contacts sent us the latest picture of Jack trying to hide from the press ! But don't worry Jackbo! Since you can't talk chit from prison and your arch enemy Binny is out there laughing at you. Lynn Thomas will take over the "Hunt For Bin Laden" until you can find some money to buy off someone to get your sat phone back and re-establish yourself as the worlds foremost terrorist hunter killer!

For those interested in signing up for Lynn Thomas's "Free Jack Idema e-mail scam" you must subscribe to the Lynn Thomas and Wideawakes Professional Code of Conduct!
Of which Kender lives by.

In the meantime if anyone wants to continue to read the psycho-babble from gas-bag Lynn Thomas just visit COWS BLOG! And if you really want to visit the twilight zone just visit SUPER PATRIOTS!

We will be monitoring the situation in Afghanistan and keep you all posted!



Kender said...

Hey....where the hell is that outing?

I am still waiting for you guys to wander up to Don's door and ask for me. He says you don't have the balls to knock on his door and can't find mine and wea re both laughing at you.

Stupor Patriots said...


The only thing that is really funny here is how women giggle by the size of the balls you THINK you have... Which is about as large as that peanut size brain of yours.

Get a life Don and that means a sex life as well........