Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Jack Kabul Coup?

DISCOURAGED FORWARD! Junior Cape Crusaders Worldwide and our new trusty-side kick Award Winning Journalist Ed Caraballo!

Well according to that gas-bag Lynn Thomas of COWS BLOG !

"The Afghan Parliament announced today, at 6pm Kabul time, that they were through with Taliban Puppet Hamid Karzai's delays. After three months of begging, pleading, bribes, and crying by the US State Department and US Ambassador, the Parliament will announce the new cabinet within four days. Karzai was warned by Prime Minister Yunis Qanooni that if he delays again, or interferes, it will be regarded as a direct insult to the elected Parliament which in Afghan language means that the Parliament could then force a NO CONFIDENCEÂ vote against Karzai, and hold him accountable for treason under the new Constitution. The statements aired on Tolo TV, Ariana TV and other channels. Not a single western journalist has reported it or picked up on it. You would think Barkie would have given it a shot, lol.. "

Of course Jack would just love to have Karazi tried for treason. But of course this is a re-write of history Jackbo style..... and of course the people that Jack and his gas-bag lover-gal Thomas support also support the Iranians. You know those Lovable Iranians. The ones who brought you the 1983 Beirut barracks bombing , the The Daharan Bombing, Kohbar Towers and of course the USS Cole ... Lets not talk about Iran's support of those charitable organizations like Hamas and Hizballah! Oh yeah AQ too....

So since Lynn and Jackbo are making light of a very serious situation in Afghanistan let us correct the record for you. From Economist.com

Afghanistan's politics
Feb 3rd 2006 From Economist.com

Despite the overthrow of the Taliban, Afghanistan's political situation remains precarious. A new constitution establishing an Islamic republic was approved in January 2004. Later that year, Hamid Karzai, who led the country's interim government, won Afghanistan's first ever direct election for president. Yet his power is limited: Mr Karzai's government is riven by ethic divisions and its control outside the capital, Kabul, is partial.

To help
rebuild Afghanistan, rich countries promised $4.5 billion of aid in January 2002 and the same again in March 2004. Mr Karzai is trying to build a national army and the UN is leading efforts to clear millions of landmines. The pursuit of hard-core Taliban and al-Qaeda fugitives in the violent south continues, though some find refuge in Pakistan. The arrival of NATO peacekeepers in the region will, it is hoped, bring greater stability.

September 2005 Afghanistan held parliamentary and provincial elections that were at once chaotic and yet basically credible. How long its incongruous new parliament lasts remains to be seen.


"Mob violence in Herat brings Ismael Khan to mind"

EXCELLENT roads, lined with elegant pine-trees, make Herat an unusual Afghancity. So does the smart business park by the airport, its factories making chemicals, paint and tasty biscuits.This prosperity, many Heratis say, is the legacy of a former warlord-rulerof Afghanistan's western capital, Ismael Khan, who was winkled from power 18months ago, and is now a minister in Kabul.

Mr Khan, aided by his sponsors in nearby Iran, invested millions of dollars of customs revenues in the city. Alas, the government couldn't help noting that this cash was the main-indeed, almost the only-revenue stream for the entire country. As another reason to shift the white-bearded "Emir", many cited his repressive rule. Very well, Herat is replied, but could the government maintain the order to which they were accustomed? Mr Khan's successor as governor resigned within a year, in part due to discontent over loss of services which, shorn of customs-revenues, the city could no longer afford.

Last month, his replacement, Sayed Hussein Anwari, of the Shia Hazara minority, offered to resign after sectarian rioting left8 dead and 200 injured. The riot was sparked by a rumour that Sunni bannershad been desecrated by Shia youths near the city's shimmering Blue Mosque. It was quickly attended by 300 armed Sunnis astride motorbikes, flourishing banners. They led a mob of several thousand to torch three Shia mosques anda market. Followers of Mr Khan, a Sunni Tajik, are said to have stirred the violence. Fomenting chaos to discredit a rival is a favourite trick in Afghan politics; after Mr Khan was sacked, his supporters burned down UN offices.

But again, Heratis ask, if Mr Khan was to blame, can the government control him? Perhaps not: Afghanistan's new army has made strides in the past year, but its few decent battalions are fighting the Taliban in southern Afghanistan. As for the few score Italian and Spanish peacekeepers in Herat, they areamong the most timorous members of a too-feeble NATO force-though the recentdeployment of Canadian and British troops to southern Afghanistan promisesimprovement there. More worrying, the violence was more ethnic thansectarian: it was aimed not at the city's Shia Persians, a well-establishedcommunity, but at a poor horde of Shia Hazaras, most of whom arrived recently from refugee camps in Iran.

During the riot, Sunni bikers chanted: "Death to Hazaras!"This was perhaps a response to their new strength. Traditionally scorned, and massacred by the Taliban, the Hazaras were well-organised during two recent elections, winning unprecedented power for their champions. Yet the violence had worrying echoes of the ethnic slaughter that was a feature of Afghanistan's long civil war, and has been perhaps surprisingly absent from the country's current precarious politics. To ease tensions in Herat, the government has appointed a commission to investigate the riots. It is headed by Mr Khan.

Yep! These are guy's Jack wants in power..... Mr Khan and his friends..... Bet they will release Jack ya think? You just don't know how good you really got it ..eh Jackbo? So where chaos survives you bet you can find Jackbo running a scam!

The question is Jackbo....How long its incongruous new parliament lasts remains to be seen? 2009 is a long time to be swinging from bars......


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