Monday, March 06, 2006

When you didn't think things possible!

DISCOURAGED FORWARD! Junior Cape Crusaders Worldwide and our new trusty-side kick Award Winning Journalist Ed Caraballo!

Oh Lynn.... Blog your distorted heart away! Your hero-boy did himself in using his big mouth and posting that he had weapons including a phony picture of Harpo holding one from prison. Now all you can do is rant away! We also laugh at Jacks last postings!

"Jack Gone Underground?WE ARE USING ALL OF OUR SOURCES TO CONTACT JACK- ANYONE WITH INFO ADVISEWhat happened to the Americans at Pulacharke? No one can reach them or find out. The US Embassy refuses to comment. Jack no longer answers his phone, and Ministry of Justice will not even acknowledge his whereabouts. Caraballo and Bennett have also disappeared off the face of the earth in Afghanistan. Banderas? No word on him either. Any Afghans reading this should contact Jack's Panjshir soldiers and ask them to send us an email if they have any info. A journalist from AP told us today that he heard the FBI had gone to Pulacharke with the National Police or NDS with orders from Karzai to "deal with the Americans there." What is the real story, and what happened to these guys?Messages to info@superpatriots.usSend News Tips to "

Hey Super Patriots! You really want to know where Jack went? These folk know where Jack went for sure! LOL gone underground! No Jackbo the FBI and State had nothing to do with your ...ah...going underground. You did that all by your little ole self! If anyone wants to get in touch with Jack and Harpo send a post card! That includes you too Tiffany!

We also came across this bit of! LOL!

Got to love the Syrian press! See Jack your crap drew international attention! And you want to know why you can't call home now? LOL! Someone tell these dolts that the President of the United States does not meet with convicted felons who are suing his government! LOL! BTW in case your wondering where the Syrians got this from try this RELIABLE SOURCE! What a hoot! The picture looks like something Jack would have come up with too! LOL!

"KABUL, March 2 (SANA): A visibly shaken President Bush and his entourage made an emergency landing in Kabul Afghanistan early this morning as Air Force One began experiencing significant engine problems. White House sources today stated that the engine malfunction was easily repaired and the president would be on his way tonight to continue his diplomatic trip to India and South Asia.

The White House elected to make the best of the emergency to pay a visit to President Hamid Karzai and the fledgling Afghanistan government which the US put in place of the former Taliban regime. "It worked out pretty well," stated Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, also along for the trip, "They cobbled together some red carpet and a couple of hundred soldiers as well as an appreciative local crowd, and all at the last minute."

Bush, along with the Afghan President, gave an impromptu speech to those in attendance in which he thanked the president and the country for their continued support in the war on terror. In his speech, Bush vowed that Osama bin Laden was indeed back on the radar screen and would be caught by someone, somewhere, at some point.

Bush then took the opportunity to meet with Americans Jonathan Keith Idema, Edward Caraballo, and Brett Bennett in a show of support. The three were convicted in 2004 of running their own private prison and torture chamber in Kabul. The three have steadfastly maintained that they were doing the work of the US government and not acting independently.

Caraballo had claimed recently that their lives were in danger in the Afghan prison where he is currently serving a two-year sentence. Speaking with APE reporters by cell phone, Caraballo stated that he was very optimistic after the visit by the president. He stated that he had received assurances that, "the situation is quieting down to the point where we should be able to walk out of here."

White House spokespersons steadfastly maintained that Americans were not using secret CIA sponsored prisons abroad. At the same time, they did express sympathy and appreciation for the three men and their families and what they have had to go through, and cited them as true entrepreneurs for their efforts in promoting the globalization of the war on terror".

Well talk about being a hero-boy! Dang Jack! Even the Syrians think your a hero-boy! Well Junior Cape Crusaders we have decided to take a little vacation since Jack can call home no more and we have - in the words of our - President George W. Bush (you know President Bush! The one Jack met with! LOL! ) and yes we have accomplished our mission!

But we will be monitoring Cows Blog and of course Jack Idema so if there is any breaking news or Jack buys himself out again we will of course be right on top of it. So if you are having a bad day and need a good laugh please visit Cows Blog! This is the stuff that makes Saturday Night Live look like CNN!

Write Soon Jackbo! Keep Lying Lynn!
(Hey Kender.....Get a life!)

R O F L M A O W T I M E !


Stupor Patriots said...

Just in case our good buddy Kender shows up!

Your a hoot Kender, but if your brains were C4 all you could manage would be a brain fart!

Stupor Patriots said...

BTW... Lynn old gas-bag....

"From: "Caoilfhionn"
Subject: [The Stupor Patriots!] 3/05/2006 01:53:33 PM
Date: Sun, 5 Mar 2006 12:53:35 -0800 (PST)

You'll see his dd14 in court

Posted by Caoilfhionn to The Stupor Patriots! at 3/05/2006 01:53:33 PM "

We are so shaken by Jack! When your lover-boy gets out of prison in afghanistan he is not going to have time to be suing anyone. DoJ will make sure his time is very well a US Federal Prison!

Look at the bright side of it Lynn. You can always go visit him and make google-eyes together. Hell why not Vicky is to busy screwing her brains out! LOL!