Thursday, September 28, 2006


DISCOURAGED FORWARD! Junior Cape Crusaders and our trusty side-kick Psychotic and Homicidal Lynn"The Lying Brain" Thomas of COWS BLOC!

"Thank God it's Friday! Thank God I am Free because men like Jack Idema are in JAIL"!!! THANK GOD HE IS SHUT DOWN!

Well Junior Cape Crusaders here we have Jackbo adding a little drama and BULL SHEET ROCK while the Afghans once again take his privileges away because of his BIG MOUTH and IDIOT MORONIC BIMBO friends....

Nice letter Lynnbo seems like Jackbo's phony document maker was at it again! How do we know? We asked if this was a legit letter! The answer? BUZZZZZZZZZZZ Wrong Answer!

In the meantime Jackbo and his lying girl friend Lynn "The Lying Brain" Thomas have been using Jackbo's prison and Rogue Radio Empire talking Chit!! While his bimbo girlfriends go screwing around near the Afghistan Mission. And they thought the Afghan's would take this lying down?

So here we have Jackbo doing his North Carolina smoke dance.....anything for a headline! This is kicks!

"Jack Idema and Captain Brent Bennett are under siege at Pulacharke Prison, Brent has been siezed by Karzai Forces and intelligence agents working under the direct orders of the United States Ambassador and US Consul. Idema is apparently barricaded in and holding out.

Two important documents are attached from Idema's ex-wife and his lawyers.

The last message received by Jack Idema, the American Green Beret that has been held at Pulacharke with his "Task Force Saber 7" anti-terrorist team went as follows:

______JACKBO Quote a few hours ago______

"This is it, Karzai and the US has finally ordered them to use weapons against us, the new General Sadiqi , has said that he was given orders to shoot to kill if we resisted. We may not make it through the night. if not, bye. At least you know what finally went down. They are going to cut all the phones off in this area soon if they do come in. My block is on fire, surrounded, and they already got Brent, I will hold out to the end.

goodbye friends,

Captain Bennett? Boy got demoted? Now here is the truth. You see Junior Cape Crusaders Jackbo once again pushed the wrong buttons using his big mouth and having his bimbo's go screw around in front of the Afghan Embassy, which really did not help him at all. Matter of fact it helped us! LOL Thanks Lynnbo for screwing your lover-boy for us.

Well all we have to say is......



BTW Jackbo who shut who down? LOL! Cheers!

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