Thursday, August 24, 2006

And it's another loser!

DISCOURAGED FORWARD! Junior Cape Crusaders Worldwide and our trusty side-kick Psychotic and Homicidal Lynn Thomas of COWS BLOC!

Now Junior Cape Crusaders, it seems like our imprisoned POW Hero Commander Jack "Desert Fraud" Idema has just scored another stinging legal defeat. So how many defandants do you owe cash to now? If Jackbo could prove anything he babbles about he should be rolling in bucks instead of paying out the bucks. Jack your so full of bullshit! Well Jackbo it's seems your just not getting the picture here. You have sued almost everyone involved with telling the truth about you and so far you owe them money for bringing lawsuits against them! You and that FISH just can't back up crap in a court of law. Guess you kind of overlooked this one eh Lynnbo?

Case Summary

Case Number: BC345094



BENNETT BRENT - Plaintiff/Petitioner

BLOGGER.COM - Defendant/Respondent

BLOGSPOT.COM - Defendant/Respondent's







COUNTERR GROUP - Plaintiff/Petitioner

GOOGLE INC. - Defendant/Respondent

J.K. IDEMA - Plaintiff & Plaintiff In Pro Per

PIZZULLI FRANCIS C. ESQ. - Attorney for Plaintiff/Petitioner

PUTNAM MARVIN S. ESQ. - Attorney for Deft/Respnt

PYRA.COM LTD - Defendant/Respondent

Filing Date: 12/23/2005
Case Type: Defamation (Slander/Libel) (General Jurisdiction)

Status: Judgment by Court 08/18/2006

Future Hearings


Proceedings Held (Proceeding dates listed in descending order)

08/18/2006 at 08:32 am in Department 68, Mark V. Mooney, Presiding
Mo for Award of Atty Fees & Costs (MOT OF DEFT) - Granted

But just like Jacbo his fat mouth dingbat, lying, warped, psychotic and homicidal girlfriend Lynn (I am calling the FBI) Thomas, just can't seem to understand that this proves beyond the shadow of the doubt that Jackbo is full of himself and Lynnbo is nothing more than a Idema whore.

So now that the Afghan lawyer got his butt handed to himself... AGAIN, what does Jackbo and Lynnbo do? They defame, slander and lie about the facts and about other people. By the way, Lynnbo please call the FBI anytime you feel like.... matter of fact please call the US Postal Inspectors while your at it too. Hell call the US Attorny's Office for all we care you little demented piece of Jack Idema groupie garbage. Please call them we are sure there are plenty of people who would just love to give the FBI and Postal Inspectors a opinion on Jackbo and you. You sick demented Jackass. While you hold about as much weight with the FBI as your prince Jack "Desert Fraud" Idema does.

So Lynnbo if you don't want to get fired then we suggest you stop using Allstate computers to stalk and defame people while using sources that let's say, have left a trail of debts from Africa to Washington DC. We highly recommend that all of our Junior Cape Crusaders call Allstate Insurance and talk with the Chairman's Group about their employee Lynn Thomas. And fired is what you deserve Lynnbo....What's the matter Lynnbo? Don't like it when it's done to you? But it's all ok to spread lies, making death threats and distorting facts about others, just to laugh your fat jackass off. Your time is coming Lynnbo, just like Jackbo's.......

Now some good news....We hear that there is a new book hitting the street in a week or so and its got an entire chapter on Jack "Desert Fraud" Idema and your just going to love this chapter.

Guess there is another lawsuit coming..... LOL!


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