Saturday, September 02, 2006

Kung Fu Jackbo!

DISCOURAGED FORWARD! Junior Cape Crusaders Worldwide and our trusty side-kick Psychotic and Homicidal Lynn Thomas of COWS BLOC!

So Junior Cape Crusaders the true story of our imprisoned POW Hero Leader "Commander" Jack "G.I. Joe Doll" Idema is on the book shelves selling like hot cakes, of course only Chapter 9 deals with Jackbo but "Licensed to Kill" is a must read. Get the book!

But since it hit the street we have received many e mails from some of Jack's old buddies! Yes Jack you sure have a fan club!
Yes Junior Cape Crusaders our Imprisoned POW Hero Leader "Commander" Jack Idema's hands are so dangerous that he is registered as a "Lethal Weapon"! Or maybe we got it wrong? Oh yeah it was those defensive moves that Jackbo mastered. You know the ones.... The ones where Jackbo use his face as a Kung Fu move. As we were told the story;
"We fondly remember the story on Idema's Hwa Rang Do course ( the one that, together with 6 boxtops, made "Jack" such a lethal hand-to-hand killer) was nothing more than a two week thing and that Jack was there because he was being "recycled" (again) and had dead time waiting for the next Phase II class to start. (Everyone needs to note that his "master instructor hand-to-hand diploma or whatever he claims he is from Hwa Rang Do merely says "participated in" -- It doesn't even say "graduated". The course was an ad hoc two week course of instruction that never got formalized or adopted)".

WOW! Junior Cape Crusaders! Kung Fu Jackbo is a real master at
Hwa Rang Do! In his daydreams. But this does not surprrise us at all. Hell is classic Jack Idema! Remember our February 21, 2006 posting... JackMart? Yes Jackbo you can spin a tale alrighty....

TGIF! Thank God I'am FREE! Thanks to the United States Military!.Yes Junior Cape Crusaders you too can now become a Humanitarian-terrorist hunter killer-special forces-special operator! All from the comforts of your home! Just like Jack Idema! All you have to do is visit JACK-MART! Special Forces Certificates and even Special Operations Certificates? No Problem JACK-MART! has them! What other Certificates does JACK-MART! have? Army Airborne Ranger Certificates , Army Weapons Expert Certificates ! Anyone want a badge? Want to become a Counterr Terror Group/Task Farce Saber-rattler 7 Special Agent? ! How about a Counterr Terror Group/Task Farce Saber-rattler 7 Stupor Secret Agent?JACK-MART! has it all! And if you order now! JACK-MART! will send you the Commander Jack Stupor Patriot Action Figure! FREE!(not really and we would never)Yes Junior Cape Crusaders you can be the only one on your block to have his own Commander Jack Stupor Patriot Action Figure! Imagine you can make believe your hunting nasty terrorists while selling seats on helicopters to moronic journalists for a grand each! Imagine you can make believe your killing terrorists while giving guided tours and selling terrorist propaganda tapes to dopey news anchors for 50 grand each! Just imagine all the fun you can have as you fake your way through combat lines, meet important people telling them your a DoD Contracting Officer! Just imagine the hours of playing Jack Idema! Terrorist-hunter killer extraordinaire!

Now only at JACK-MART!

We got another short email from another buddy of old Jackbo's relaying some of Jack's "Master Scuba Divers training"

"Idema just fell into the slot to SCUBA school -- others waited for years to get a slot and never made it there and then along comes Idema at a lucky minute when Group is deploying for Flintlock and he snags a slot. Idema was the most whining... Had the most lame of excuses and was very close to be thrown out."

Well Jackbo you seem to have woken up a few people lately. Hell Jack you have been suing people left and right. Ever think that all of this might come out at the trial? But we know Jack and we will just bet there is another suit coming down the pike! Now Francis after the beatings you have taken in court and the money Jackbo owes people he has sued, (what is it up to Jackbo? 500k?) we think suing again is slightly a waste of your time and Jackbo will only end up in a bigger debt hole. But what the hell does Jackbo care? There is always daddy's insurance ccompany to sue and scam again.

Now ya think that psychotic and homicidal Lynn Thomas gets it yet? HELL no there she goes blogging away over-looking the truth and doing he own brand of "research" using her "brain".... writing the same old shit she has been for the last year. LOL! Lynn Thomas not only are you barking up the wrong tree! But your being pissed on and you think its a spring shower! Let''s see Billy Waugh drives a nail into Jacks operation, Jacks old CO corrects Lynnbo and since Licensed to kill came out we have been getting killed in emails from some of Jackbo's old buddies! AND THOMAS STILL DOES NOT GET IT! What a sick bitch!

BTW Lynnbo, we hear that the Russians have a new boomer sub base in Portsmouth, Maine! Wonder if Jackbo was there too? Stay tuned Junior Cape Crusaders the emails are pouring in and there is more coming your way!


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