Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Grabbing for Straws!

DISCOURAGED FORWARD! Junior Cape Crusaders Worldwide and our new trusty side-kick Psychotic and Homicidal Lynn Thomas of COWS BLOC!

You just have to agree that Jackbo and his legal team are consistent! Weasels but consistent! Here we have that world renown lawyer Francis CJ "In/Out/In/Out and back in again/Puzzulli buckling under the intimidation of Jackbo and coming up a loser again. We have Tiffany playing stupid in Federal Court where he will get his butt handed to him. Consistently stupid....

And now we have our trusty side-kick Psychotic and Homicidal Lynn Thomas doing the North Carolina smoke dance again trying to mask another major legal failure! As she blogs;

"As far as I know they Are still there, and as far as I know, the situation hasn’t changed in spite of numerous visits from Parliament and the fact that we keep anticipating that any day now there is going to be a press conference where these men will be exhonerated in front of the world, and will be told that a terrible mistake was made. "

Yes Lynnbo Jackbo is still in prison and you can bet the farm until 2009! Visits from Parliament! ROFLMAOWTIME!! Please tells us who in Parliament has recently visited? Expect that news conference around 2009 when more bad news hits ole Jackbo!!

"After all. When you are tortured for the sake of detaining terrorists connected with Gulbideen Hekmatyar who is on the America’s most wanted list-and even the Karzai government is putting some distance between themselves and the new Parliament…and the fact that the guys were declared innoncent in a second trial…you just can’t keep relying on the first Taliban trial which ignored all the rules of Afghan law and say they ‘had a fair trial’. That is…unless you’re against the military and our fighting the war on terror and believe like so many of the leftist professors at our elitist universities that “there is no war on terror”.

Tortured? Jackbo? Evidence? Now Tiffany isn't this what the ethics complaint against you is all about in the first place? Now Lynnbo it was Jackbo doing the torturing remember? So if your against Jackbo your against the WOT? LAUGHABLE! Just L A U G H A B L E! It's an insult to every man and women in uniform today to even make these claims.

"In which case you guys should seriously get a reality check. "

Reality check? LOL! Look who is talking about reality! The Rocky Horror Picture show babe!

Please consider the Americans at Pulacharke prison at this moment, and think about it: It’s been over a year since they’ve been declared completely innocent by the Afghan appeals court, yet they’re still being held. The question is…why? If the Afghans admit that no torture occurred (which they did), there was no torture chamber (which they did) that they entered the country legally (which they did), then why has the American government turned its back on them?

Oh your dear corrupt spin-mister.... Please post that super duper secret Afghan appeals court ruling to shut us all up! And its very simple... a fraud is a fraud and Jackbo is a fraud.... That was just proven in the CJR lawsuit.... Jackbo was discredited as he should have been. Francis don't you have any ethics left?

"Put aside the question as to whether or not Jack and his men are active-duty soldiers, because that’s not the question. The question is not whether he had an alleged “fraud conviction” (and that’s not what it was!) The question is–if you were abroad working in a country that signed agreements to honor basic human rights of people working there in order to receive financial assistance–and then you’re falsely arresting of something and thrown in prison for it–wouldn’t you expect your countrymen to take up arms, or pens, or telephones and make sure that the people who are pulling the levers of power would at least be AWARE of this situation? "

This is to dam funny! To dam funny! There is no question that Jackbo was ever "active duty" he was not. There is no question that Jackbo fraudulently represented himself to our Embassy in Tashkent and the only money Jackbo received from his scams was from his Hawala! Besides our Countrymen are NOT this STUPID! Nice try to re-write Jackbo 56 count conviction though. Lets call a spade a spade.... F R A U D!...... S W I N D L E R!.... F E L O N! TWICE OVER! ROFLMAOWTIME!

Jonathan Keith Idema is nothing more than a F R A U D!...... S W I N D L E R!.... F E L O N! TWICE OVER!

"Wouldn’t you agree–if more people were aware of this story something would have been done about it besides trying to sweep it under the rug? Wouldn’t your friends and family–if you were arrested under circumstances like these in a foreign country–demand that something be done about it?"

The real questions here are, 1. Should a person who commits fraud and violent crimes not be punished even if in a foreign country? and 2. Should a person convicted of fraud not reap his just rewards?

"Well it’s time the American people did so on behalf of the Americans being held at Pulacharke. Certainly Karzai with all of the languages he speaks understands English! It’s time to turn up the heat on all our elected representatives, because this absolutely should not stand. How on earth can someone remain in detention–remain in prison–after they been declared innocent by the country where they are being held? This whole affair is so convoluted it’s beyond description, and it defies REASON!

REASON? LOL! Yes its reasonable to believe that Jackbo was indeed convicted and never found innocent since no one can produce a certified copy of any Afghan court ruling saying otherwise. Detention he will fulfill!

"So what can we do? "

Eh.... absolutely ZERO! No one of any importance cares! Even the press knows that Jackbo and his whack-job lawyers are full of themselves! Besides the only thing you can do is wait for 2009 and see just what happens then! LOL! Surprises to come!

Hey Jackbo.... so you tried to discredit a real American hero in that CJR suit YOU LOST! Tell's everyone...everything they need to know about you!

Keep Smiling!

BTW Jackbo... Binny wants to say hello again..... We think the Url address says it all!

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