Tuesday, April 12, 2005


DISCOURAGED FORWARD! Junior Cape Crusaders!

Today Junior Cape Crusaders Terrorist Crime Fighters Worldwide we will take a look at some of the best quotes from our Imprisoned POW Hero Leader General Jack. Please make reference to the past posting to see the contradicting and convoluted messages. ITS FUN!

WNYC New York 93.9 6 March 03, The Leonard Lopate Show, Behind the Lines.

Question: Aren't these operations supposed to remain TOP SECRET? Why do you think the U.S. Government allowed you to disclose this information considering how embarrassing it is to many of the people involved, including the CIA? Jacks Big Mouth

(Our imprisoned POW Hero Leader General Jack did not deny the release he stated he does not think it is embarrassing. (Of couse not! Our imprisoned POW Hero Leader General Jack would never be embarrassed about royalties!)

Question: you've been all over the place yourself, not just being a Green Beret. You're also a police detective I understand.

IDEMA: Former (Gota love those cop shows!)

Question: Advisor to Royal Thai Army Special Forces, Counter terrorist TF leader, Under Cover Intelligence Agent in Russia, Military Advisor in Nicaragua, El Salvadore, Laos, Cambodia, Eastern Euorpe…working with the Contras in Central America.

Answer: Yeah (dam DD214)

Question: (Regarding why Rumsfeld was so confident SF could free Afghanistan in 6 months) Why was he [Rumsfeld] so confident? Had you already been involved in the fight against Al Queda?

Answer: Oh, Yes. (mommy too and lets not forget sargie!)

IDEMA: Special Forces was going across that country [Afghanistan] at light speed. Taking the cities, liberating the cities, destroying Al Queda…

Question: Were you doing it or were you doing it with the Northern Alliance?

IDEMA: I was with the Northern Alliance

IDEMA: I had the advantage of operating only with the Northern Alliance and basically by myself so there were places that I went that they wouldn't or they couldn't.

Our imprisoned POW Hero Leader General Jack speaks a great deal about the warplans in Afghanistan and other operations. Based on the SECDEF’s policy of "no leaks"! (Hummm must have been an oversight to be on a PBS Radio Station

Question: you are no longer with Special Forces, when did you leave?

Answer: I left to go do some intelligence work in 1991 in Russia. I continued to operate and work with special operations throughout the 90’s. (Yes boy's and girls space aliens do exsist!)

NECN 15 March 03
Keith "Jack" Idema fought alongside Special Forces and the Northern Alliance. BLOW THE HORN

Announcer: You were, in effect, a Soldier of Fortune

Idema: No, I don't know about that (NA! monay had NOTHING to do with it)

Question: What would you have done if you came face-to-face with Osama Bin Laden? Would you have taken him prisoner or taken him out?

Answer: In February I had about… I was organizing a force of about 500 Northern Alliance guys to go into a village where we thought Bin Laden was and we were not taking any prisoners that day.

Our imprisoned POW Hero Leader General Jack is asked why Colin Powell or the defense department didn’t put that out he says "They didn't want it to come out from an official source by now people are talking about it."

Question: You were identified in the book. You were identified only as "Jack" and subsequently now that you’re back on the tour your true identity has become known.

IDEMA: I divulged that after Dan Rather had the tapes on 60 Minutes on me…all the Americans on the ground in Afghanistan were known as as one name or a nick-name.
(yeah those darn "No Leaks thangs" always get in the way)

Yes boy's and girls Junior Cape Crusaders General Jack has LEGIONS of followers! WE SAID LEGIONS!


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