Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The BULL In the Sky!

DISCOURAGED FORWARD! Junior Cape Crusaders and our trusty side-kick Psychotic and Homicidal Lynn"The Lying Brain" Thomas of COWS BLOC!

Just as we told you Junior Cape Crusaders! The latest posting at COWS BLOG has Jackbo triumphing over the evil Karazi, FBI, DoS, and DoD forces that are holding him and and the Stupor Patriot forces from capturing Usama Bin Laden!

And as we told you Lynn "The Lying" Brain Thomas is so full of it her eyes are not just brown but her skin color matches. This is one sick woman. Why would anyone make up a fantastic story about Jackbo and Brentbo like this? For what gain? Why would Thomas blame everyone except herself and her idiot lover-boy? Only one sick psychotic and homicidal moron would go out of her way to propel lies such as these.

All we have to say is -

Rolling On Floor Laughing Our ASSES Off With Tears In Our Eyes!

Dam Thomas this is one of your best lines of distortions yet! Do you go to bed at night dreaming this crap up? Or does Jackbo and his buddy Tom Dumbback actually write this crap for you?

Stay tuned Junior Cape Crusaders the truth is about to kick Lynn "The Lying Brain" Thomas right in the butt! You would think by now that this whack-job would finally get the picture. But she is so delusional that she actually lives in another dimension.

Stayed tuned!

Hey Jack time is approaching and soon there will be another knock on your door.

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Bill Bloggs said...

Well you don't seem too impressed with our hero. Any news of him screwing around with other peoples wives, impressing them with tales of daring do.