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Jack and his Slutress....

DISCOURAGED FORWARD! Junior Cape Crusaders Worldwide and our trusty side-kick Psychotic and Homicidal Lynn Thomas of COWS BLOC!

Well Junior Cape Crusaders seems like ole Jackbo's nightmares have returned. You know the ones Jack. The nightmare called Truth! It has a tendency to creep up and kick you right in the ass. That also goes for psychotic and homicidal Lynn Thomas, who has been carrying water, as in lies and distortions for her honeybo Keith Idema.

Lynn Thomas loves to think of herself as someone who has a "brain" and is a master researchers. Yes Lynnbo you have a brain. The problem is not all of the neurons are firing. Lynn thinks so highly of herself we almost thought she was Jackbo's sister, living on the same planet he does ( and it ain't earth). For the last few years Lynn Thomas has been passing the Cao manuare around like a Texas cattle rancher.So now the truth has come out that MSG Billy Waugh put the final nail in Jacks scam operations in Afghanistan.

Now here is the real truth about Jonathan Keith Idema coming from someone who should know him better than Lynn Thomas. Jack's old Commanding Officer.... What Thomas cat got your tongue? Arthritis in those lying fingers of your?

Let us open the following with some of the brilliant research and blogging work that Lynn "The Brain" Thomas has done regarding her honeybee Jack Idema. Yes Lynn verifies everything she prints! We know this because Lynn Thomas has a brain!

---------------extract from Cao's Blog-----------------------

"Oh look again, Uncle Jimbo, this is another genuine picture of the
real deal, a very young Jack Idema, in his uniform (courtesy of the JFK
Special Warfare Center & School). It is a picture that no one has ever
seen or published, and one that Idema has never released. But I think we
can all agree, it really is him.

So, all the "experts" out there don't get their knickers in a twist
over Idema's missing black and white name badge, during those years 10th
SFG(A) operated against the Soviets, and those on teams with real world
USSR missions did not wear nametags on their dress green uniform. Let's
see, this one was taken around 1977, when you were what, about 10 years
old? Back then, the Army Special Forces uniforms were slightly
different also. There was no Special Forces "Tab" for graduating, you were
awarded your Green Beret after Phase I (Selection) and your "full Flash"
after you graduated fully qualified. The Special Forces Tab wouldn't even
be invented for another ten years, right before your time, but it seems
to be "missing" off Uncle Jimbo's Philippines and Paintball pictures.

What else can we notice? Jack Idema is wearing a green Full Flash
designating 10th Special Forces Group (ABN), he has an expert marksman
badge, with little placards hanging off it, which are probably for either
Expert rifle, pistol, and grenade, or Expert rifle, pistol, and
machinegun. He has a Parachute badge, and a SCUBA badge, which means he
graduated what is arguably the world's most difficult special operations
school- note I said the WORLD's most difficult school. You know, the school
you failed and flunked out of Uncle Jimbo. Did you even get the first
day of class in the school Idema graduated from with honors, then
returned to teach, and eventually became a Master Diver, then a Master
Instructor, and then a Master Instructor Trainer?

According to a real Master Sergeant in the US Army Special Forces,
Idema's team had one of the most classified missions- the Soviet SSBN
"Boomer" base in Vladivostok. Have you ever even seen a Closed Circuit
Rebreather system for infiltrating into an enemy coastline, like the one a
20-year-old Idema is wearing here? Or locked out of a Submarine? Because
according to real SF sources, like the real SF Master Sergeant pictured
down below, Idema is has actually done sub lockouts (USS SEAWOLF as in
the SSN-575 Seawolf, not the Seawolf class of sub), not just daydreamed
about it.

-------------------Response from John Carlson------------------

From: Carlson, John D, Mr, JCS NMCC
Sent: Wednesday, August 23, 2006 1:40 PM
To: 'caoilfhionn'
Subject: Jonthan Idema -- The Real Deal?

Cao or whatever your real name is (Is your real name really Lynn

You really should check and vette your information more closely. I
don't know who feeds you the wild stories about 10th SFGA during the
period that Mr. Idema was there, but you are way off base.

One -- the picture of Mr. Idema without a name tag? I don't know where
you got that fantasy story about not wearing name tags on dress greens
(why would someone wear their name tape on a field uniform and not on
their greens, or why wear a beret and jump wings at all if one wanted
to mask the fact that he was in SF?). Sorry, we all wore our nametapes
and name tags all the time back at Fort Devens during that period. That
story you have been fed is totally bogus. Idema's picture sure looks
like a commercial studio picture -- not one from any Army photo studio.
I was going through my pictures the other day and found a couple of
Idema though. I offered to send him copies but Idema apparently did not
want a copy of them.

Two - Mr. Idema was never on a SCUBA team while at Fort Devens.
(Remember -- Idema says he was on the "Mountain Team" - except there was no
formal "Mountain Team" like there was a HALO and SCUBA team. There was
only one SCUBA team in each of the two battalions. The team sergeant
of the 3rd Battalion SCUBA team was MSG John Larsen for the entire time
that Idema was at Fort Devens. He currently lives in Spanaway, WA and
he IS the real deal. Look him up -- check it out. Give him a call.
Just ask yourself, just where was Idema when he did all this alleged
super SCUBA stuff? At the basic-level SCUBA course? Where could he have
possibly found the time to become a master diver? Where did he gain all
of this experience? I would like to know. Or is this some civilian or
otherwise self-awarded title that has nothing to do with Special

Bottom line -- No Idema on a SCUBA team -- no secret spook SCUBA
missions. Just made up stories.

Three -- I don't know know where you got the make-believe story about
the mission against the "boomer base" in Vladivostok. äÏ×ÅÒØÔÅ ÍÎÅ - ñ
ÚÎÁÀ Ï Þ£Í Ñ ÇÏ×ÏÒÀ. (get that translated). If you knew anything at
all, you would know that the Soviet (and now Russian) Pacific sub base
for their missile subs is at Petropavlovsk. Vladivostok WAS and still
IS a big Russian SURFACE navy base, but it is not a submarine "boomer"
base. Bad news for the fantasy warriors. They really should do their
homework before they start making up bogus war stories.

Four -- ODA 324 (the first team to which Idema was assigned) NEVER had
a mission to operate in Russia and certainly not on the Russian Pacific
coast. I guess as the CO of the detachment I would know what the
wartime mission was and what country it was in. You are not even close. I
don't know who your "real SF Master Sergeant" source is, but I hope you
aren't paying real money for these ficticious stories. Perhaps the
Vladivostok mission was so "super classified" they overlooked telling the
unit commander, the team sergeant, or any other person on the team --
other than Idema of course.

Why don't you do your homework? Let me he;p you out a little.

Idema came into the Army in 1975. Because he was repeatedly recycled
just to get through training group (he failed 05B training twice and was
then recycled into 11B training - the easiest of the MOS skills to
pass) (sorry, no honor graduate -- -- -- note, even his SF School Diploma
only says "Graduate", not "Honor Graduate") it took him a full year to
get through a course that should have taken a lot less time. To be
fair, and set the record fully straight, those who say he never made it
through SF school, are mistaken. He did make it through SF school --
eventually -- after three tries. They may be alluding to the allegations
that Idema was to be thrown out of SF School after he had failed 05B
training for the second time and that Idema's father, a man of means,
used congressional influence to bring pressure on the Army to recycle him
for a third try and that he would not have made it through on the third
try without this pressure. For some, who made it through training
group on their own, without special consideration or preferential
treatment, this might be the same as someone not making it through -- just a
guess on my part. But, as I noted, Idema did eventually graduate from SF
school and was sent to Fort Devens for his first non-school assignment
in the Army..

He came to Fort Devens around October 1976 and before completing his
tour of enlistment, was reassigned from both A-teams to which he was
sent. He spent probably no more than 8 or 9 months on the first team
before he was first, formally punished and then, rehabilitatively
reassigned to another team in a different company (the time includes the time
spent at SCUBA school - sorry, I have not been able to come up with
anyone who can verify anything of note from his time at SCUBA school except
that perhaps he had washed out -- I don't think that is the case, but I
am trying to run that to ground) He lasted even less time on the
second A-team before he was sent down to the Group Signal Company to perform
duties as a rear base station radio operator while he completed the
remaining portion of his 3-year tour. He left the service with a bar to
reenlistment as I recall (a mark of a real professional).

Idema did not attend any "Ski School" at Fort Devens, there was no such
thing in the Army. He certainly did not attend German Mountain School
as he maintains -- I was the individual that had him pulled from the
training mission. As for his other claims? Well, you figure out the
accuracy of them. Just what, pray tell, is a "Master Instructor" or a
"Master Instructor Trainer." (see the extract from your blog below). I
can't find anyone here in the Pentagon that has a clue on those effusive
titles when it comes to Special Forces. I am most curious. So are
the Special Ops guys (you know -- "real operators") in the office down
the hall from mine.

One thing I can't figure out here -- why do you maintain a blog site
with an apparent religious bent and put Idema and Idema's obscenities on
your site, to include the audio track which includes "This is f*******
Jack Idema." Seems a bit of a contradiction. Not very religious.

Check your info and your sources there Cao or Lynn or whoever. Not
everything is what you seem to think it is. Someone has watched one too
many Rambo films, read one too many Tom Clancy novels, and heard one too
many war stories with nothing to back them up.

The "sub base" at Vlad -- I am still getting a laugh from that one.
Just like so many other bogus claims I have heard over the years.


P.S. If you want to find out what the U.S.S. Seawolf was really doing,
read the book "Blind Man's Bluff" and talk with the real Commanding
Officers of the boat. I did. I served with one of the boats commanders
here in the NMCC.

P.P.S. I never did get a reply from you to my most recent e-mail.
Did you check anything out? You might want to pull the part on your web
site that says I don't even exist anymore or that I never wrote the
evaluation on Idema, or that I was never in a position to evaluate him, or
that I was only in the Army for a year. Those statements are all
incorrect. I know you would want to be accurate and not publish knowlingly
false information regarding someone,

Here we have caught Lynn "the Brain" Thomas red handed lying and distorting the facts about
Jack Idema. But why? Why Lynn hurt the people you have been defaming? The people you never met before while using sources who themselves are either frauds or have vendettas and in one case a drunken former CNN political director who herself has been living a lie..."Victor Bout held a knife to my throat!"....Why hurt the people trying to tell the truth? As someone who is supposedly a good Christian woman. Lynn Thomas how do you live with yourself? Jack has an excuse... Jack is mentally sick. Are you Lynn? Is his how a Christian woman is suppose to act? A Christian does not bare false witness against another. But there is nothing Christian about you Lynn. You are a vicious son of a bitch. One who does not want to see that she is propelling a lie and one who enjoys hurting people.

So now Junior Cape Crusaders you see just how badly Lynn Thomas distorts facts and outright
lies just to propel Jackbo no matter who she hurts. This is the mark of a Christian Woman? So you can take it to the bank that what ever Lynnbo writes you must verify as truth. You cannot trust Lynn Thomas at all and so if Lynnbo said the sun was shining, you better dam well run to window to look for yourself! You need medical help Lynn Thomas!

The Stupor Patriots was created to counter-balance Jack idema's website. On this blog is the
truth about Jack Idema. We did not attack innocent people, we did not make things up just to
hurt people and we focused solely on Jack idema and his scamming exploits.

We will continue to keep you posted as Jacks screws up.....

BTW Jack you owe Columbia University some $285,524.70 for suing them!
Shits and Giggles big bad ass Jack Idema...

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