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The Man who Put The "CON"In Contractor!

DISCOURAGED FORWARD! Junior Cape Crusaders Worldwide and our trusty side-kick Psychotic and Homicidal Lynn Thomas of COWS BLOC!

Yes Junior Cape Crusaders time has come or should we say, time to come to Jesus Jackbo! There is a new book that is going to hit the street and rock the boat in the PMC world and really piss-off Jackbo to say the least. But the truth always hurts and there is no one better to be hurt by the truth than Jackbo and that she-thing-it-bitch Lynn Thomas. It even has one of Jackbo's favorite fan's in it... Billy Waugh.... Jackbo you remember calling this legendary Green Beret "billy-boy".... Hell Jackbo....Billy Waugh at age 75 could bitch slap you into the middle of next week. Want to bet he is not buying any of your bullshit?

The title of this book? Licensed to Kill: Hired Guns in the War on Terror

Robert Young Pelton’s Latest Book to be Released September 2006


As the book opens the author introduces reclusive billionaire Erik Prince, the CEO of Blackwater, one of the world’s foremost security contractor firms, and learns that Prince is on the verge of bringing to market a fully equipped aircraft-and-artillery-supported private army. It is Erik’s first public interview ever and sets the tone for this seminal work on an emerging industry.

From there the narrative shifts to Baghdad, currently the world’s most high-risk security posting. In what resembles a scene out of “Mad Max,” Pelton goes inside again, giving us the first look at what it’s like to live and work with Blackwater’s private army. Featured here are the tattooed, Kevlar-vested, gun-toting men who cruise up and down the infamous “Route Irish” – the 4 mile crater-pocked stretch of highway that, at the time of the author’s arrival, had recently seen 16 attacks a day. No tailgating tolerated by these elite soldiers-turned-bodyguards. Close approaching traffic that doesn’t heed warnings receives an immediate spray of gunfire. Welcome to the insane world of the private military contractor.

Next we meet 74 year old Billy Waugh, a Special Forces warrior turned covert contract operator. Billy’s recitation of his adventures takes us back to the origins of the “contractor” role, particularly as it was conceived by the CIA. A man with a lethal repertoire of skills, Waugh tells what its like to have Osama Bin Laden in his cross hairs and why he was never allowed to pull the trigger. The reader learns the inside story of how contractors and private armies were slowly defanged before 9/11.

Are there new Billy Waugh’s? And have we unleashed a new generation of contract killers to hunt down our enemies? To learn that, Pelton travels to the war torn border between Afghanistan and Pakistan where he trades on his long experience infiltrating covert groups and links up with a special task force of “guns for hire” (CIA contractors who possess deniability). Pelton discovers that they’re doing everything the army says it isn’t: including going cross border to hunt for high-value targets. The author then meets with a local tribal leader who identifies where Osama Bin Laden and Mullah Omar can be located and tries to bring together the hunter and the hunted.

The next chapter gives us an exclusive look of what it’s like to be a contractor keeping Afghanistan’s targeted-for-assassination president Harmid Karzai alive. The tenuity of Karzai’s position is made clear. If the expensive security cordon that protects Karzai 24/7 ever falls away, he’s not likely to survive. In a comparison with what befell former Haiti President Jean-Bertrand Aristide, Pelton gives us the inside story — from the men who did it — of how the U.S. government can effectively topple a government via its ability to “pull out” American citizens privately employed in protecting a leader.

From there, the book moves to Dallas, Texas to let the reader eavesdrop on a gathering of private security contractors and mercenaries looking to scope out the latest security technology and get leads on jobs. In a candid, impromptu "merc" roundtable, the author elicits comments regarding the reality of the guns-for-hire life. For some it’s about the rush, for others it’s about the money, for still others patriotism is a factor. For many it’s all three. What’s indisputable is that there’s no civilian job out there that can match the bucks ( $150,000+ a year ) one can earn by strapping on a Kevlar vest and a gun and accepting an assignment to the world’s war zones.

The next two chapters graphically show the real risks contractors must overcome to collect that high pay. For the first time the author details the inside story of the well known but little investigated events leading up to the killing of Blackwater contractors in Fallujah. Still vivid in the memories of many are the images of the bodies of four men being dragged through the streets and suspended from a Fallujah bridge. The worldwide news coverage triggered global shock and litigation by family members who felt Blackwater didn’t do enough to protect its employees. For the first time the world asked "Who are these guys". Licensed to Kill provides answers.

In another coup, Pelton takes readers inside the Alamo-like contractor/insurgent standoffs in Najaf and Al Kut. Here we learn just how exposed-to-danger and alone a private military contractor can be when thrust into combat. It’s a role contractors are not supposed to find themselves in, but often seek out. Featured in this chapter are the operational philosophies and real-world dilemmas of the American contractor firm Triple Canopy and UK firms Control Risks Group and HART.

In Chapter 7 the author gains exclusive access to the secretive contractor training process. First stop is Triple Canopy’s training center in Arkansas, a bizarre and moribund dog-racing track that doubles as a site for honing anti-terrorist driving skills. While greyhounds chase pink rabbits and patrons drink cheap beer, aspiring contractors swerve rented Suburbans at high speeds around rows of orange cones, simulating a convoy coming under attack. At a nearby and closed-to-the-public shooting range that is even more dilapidated, trainees polish their client protection skills with live-fire scenarios using M-4 assault rifles and Glock pistols.

In between classes and late at night, potential security contractors pour out to Pelton their fears and dreams, permitting the reader to glimpse the inner lives of these normally tight-lipped men. We learn that there’s often a dark reality behind the patriotism and bluster: financial desperation.

Next, Pelton accepts an invitation to teach a course at Blackwater’s training site in North Carolina, which he dubs “the kingdom of bang.” On most of the facility’s 6000 acres, the din of heavy gunfire and explosions can regularly be heard as hundreds of soldiers, cops and covert units train. Here, the author and other expert instructors put representatives from Homeland Security, Army Special Operations, the intelligence services and law enforcement through a “Mirror Image Course” meant to get them to think and act like terrorists. Among the skills taught: how to better understand the mind of assassins, how to “take out” a target, and even how to deliver a truck bomb as part of a suicide attack.

The next chapter presents this new Ronin class in its element. Pelton take us inside Baghdad’s “Green Zone” to the Blackwater team house where he lives, works and drinks with men who work one of the world’s toughest security details. On a daily basis, men with nicknames like “Baz”, “Grizz”,, “Miyagi”, “Cougar”, and “Shrek” lock and load to protect a convoy making the deadly airport run. The author actually makes us part of the convoy, introducing us to contractors who within months will end up as casualties. We glimpse many of the contractors’ little known tools, such as the “hate truck” a security convoy’s heavy armed cavalry, meant to stay and fight while the rest of the convoy gets off the “X”. It’s a rolling vehicle of violence pack with weapons and home-made armor, and complete with AC-DC heavy-metal music pumping from the radio and a grinning skull mounted on the dash.

The latter part of the book reveals some of the most disturbing permutations at the edges of the security contractor/merc world. We meet “Jack” Idema, a man who put the “con” in contractor. Featured here is the never before told story of Idema’s over-the-top Afghanistan exploits, which include illegally rounding up and imprisoning citizens he deemed suspected terrorists.

Well Jack! You wanted fame? You got it now! LOL! Your nothing but a dam glory seeking piece of crap Jack!

Now let's talk about hypocrisy! Here is Lynn Thomas projecting herself as a Christian woman. Even has the nerve to show a picture of a Bible on her site. But she is really a follower of the Church of Jack "Jim Jones" Idema. Thomas is nothing more than a vicious son of a bitch. There is not a Christian bone in her body. Hell our bet is she does not even attend Church and if she does her Pastor needs a good talking too... Hummm now that is an idea!

Lynn Thomas the christian woman, propels death threats, slanders people she has never met, makes false accusations, (you know false witness) viciously attacks those who are politically opposite of her, wants all Muslims murdered, is having an extra-marital affair, has a record of kiting checks, fronts for a twice-over convicted felon and she has the nerve to attack other peoples religious beliefs while pissing on family members and the deceased now twice over. And she does all of this spinning for fun..... Nice Christian woman.....

We just laugh at Lynnbo telling others that they are having a Walter Mitty moment... This coming from someone who suffers from Dual Diagnosis and the Histrionic Personality Disorder (HPD)..... Lynn Thomas your one sick, very sick SOB! But we are sure you will go to no lengths to attack this book no matter what the truth is. We just can't wait to see how Lynnbo responds in her humble Christian way....

The book Is a must read! Foxtrot You Jack!

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