Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Catch Me If You Can?

DISCOURAGED FORWARD! Junior Cape Crusaders Worldwide and our trusty side-kick Psychotic and Homicidal Lynn Thomas of COWS BLOC!


Well it seems our trusty side-kick Psychotic and Homicidal Lynn Thomas is re-cycling Jackbo's spin once again! LOL! I guess being associated with the enemies of Jack Idema gets everyone noticed. Actually we wear all of Jackbo's and Lynnbo's accusations as a "Badge of Honor". We laugh at you Lynn because who and what you are really explaining is none other than Jackbo himself. Again Lynn you make accusations that are baseless. But we always expect slander and character assassination coming from you to propel a lie and to propel the biggest waste of time and space Jack Idema. We get a kick how Jackbo and his traash mouth girl friend love to use news articles against others and then cry about news reports about them..... Oh poor old Jackbo.....

BTW Lynnbo let us tell you just how good we really are. We know the source of your latest posting and if we were you we would take ours heads out of our butt. BTW how are hit & runs lately?

Lets talk for a moment on Lynnbo's source for her latest posting at I AM MORON which is of course Lynnbo herself. The source for Lynnbo's latest attack has a very bad historic drinking problem. So bad that we have been told that the source recently hit another vehicle and then drove away from the scene... say like on... June 3rd at 1:36am. This source as its been reported has neither a driver license nor had they're car registered or insured. Matter of fact we have learned that the source has kind of skipped from the jurisdiction in which the accident occurred and may have a warrant out for them.....sounds just like Jackbo himself.. Matter matter of fact this source as we understand it should do very well with the Idema fan club of scamming and lying to others. Oh Lynnbo ask this source how much money the source scammed from an old gig they were involved in back in 2003? Yes we know who this source is....... How stupid....Just like jackbo this source loves to project....

Yes Lynnbo you gave away to much detail in which it was very easy for us to nail down. All we will say is that this so-called source is a lot like Lynnbo and Jackbo in many ways.... Just kicks!
Lynnbo, you should have asked Jackbo's buddy Mirko about her before trusting your Big Source. He could have told you she is deeply addicted to alcohol! Now Junior Cape Crusaders lets see of you can figure out who Lynnbo's source is? This is a source? LOL!

Here is another gas for you Junior Cape Crusaders... you see Lynnbo's source here? Have you figured it out yet? Lynnbo better check her blogs because she once called this source a FRAUD herself..... Guess using a fraud for your own purposes is about as sick as Lynnbo gets. Oh one more thing we just learned... The Chairmen's Group at Allstate was just on the phone with one of Lynnbo's targets..... Not nice posting from work Lynnbo.....

There is a major difference here.... for example of the gentlemen mentioned one towers in height over the other. One weights in at 280 and the other 170. And the killer....one is legally blind.....Both are friends and both HATE Jack Idema. Matter of fact we have Dr. Blackwood's permission to quote him,"Big Deal!"

We just laugh at the attacks and now enjoy the new blog
I AM MORON started on May of 2006..... and what a surprise it parrots Gas-bag Lynn Thomas. LOL It's really getting old Lynnbo and besides you should not be blogging from work and using Allstate computers to defame people Lynnbo. You know Lynn Allstate can get sued for things like that. You should know better to log onto our site from your office. Though its a nice attempt to discredit the man who ran the Mighty Jack Idema into prison.... Now here is Jack Idema a CONVICTED FELON and the biggest fraud to scam his way into a war and ..eh.. a book... calling everyone who opposes him a fraud...a liar... scum.... LOL!

One last thing there Lynnbo.... Dr. Blackwood and one of the reporters that Jack threatened while play acting out in Afghanistan know each other from their days in Central America... Actually shared the same aircraft flying in. You know Lynnbo Central America where Jackbo made claims he was a double secret agent hunting down bad-guys! You know that little white LIE Jack tells everyone....LOL!

BTW Tiffany your a bigger jackass than we thought! LOL!

Now Jackbo enjoy the surprise we have for you and we hope it makes your day! Your going to love it!


BTW Jack if you think anyone of us is afraid to walk into your AO because of you? You should join Lynnbo's source in rehab......


fido said...

About as much truth as the New York Times,

mobilemob said...

Greets to the webmaster of this wonderful site. Keep working. Thank you.

Kender said...

You guys should call wide awakes corporate number at 818-773-8636 and tell them that I am posting on your site from their computer......I am certain I would be very interested in knwoing what I am doing while I am supposed to be working....asshatted cowards.