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Duckspeak Equals JackLynnspeak!

DISCOURAGED FORWARD! Junior Cape Crusaders Worldwide and our new trusty-side kick Award Winning Journalist Ed Caraballo!

We sometimes wonder why we even bother to reply to the diatribes of Lynn Thomas and COWS BLOG! I suppose because someone has to do it! It is remarkable how both Idema's and Thomas's personalities or deformity's are so much alike. Both are psychotic and both attack those oppose with slander, innuendos, assumptions and plain stupidity in a ridiculous attempt to mask and offset their own poor lack of judgement and truth. Just take a look at Jackbo's wed-site. All those listed are people who either were responsible for putting him in jail or investigated ole Jackbo. The fact that he violated law, lied and abused people seems to be the furthest thing from his mind. Of course movie stardom is always on his mind. Jackbo rails making claim that Karazi is a terrorists and traitor! Well Jack did the same thing to the Judge who convicted him of 56 counts of wire fraud.

You can say the same applies to psychotic homicidal Lynn Thomas, who if she was ever chosen as a poster-gal it would be for the justification of spousal abuse.... Let's take a look at one of her latest attack posts, now that she does not have her lover-hero writing her blog.

" Mujaddedi blown up

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If you're looking for pieces on Jack Idema and his team, please click on this link. And for Kathryn Cramer who says my blog is full of references to "homocide and revenge"…yeah. This is real world stuff we're talking about over here–not some deluded fantasy called 'all you need is love' bullcrap. We're talking about real and horrible violent crimes. Yeah. Like murder. Your 'freedom fighters' perpetrate these crimes against women prisoners at Pulacharke…and this is how the Afghans feel about people like Mujaddedi and Karzai who are releasing and forgiving Al Qaeda and the Taliban. Hence, there has been a lot more 'homocides' and more dead soldiers…which I'm assuming you celebrate, like your buddy, Stephen Pearcy who says "I hope
they all die".

Thomas would not know real world stuff if it bit her in the butt. The only real world that psychotic homicidal Lynn Thomas knows is the daydream she lives in. The daydream that causes real people like Steven Pearcy, SoJ and even the mother of Eddy Reames real harm, just like her lover-boy Jackbo attempts to do with those who oppose him and this is really why we continue to blog against Jack Idema. Its a real pain in the jack-butt but we cannot and will not allow two psychotic homicidal idiots to continue to tarnish others just to propel lies. Thomas states she has proof because she knows how to research! She Googles! She see everything printed on the internet as fact without any verification what so eve.

Let's take a look....

It's also about defending ourselves from terrorists. You remember, don't you, those guys who ran the airplanes into the towers in New York???? Oh that's right, there 'is no terrorist threat'! Well I'm here to tell you there is, and it's very real, and these people are murdering people and raping women, whether you want to see it or not. Thankfully, there are some few people in the world who are willing to see what's going on and do something about it–like Jack Idema (who's highly trained to do this work, and he's in prison. Nice way to fight the war on terror, don't you think?)."

Its also about defending ourselves from terrorists.... Again Lynn Thomas would not know a terrorist if one was holding a gun at her head. Hell Jackbo thought that any Afghan male with a long beard was a terrorist. Besides Lynn this is what Jackbo is really really trained for...

So Lynn like her hunter-terrorist killer- lover begins the insults.

Cramer your a sissy, your stupid, you have no clue....
Hey Thomas, Kathryn Cramer is a well published writer and author. Her husband is a highly celebrated writer and editor. Matter of fact we understand that one of Cramers lastest research projects which she blogged has been picked up by a reporter and is shortly going to make it into a leading New York City magazine. Cramer researches and then cross-checks her information with independent experts. You just google getting those wires in your head crossed and blog what ever that warped mind of yours thinks is reality without even bothering to fact check outside what ever is posted on the Internet. Hell they can teach monkey's to do that, and it looks like they have! So thomas when was the last time a major newspaper, magazine or even a book ever printed anything you wrote? Besides the insane letters to the editors you are noted for...

And there is another example of psychotic homicidal Lynn Thomas's blogging's......

Happy New YearAfghanistan
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If you're looking for pieces on Jack Idema and his team, please click on this link . It is now officially, 1385 on the Afghan Calendar. The new year was rung in with great news for those that believe in freedom, justice, and liberty overall.

The Afghan Parliament announced today, at 6pm Kabul time, that they were through with Taliban Puppet Hamid Karzai's delays. After three months of begging, pleading, bribes, and crying by the US State Department and US Ambassador, the Parliament will announce the new cabinet within four days. Karzai was warned by Prime Minister Yunis Qanooni that if he delays again, or interferes, it will be regarded as a "direct insult to the elected Parliament" hich in Afghan language means that the Parliament could then force a "NO CONFIDENCE" vote against Karzai, and hold him accountable for treason under the new Constitution. The statements aired on Tolo TV, Ariana TV and other channels. Not a single western journalist has reported it or picked up on it. You would think Barkie would have given it a shot, lol..

Barkie? Well let's take a look and some of the fact checking and verification psychotic homicidal Lynn Thomas does. " "Karzai was warned by Prime Minister Yunis Qanooni"....." NO CONFIDENCE vote"...... Taliban Puppet Hamid Karazi".....

Well Thomas you psychotic homicidal wacko-job! First, Yunis Qanooni is NOT the Prime Minister he is the Speaker of the Parliament. The Afghans DON'T have a Prime Minister. Second Qanooni talk about a no confidence is duckspeak! under the Afghan Constitution you can't have a binding vote of no confidence regarding in the office of President, only in the Prime Minister and DoH! The Afghan's don't have one! The main point is that Karazi can't find someone to hold the office of Prime Minister that the Parliament will agree too.... Good real fact checking...... Barkie Thomas you psychotic homicidal wacko-job!

Here try taking your head out of your insane butt and reading a REAL analysis of what is happening in Afghanistan with the Parliament! Parliament Makes Little Headway.....Get it Thomas?

We also direct your attention too:

"Political analyst Mohammad Hassan Wolesmal believes Karzai ultimately holds the upper hand in any dispute with parliament."

Hey how about some Good Afghan News for once in a while? Not everything is falling apart though its a trying time in Afghanistan right now.

Now let's take a look at Jackbo and Thomas rail as they boast......Karazi the Taliban puppet.....We direct your attention to the people that Jackbo supports, as presented by Human Rights Watch!

We will also focus you on this report from the Economist and of course Jackbo and his psychotic homicidal lover Lynn Thomas would never dare print that many of these former mujahideen and Taliban commanders, communists, tribal dictators are Jackbo's best buddies....

Afghanistan's new parliament
Jan 5th 2006 From The Economist print edition

"AFTER three weeks in business, Afghanistan's new parliament, the country's first for three decades, oozes goodwill and echoes with calls for national unity. Not bad for a congress of former mujahideen and Taliban commanders, communists, tribal dictators and urban professionals. But how long will it last?… "

Karazi has to deal with the hand he was dealt to attempt to stabilize his Country. Like it or not and it maybe a death hand to play with. But unlike both psychotic homicidal Lynn Thomas and psychotic Jackbo they rather rail against the forces of good and support the forces of evil just because Jack Idema walked into Afghanistan the fake and phony he is and made his bed [again] and now does not like it!

Get this Jack... It will be a "slam dunk" at your U.S. Trial...coming to a Federal Court near you soon........

Lastly, locks like there was a bleeding of the Panjshiris...

Major reshuffle in cabinet as Karzai approves final list
By Danish KarokhelKABUL,

Mar 22 (Pajhwok Afghan News):

Foreign Minister Dr Abdullah Abdullah is out as the list of new Afghan cabinet was finalised by President Hamid Karzai on Wednesday, which is likely to be presented before the Wolesi Jirga (lower house of parliament) for approval on Thursday. Of the 25-member newly-proposed cabinet, fourteen are those who were ministers in the old set up. Portfolios of three ministers have been changed, while eight new faces have been inducted in the final list, which received green signal from President Hamid Karzai on Wednesday.

Besides the large-scale reshuffling and new induction, replacement of Dr Abdullah Abdullah and appointment of Interior Minister are the most important changes introduced under the new arrangements.The new names included in the list are: Dr Rangin Dadfar Spanta (Foreign Affairs), engineer Zarar Ahmad Moqbil (Interior Minister), Ihsan Zia (MRRD), Gul Hussain Ahmadi (Transport and Aviations), Ustad Akbar Akbar (Refugees Affairs), engineer Ibrahim Adil (Mines), Dr Surya Rahim Subhrang (Women Affairs) and Dr Mohammad Haidar Reza (Commerce and Industries). Ministers who have been reshuffled included Refugees' Affairs Minister Dr Azam Dadfar (Higher Education), Minister for Rural Rehabilitation and Development Hanif Atmar (Education) and the Education Minister Noor Mohammad Qarqin has been given a new portfolio by merging the two ministries of Martyrs and Disabled and Social Affairs.

A source privy to the whole affair told Pajhwok Afghan News, Foreign Minister Dr Abdullah Abdullah has been replaced by Dr Rangin Dadfar Spanta, who was presently working as President Karzai's advisor on international affairs. The portfolio of Interior Ministry, which was lying vacant for the past few months after resignation of the then minister Ali Ahmad Jalali on September 27, 2005, has been handed over to engineer Zarar Ahmad Moqbil, who was working as acting minister till now. The source said another new name is Gul Hussain Ahmadi, who was presently performing the duty of first secretary at the Afghan embassy in India. Ahmadi will take charge of the Ministry of Transport and Aviation by replacing Enayatullah Qasemi. The charge of Ministry of Mines has been handed over to engineer Ibrahim Adil by removing the existing minister Mir Mohammad Siddiq.

The latter has not offered new portfolio, confided the source.Minister for Refugees Affairs Dr Azam Dadfar has been assigned the responsibility of the Ministry of Higher Education while Ustad Akbar Akbar has been picked as Minister for Refugees' Affairs. The charge of the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (MRRD) has been given to Ihsan Zia by replacing Hanif Atmar, who has been reshuffled as Education Minister in the new set up.A new portfolio of Senior Minister has been created for the existing Commerce Minister Hidayat Amin Arsala, whose seat (Ministry of Commerce and Industries) has been handed over to Dr Mohammad Haidar Reza.

Two ministries for Martyrs, Disabled, and Social Affairs have been merged by creating a single ministry to be called the Ministry of Martyrs, Disabled and Social Affairs, the charge of which has been given to the Education Minister Noor Mohammad Qarqin. According to the list, ministers who have retained their seats included Defence Minister Abdul Rahim Wardak, Finance Minister Dr Anwarul Haq Ahadi, Justice Minister Sarwar Danish, Communication Minister Amirzai Sangin, Public Health Minister Dr Sayed Mohammad Amin Fatimi, Economy and Labour Minister Mir Mohammad Amin Farhang, Minister of Culture and Youth Affairs Dr Makhdoom Rahin, Urban Development Minister Yousaf Pashtun, Public Works Minister Dr Sohrab Ali Safari, Water and Energy Minister Ismail Khan, Tribal Affairs Minister Karim Barahvi, Haj and Auqaf Minister Nematullah Shahrani, Minister for Counter-Narcotics Habibullah Qadiri and Agriculture and Irrigation Minister Obaidullah Ramin.

The former Trade Minister Hidayat Amin Arsala has been nominated as Senior Minister of State, who will oversee the advisory team of President Hamid Karzai. Dr Farooq Wardak, Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs has also been retained his seat. Besides Foreign Minister Dr Abdullah, other outgoing ministers included Dr Masouda Jalal, Minister for Women Affairs, Mir Mohammad Siddiq, Minister for Mines and Industries, Enayatullah Qasemi, Minister for Transport and Aviations, Higher Education Minister Amir Shah Hasanyar and Labour and Social Affairs Minister Ikramuddin Masoumi.

The Panjshiris? Guess Mohammad Hassan Wolesmal was right! Oh to bad Jackbo did your adopted Afghan family get booted from the Parliament? Maybe you should become a bad soldier and maybe the Afghans will pay off everyone just to get you off their backs....

Ah...of course the FBI is awaiting your return too.....



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