Thursday, July 27, 2006


DISCOURAGED FORWARD! Junior Cape Crusaders Worldwide and our trusty side-kick Psychotic and Homicidal Lynn Thomas of COWS BLOC!

Well Junior Cape Crusaders its seems like Jackbo and his whack-job fan club just love to sit there and makes threats! So Jackbo goes on the air and makes threats of violence. Well here is news! Like Jackbo does not have a history of doing this! Yeah Jackbo come run into anyone of these guys and hand cuffs will be waiting! Or are you just going to have one of your nutcase followers do it for you? Its Accessory Jackbo to either assualt or even murder. While Lynnbo continues her verbal assaults and distortions and Kender tell everyone lets get them all!

Sound like a RICO problem to us!

Let us remind you where this is all coming from. Lynn Thomas who is a very sick woman and loves to propel her honey boys lies. Jack Idema a convicted felon and of course there is old Kender who has no life at all. Oh wait then there is John Edwards Tiffany..... Nice Tiffany the FBI paid off the judges eh? Your mouth is about as stupid as your clients! And this is an officer of the court?

Again lets remeber who this is really about... Not Artis... Cafasso or anyone else but DESERT FRAUD and TIN SOLDIER! And since the law suit against CJR was dismissed and momentary penalties awarded to CJR you can take it to the bank that Jack Idema can't prove crap and is a liar, a convicted fraudster and that every word printed is TRUTH. Jackbo's word has about as much worth as a wooden nickle so are his distorted opionions. BTW Jackbo when are you going to pay those penalties?

So what do these people do when they can't back themselves up in court? They slander , defame and then make threats of violence..... What Jackbo can't get that nut job lawyer to go to Court? You have to smear? And what does Tiffany do? He joins in? Nice officer of the court Tiffany.... Guess that should be added to the bar complaint against you?

Well thank you for doing that Jackbo, Lynnbo and Kenderbo... Because if anything happens to anyone of these guys you are targeting it is now very well documented that it came from

So as you listen to the distortions remember who is a convicted felon, who kites checks and has emotional problems and who has served most of his adult life in J A I L! The rest is re-cycled trash that Jackbo couldn't prove in Court at all......

BTW Jack where has your wife been lately? We know and its not your bed.....



fido said...


fido said...

Re last post, apology to wankers as at least they have a reason unlike you cunts.

Kender said...

So if something happens to someone you are gonna try to blame me?

Go ahead......I wasn't there, won't be there and don't even know where there is....and I can prove it.