Monday, April 11, 2005

Chapter 1 Part IV Jack The Nuke Killer!

DISCOURAGED FORWARD! Junior Cape Crusaders!

Welcome Back Junior Cape Crusaders!

In the continuing fairy tale story our Imprisoned POW Hero Leader General Jack ends up in Lithuania nuke hunting Russian suitcase nukes as an undercover intelligence officer!!! But let us again understand what a Not Official Cover (NOC) means.

Once again Junior Cape Crusaders Terrorist Crime Fighters NOCs are among the government's most closely guarded secrets, because they often work for real or fictive private companies overseas and are set loose to spy solo. NOCs are harder to train, more expensive to place and can remain undercover longer than conventional spooks. They can also go places and see people whom those under official cover cannot. They are in some ways the most vulnerable of all clandestine officers, since they have no claim to diplomatic immunity if they get caught! GAZAM!!! (GET THE PICTURE?!)

As the fairy tale story goes according to America's Paper of Record, NewsMax "In 1991 when the Soviet Union fell apart there was no happier fall-away piece than Lithuania, which was swallowed whole by the Soviet Union in 1940 and remained anti-Soviet until the Soviets collapsed in 1991. Somebody in Washington did some good thinking. Send some of our people over, make contact with the Lithuanian KGB - who really hated Russia and communism the whole time - and see what we could learn.

And they couldn't have sent a better man than Special Forces Sergeant J. Keith Idema who quickly bonded with the Lithuanians and brought back information that may either save us all or serve us with fair warning of our impending physical obliteration! (Idema's admirers claim Keith wowed the Lithuanian KGB guys by out-shooting them at the firing range and out-drinking them in the officers' club afterwards. (UH who sent who? We thought our Imprisoned POW Hero Leader General Jack was suppose to be under cover? Must have been the business cards!) I won t let that thought breathe outside of parentheses because the saga of Keith Idema is going to get plenty wild enough without it!) The next year, 1992, (he waited an entire year to tell about suit case nukes?) Keith became the star at a Pentagon briefing (and you thought these folk had all there marbles didn't you?) by delivering the startling news that since the Soviet breakup, weapons-grade nuclear material had been, not leaking, but pouring into the hands of the international terrorist underworld.

When a system like communism collapses, whatever you're sitting on top of becomes your currency. If you're supervisor of a shoe factory, you trade shoes for food, clothing, whatever. If you re in charge of a potato warehouse, potatoes are your new rubles. And those who were in charge of weapons-grade nuclear material found themselves in an enviable trading position. Keith described to those at that Pentagon briefing the nuclear backpack or suitcase nuclear bomb, a tactical atomic device that could lay waste to 40 city blocks when detonated, Keith warned that the number of missing units from the former Soviet arsenal was unknowable.
(yes the squirrels run free at the White House too) The traffic was lucrative to those who controlled that material and their tight Soviet-era control was now out of control. (Gosh wonder where those nukes are today?)

After the Pentagon briefing two men approached Keith and said, "Great work, Sergeant. We're FBI and CIA. Give us your sources over there and we'll continue your great work." Nothing doing, Keith told them. ( Hey I thought he was suppose to be working for us not a bunch of drunken KGB guy's?) He explained that in order to get his information he had to vow he would never share it with either the FBI or the CIA. Don t forget, he told them. (This is a reason why a undercover intelligence agent who we supposedly spent a lot of money training would give not to surrender the names of bad-guys?) The Lithuanians who gave me all this were plugged into the communist intelligence brain. And they know that the CIA and the FBI are riddled with their OWN spies!

(Uh you mean Robert Hanssen? Oh didn't they tell Jack "Hanssen allegedly took a break from spying between 1991 and 1999, which some experts attributed to an ego boost he got from a promotion", kind of blows this out of the water! Besides there are nine ways to Sunday to report moles.....must have been a manifestation of them !)

The men warned Keith of dire consequences if he did not divulge his sources. Keith did not deliver. (Are you sure this guy was on our side?) They did! Keith was indicted for wire fraud and thrown into federal prison. Keith denies he was guilty (Of which he defrauded...ah....about 20 companies!). He also recalls being promised leniency and early release if he gave them what they wanted. "

Gazukes! Junior Cape Crusaders! This can't be! This must be disinformation by those dastardly AWIA guy's! According to another published report (here we go again!)

"It was one such trade show that led Idema to his first contact with a subcontractor who set him up with a job training police forces in the former Soviet republic of Lithuania. In 1993, not long after his arrival, Idema claimed to have stumbled onto a Russian Mafia plot to smuggle nuclear material out of the country. He briefed contacts at the Pentagon and the FBI about the conspiracy, but refused to provide them with the names of his sources." (dates are always a killer)

Another venison of the story as told by J.R. Nyquist is a WorldNetDaily (any dead Japanese reporters in this one?) "Last week I happened to interview Keith Idema, a one-time senior non-commissioned officer in the U.S. Army Green Berets. Idema had been involved in an intelligence gathering mission in the former Soviet Union, and one of the things he discovered was that Moscow was using the Russian Mafia to ship suitcase nuclear weapons to North Korea. (now its North Korea!) As it happens, North Korea possesses a unique commando capability, (and the Brooklyn Bridge too) using special semi-submarines to deliver strike forces to strategic targets. (beam me up scotty there is no intelligent life at WorldNet daily!)

These commandos are trained to plant demolition charges or to unleash weapons of mass destruction. (yup! all 6000 miles away) Idema's information shows that North Korea's commandos probably possess nuclear weapons that can be delivered to targets throughout East Asia. Therefore, to brush the North Koreans off as a joke is stupid, especially in the context of an American Assistant Secretary of Defense who dares appear before Asian statesmen in drag."

So our Imprisoned POW Hero Leader General Jack learning of evil doer terrorist with nukes going to North Korea or where ever refused to give our Government the names of his sources so that the Good Guy's could verify the report and save millions of Americans from doom!!!!! And our Imprisoned POW Hero Leader General Jack would not tell them as a undercover intelligence spy?

NONSENSE! This is AWIA's disinformation campaign against our Imprisoned POW Hero Leader General Jack! They want you to believe that our Imprisoned POW Hero Leader General Jack is a T R A I T O R! BOULDER-DASH!!!! Our Imprisoned POW Hero Leader General Jack immediately filed a highly classified movie script report to the highest levels of the US Government!

Our Imprisoned POW Hero Leader General Jack would never let down his fellow American's for the sake of a few used and bought Russian KGB Officers! (or was the whole thing bar talk from a bunch of drunken undercover intelligence agents! Like this has never happened with our Boy Jack before!) So AWIA sprang the trap! And our Imprisoned POW Hero Leader General Jack was sent to jail on 56 Counts of Wire Fraud? (like there are no 20 or so companies defrauded either!)

Stay tuned for Chapter 2 56 Will Get You 3!

(got to love that Jeep)


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