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Anyone want to buy an Army?

DISCOURAGED FORWARD! Junior Cape Crusaders Worldwide and our trusty side-kick "almost out" Francis!

Welcome back Junior Cape Crusaders Worldwide! So some of you are still wondering how our imprisoned POW Hero Leader "Groucho" General Jack Idema is able to get away with some of the things he does. Well its simple..... Jack's pays for it! You say, that not possible eh? Well Junior Cape Crusaders Worldwide we are afraid it is. From Jack's MOD ID Card, to his band of "irregular forces" to his private jail cell and his computer/internet hookup right to his satellite phone.....all paid for in graft and even maybe some ...ah....blackmail? Our Jack? Blackmail? hmmmmm........

To highlight this we are pleased to post a recent AP Story on just this subject. While the subject is on our buddy Gulbuddin Hekmatyar. We will note that there are many others who for a wad of greenbacks would do almost anything. Right Jack? The only thing Jack has not been able to pay for yet is his release from prison. That may yet come but for the time being Jack and Company are going no where real fast..... Lets take a look at the story!

Cash said to drive Afghanistan's militia
15. August
2005, 12:35

By Daniel Cooney

ASADABAD, Afghanistan (AP) - It doesn't take much money to set up a militia force in Afghanistan. A few dollars a day buys the loyalty of impoverished villagers, and weapons are cheap and available. It's so easy that one Afghan province, Kunar, near the eastern border with Pakistan, has 10 illegally armed groups, U.S. military officials say. Though each has its own agenda, they are believed to share a common aim: to disrupt or even stop landmark legislative elections next month. "I got them all: Taliban, al-Qaeda, Hig, foreign fighters, smugglers and other criminals," said Lt. Col. Peter Munster, a U.S. Army commander in Kunar. "They are like the Mafia." Hig refers to a militant network led by renegade former premier Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, who is wanted by the United States.

Munster said the militias "are against the elections. ... They are coming in with money and throwing it around. This is a poor area. People can be bought." The Sept. 18 elections are Afghanistan's next key step toward democracy after a quarter century of war and subverting them would be a highly symbolic blow to the U.S.-backed nation-building process that is slowly marginalizing the Taliban and other extremist groups. The amount being spent on recruiting new fighters and the number of foreign militants coming into the region has spiked in the lead-up to the vote, said Kirimat Tanhah, an Afghan Special Forces commander in Kunar. "This area is full of foreigners: Pakistanis, Chechens, Arabs. Weapons caches have been hidden and the local villagers are being paid to fight," he said, before a joint operation with U.S. Marines into Korengal Valley, a militant stronghold in remote mountains in Kunar.

The U.S. military in Afghanistan suffered its deadliest blow in the valley on June 28, when militants killed three Navy SEAL commandos in an ambush and shot down a special forces helicopter with 16 troops on board who had gone to rescue them. The attacks came amid a major upsurge in fighting nationwide that since March has left nearly 1,000 people dead, more than half of them suspected militants — some of the bloodiest months since the Taliban's ouster by U.S.-led forces in late 2001. To counter the worsening violence and the threat of attacks during the elections, the U.S. military has brought in extra troops and gone on the offensive, launching major operations in southern and eastern regions, where most of the militants are based. "We want to keep the bad guys off-balance in the lead-up to the elections. We want to disrupt them," Lt. Col. Jim Donnellan, commander of the 2nd Battalion, 3rd Marine Regiment, said in an interview with The Associated Press at a U.S. base in Asadabad, the main town in Kunar. "We want to show villagers before the elections that there is security, that they have nothing to fear," he added. One such operation is the deployment of hundreds of Marines and Afghan Special Forces into Korengal Valley to flush out Taliban rebels suspected in the June 28 assaults.

The U.S. military and the Afghan government also have set up local militia forces of their own. In Kunar, nearly 1,000 villagers have been recruited, trained and armed in the past month to provide security. This force is in addition to the police and Afghan army. And the military has launched a string of reconstruction projects for roads, schools and medical clinics, that employ poor villagers so they won't become militants. But persuading them to vote won't be easy.

Militants have distributed leaflets in some regions, threatening to kill anyone who takes part in the election. They've even tried to intimidate Afghan troops by tuning into their radio frequencies and threatening to attack, said Tanhah, the special forces commander. "They accuse us of being bodyguards for the Americans," he said. "They say we are brothers and should join them. But we radio back and tell them that we are fighting for our country and that they are fighting for foreigners who want our country ruined."

The militants have extensive resources in some areas, including satellite phones and digital cameras, which they use to record attacks and then post them on Web sites, Tanhah said. Other communication methods are more basic. "The bad guys pay little kids to flash mirrors from hilltops to warn them of approaching troops," Munster said. "Many villagers are paid good money to work with the militants." Tanhah said that while most of the militants claim to be fighting for Islam, many are just in it for the money. "Many foreign fighters are only here to be paid," he said. "And the locals don't care who pays them, whether it be the Taliban, al-Qaeda or the U.S. military. They just want to earn money."

Well now as it has been said Afghanistan is indeed a very interesting Country! So Jack just how much goodwill have you really spread around? Only Jacks hawala knows.......



Anonymous said...

New York Times
April 29, 2002
At Fox News, The Colonel Who Wasn't
By Jim Rutenberg

Joseph A. Cafasso knows people - retired admirals, generals, government officials. More to the point, he has said, he knows his way around the netherworld of counterintelligence through contacts he built during a sterling career as a lieutenant colonel in the Special Forces.

The Fox News Channel thought it had found an asset when it hired the gruff, barrel-chested former military man as a consultant to help in its coverage of the fighting in Afghanistan. He claimed to have won the Silver Star for bravery, served in Vietnam and was part of the secret, failed mission to rescue hostages in Iran in 1980.

For more than four months, Mr. Cafasso assisted and shared tips with reporters, producers and on-air consultants. Then on March 11, he abruptly left Fox amid complaints that he had overstepped his bounds and had become an annoyance. Soon afterward, Fox News, and many associates of Mr. Cafasso, learned that his office style may have been the least of his problems. The real story, many people say, was that he was not who he said he was.

He released a statement on Sunday in which he said he was the victim of a "gossip campaign" by "self-centered individuals with their own political agendas."

People at Fox News had taken his credentials at face value. So had the presidential campaign of Patrick J. Buchanan, for which he was an organizer; WABC radio in New York; and several representatives, military officials and activists to whom he had sold himself for years. But records indicate that his total military experience was 44 days of boot camp at Fort Dix, N.J., in May and June 1976, and his honorable discharge as a private, first class.

Mr. Cafasso had promised to appear at The New York Times to provide documents contradicting records that he only served in boot camp but never appeared. Military officials said they had no record of anyone named Joseph Cafasso retiring as an lieutenant colonel.

Mr. Cafasso, it appears, has used his story of battlefield glories to make friends, find work, and perhaps most importantly, find acceptance among people who walk the fringes of Washington's power corridors, networking his way through a community of retired military officers to arrive at Fox News.

Fox News would not be the first news organization to be deceived. The New York Times in March reported the account of a former Russian army officer who said he fled the fighting in Chechnya in 1999 to escape pressure to kill civilians. On Saturday, The Times quoted Russian officials and acquaintances as saying he was not serving in the army at the time.

Fox News executives acknowledged that they now think that Mr. Cafasso was not who he said he was. But they said that the information he gathered never led to any known mistakes and that he had a network of military sources - built, apparently, on the strength of his stories.

Whatever the case, Mr. Cafasso seemed to have contacts where network reporters had few, they said, and he worked long hours, often helping the network penetrate the secrecy that shrouds the Pentagon.

Mr. Cafasso was introduced to the network shortly after the start of the military campaign in Afghanistan by retired generals whom he accompanied to Fox's offices in Washington, where they appeared as commentators. Executives said Mr. Cafasso seemed to be a consultant, briefing the generals on developments in Afghanistan. As he spent more time at Fox deciphering military movements, the executives eventually felt compelled to hire him as a consultant for $200 a week.

One senior Fox executive said Mr. Cafasso was so convincing and seemed to have such respected patrons at the Pentagon that there was no reason to question him. "He was so confident," the executive said. "The sheer brazeness of it is just remarkable."

The executive added that Mr. Cafasso was hired because of his contacts, not necessarily his military background. "Joe was just plugged in everywhere," the executive said. "He appeared to be able to call almost any military base and have a friend there."

Executives at Fox said Mr. Cafasso often worked late hours chasing leads through his sources, setting up interviews with military officials and offering guidance to producers trying to understand the foggy Afghan battlefield. He developed skills on the network's graphics computer - used for on-screen maps - and prepared briefing packages with news clippings for commentators.

"He knew more about the military and the Pentagon than most reporters we deal with," said a military officer at the Defense Department who was surprised to hear that he was not a decorated veteran.

He also had a good sense of military spin, counseling the Fox staff to be cautious about Pentagon claims in December that troops had Osama Bin Laden cornered. He quoted sources as telling him that Mr. Bin Laden could easily escape through the mountains, which has been raised as one possibility of what may have happened.

Fox executives conceded that one piece of advice from Mr. Cafasso could have saved the network considerable embarrassment, if it had acted on it. In February, Fox and ABC erroneously reported that the body of the Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl had been found, based largely on information from a police official in Karachi, Pakistan.

Mr. Cafasso had, correctly, told Fox that his contacts were telling him the report was bogus. Yet Mr. Cafasso's information could sometimes be flawed. He would often make mistakes on the names of people and places, people at Fox said. Once Mr. Cafasso alerted the staff that black helicopters were descending on the State Department, apparently to battle a terrorist threat there. Fox staff in the building ran outside to find blue sky, a person close to the incident said.

Either way, as policy, Fox executives said, producers and correspondents were required to verify information offered by Mr. Cafasso.

Some doubted his credentials. In November, an executive asked a private security consulting and training firm to look into Mr. Cafasso's service record. The firm, called the Spartan Group and made up of Special Forces veterans, concluded that Mr. Cafasso was lying about the hostage mission in Iran and said it could find no service record for him.

"He was a fraud," said Tim Buckholz, director of the Spartan Group's corporate security arm, after Mr. Cafasso left Fox. Discussing Mr. Cafasso's claims that he participated in the rescue attempt, Mr. Buckholz said he talked to several individuals involved. "That was a very closed mission," he said. "And nobody knew a Cafasso. We told Fox that."

Fox said a researcher in New York who had clashed with Mr. Cafasso had asked the Spartan Group to look into his record, independently. Only after his departure did executives learn of the inquiry and its results, which did not conclusively disprove his story.

Still, after several months, Mr. Cafasso began to wear on the nerves of some Fox staff members. For one thing, he did not shy away from telling them they were off-base.

The Washington bureau chief for Fox News, Kim Hume, finally decided to let him go, people at Fox said, and he decided he was ready to leave. In an e-mail message to the staff, Ms. Hume wrote that Fox's "military and counterterrorism consultant," Mr. Cafasso, "made crucial contributions to our coverage of the war on terror" and helped take "Fox's war coverage to the next level."

Mr. Cafasso, reached on his cellphone, said in a brief interview, "I left because I had enough; I don't like the press." Yet he sent the staff a gracious note. "I opted to depart without fanfare because this is the way I am," he wrote. "One day there, the next not."

That, too, is how former associates describe Mr. Cafasso. Before his arrival at Fox, Mr. Cafasso spent years flitting in and out of military and political circles, impressing people with his stories and disappearing when people began to doubt him.

Born in 1956, he graduated from Carteret High School in Carteret, N.J., military records show. He is described by people who know him as an imposing figure with graying hair, tobacco-stained teeth and a gruff voice. He is considered a gifted storyteller whose tales can keep people riveted for hours.

It appears Mr. Cafasso was introduced to many of the retired generals with whom he built relationships by Rear Adm. Clarence A. Hill Jr., former commanding officer of the the aircraft carrier Independence and once a colleague of Rear Adm. John M. Poindexter, a former national security adviser.

Mr. Cafasso first met Mr. Hill at a conference in 1997 held by the conservative media group Accuracy in Media, where Admiral Hill spoke about his theory that TWA Flight 800 was shot down by a missile when it crashed off Long Island in July 1996.

"He made enough of an acquaintanceship with me at the time to arrange a later meeting, and he had information about TWA 800," Mr. Hill said.

Mr. Cafasso was so enthusiastic about the missile theory that Mr. Hill introduced him to like-minded military men, like Adm. Thomas H. Moorer, former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and William S. Donaldson 3rd, a retired commander in the Navy.

Mr. Cafasso's collaboration with Mr. Donaldson on TWA the crash ended abruptly when Mr. Donaldson asked to see his partner's service records and Mr. Cafasso told him they were sealed, Mr. Hill said. When the records were not provided, Mr. Hill said, Mr. Donaldson, who died last August, ended the collaboration.

Mr. Hill said he regretted introducing Mr. Cafasso to a group of veterans and American and Serbian activists concerned about the humanitarian conditions in Yugoslavia after the NATO military campaign there. Mr. Cafasso helped the group lobby for aid to the wartorn region, people involved said.

"He's overwhelmingly convincing," said David Vuich, a member of the Serbian group. "He walks sometimes with a cane and made reference to it being something that he had experienced in Vietnam."

Mr. Cafasso finally had a falling out with some in the advocacy group in late 1999 when they thought he was trying to take over its leadership, several members said.

Not long afterward Mr. Cafasso began to work with the presidential campaign of Patrick J. Buchanan, helping it collect petitions in Texas and then in Oklahoma and Georgia.

By last summer, he was working, for free, for the crisis-obsessed, politically wired program of Paul Alexander and John Batchelor at WABC Radio in New York. Phil Boyce, the programming director there, said Mr. Cafasso approached the program claiming to have leads on stories but quickly began to overstep his bounds. He was dismissed within a few weeks. "He began to introduce himself as an executive producer and began to tell my employees what to do," Mr. Boyce said. "Once I found out, I put a stop to it."

Mr. Vuich of the advocacy group said he was surprised when Mr. Cafasso appeared at a reception at the Yugoslavian embassy in Washington as a representative for Fox News in early November. "How he had managed to wiggle his way into Fox was beyond me," Mr. Vuich said.

At that point Mr. Vuich and two others from the advocacy group, John Saylor and Ben Works, decided to check Mr. Cafasso's military record, the men said in interviews. Mr. Works received Mr. Cafasso's record from the national personnel records bureau in St. Louis and gave it to people at Fox and other Cafasso associates. But Mr. Cafasso had just left the network.

Mr. Cafasso has recently been seen on Capitol Hill, representing himself as a consultant for Midwest security company.

On Friday he said he was doing crucial secret work, adding that he could not cooperate because of "national security." On Saturday, he offered an explanation of his work but would not do so for publication.

On Sunday, he sent an e-mail message: "This is nothing more than political assassination by a group of self-centered individuals with their own political agendas, who enjoy half-truths, gossip and hiding behind the press for their own self-worth. I will not be tried by the press and small-minded individuals such as these that have no clue to what is real or not."

Anonymous said...

"This is nothing more than political assassination by a group of self-centered individuals with their own political agendas, who enjoy half-truths, gossip and hiding behind the press for their own self-worth. I will not be tried by the press and small-minded individuals such as these that have no clue to what is real or not."

Anonymous said...

"This is nothing more than political assassination by a group of self-centered individuals with their own political agendas, who enjoy half-truths, gossip and hiding behind the press for their own self-worth. I will not be tried by the press and small-minded individuals such as these that have no clue to what is real or not."

Anonymous said...

"This is nothing more than political assassination by a group of self-centered individuals with their own political agendas, who enjoy half-truths, gossip and hiding behind the press for their own self-worth. I will not be tried by the press and small-minded individuals such as these that have no clue to what is real or not."

Anonymous said...

"This is nothing more than political assassination by a group of self-centered individuals with their own political agendas, who enjoy half-truths, gossip and hiding behind the press for their own self-worth. I will not be tried by the press and small-minded individuals such as these that have no clue to what is real or not."

Anonymous said...

"This is nothing more than political assassination by a group of self-centered individuals with their own political agendas, who enjoy half-truths, gossip and hiding behind the press for their own self-worth. I will not be tried by the press and small-minded individuals such as these that have no clue to what is real or not."

Anonymous said...

"This is nothing more than political assassination by a group of self-centered individuals with their own political agendas, who enjoy half-truths, gossip and hiding behind the press for their own self-worth. I will not be tried by the press and small-minded individuals such as these that have no clue to what is real or not."

Anonymous said...

Some people have a clue as to what is real or not, Joe.

Anonymous said...

Are You A Hypocrite?

by Lonnie Lee Best

The goal of this page is not only to inform you of whether you are a hypocrite or not; it is to inform you of the type of hypocrite you are or are not. Perhaps you are a hypocrite. If you are, I can show you how to deal with your hypocrisy. I will present the factors that cause honest people to be hypocritical at times. I will share with you in minutes, what took me hours of objective self-evaluation to understand. This understanding has given me peace of mind, and I hope it will for you too.

Maybe you are worse than a hypocrite is; I will give examples of non-hypocrites that have less integrity than certain types of hypocrites do. For these people, I will explain how their lack of integrity has given them a distorted perception of reality. Regardless, if you are searching for understanding about hypocrisy, you have come to the right place.

Before I can clearly communicate my ideas to you, we must go through the painstaking process of eliminating any ambiguity that could arise from the terminology that I will be using. I have even had to coin a couple of terms myself in order to convey my ideas precisely, and concisely. I have also provided a mathematical formula and a matrix to add additional aid in precisely communicating the relationship of the terms discussed. We will start with the word hypocrite. There are a couple of meanings for this word, and it is necessary to state which one we will be using in this article.

1. a person who pretends to have virtues, moral or religious beliefs, principles, etc., that he or she does not actually possess, esp. a person whose actions belie stated beliefs.
2. a person who feigns some desirable or publicly approved attitude, esp. one whose private life, opinions, or statements belie his or her public statements.


For this article we must go deeper than the above definitions in order to see internal hypocrisy. The above definitions do not clearly acknowledge the hypocrisy that often comes without public declaration, and is within the self. Therefore, we will define a hypocrite in the following way:

a person whose actions contradict their stated or internal beliefs. (Or visa versa)

Lonnie Lee Best's Hypocrisy Formula

The degree of hypocrisy one possesses is equal to the absolute value of the difference between their beliefs and actions. Of course, it is not possible to actually measure these variables, but this formula does represent the relationship of these variables.

It is my theory that humans have a natural tendency to keep their hypocrisy at zero. Therefore, they have a desire to keep their beliefs and actions equal.

If Beliefs = Actions, then Hypocrisy = Zero
If (Beliefs = X) and also (Actions = X), then Beliefs - Actions = 0 Hypocrisy

Furthermore, I believe that when hypocrisy equals anything other than zero, an anxiety will exist inside the individual. These imbalances can linger for years in honest objective people and only seconds for bias rationalizers. Why is this? It is due to one's honesty and objectivity when evaluating their initial internal feeling following a hypocritical imbalance. Everyone wants their hypocrisy to equal zero. Some do it by changing their beliefs so that they are equal to their actions. However, I say you should change your actions so that they equal your beliefs. Beliefs should be arrived at objectively, and should be a relatively independent variable.
Types of Non-Hypocrites

From my observation I have classified non-hypocrites into two categories:

Tautological Rationalizers are not hypocrites because their beliefs and perceptions of reality conform to support their own desires and imperfections. They can not be hypocrites because their beliefs and perceptions of reality are rationalizations for their actions and are without objectivity. When a state of hypocrisy arises, tautological rationalizers conform their beliefs around their actions to eliminate contradiction, rather than conforming their actions around their beliefs.

Devoted Believers' actions never contradict their beliefs. They are completely devoted to what they believe. Their beliefs and perceptions of reality are not rationalizations for their own actions. Their beliefs and perceptions of reality are the result of either objective logic, blind faith or a combination of the two. Regardless of the source of their beliefs, their beliefs and actions are without contradiction.
Types of Hypocrites

I am going to break hypocrites down into two levels, External and Internal. Within these levels I will classify 4 types of hypocrites based on the consistency between their stated and internal beliefs:
Lonnie Lee Best's Hypocrisy Matrix
Honest Dishonest

Stated beliefs contradict actions. Stated beliefs are consistent with Internal actual beliefs.

Stated beliefs contradict actions. Stated beliefs are NOT consistent with Internal actual beliefs.

Internal actual beliefs contradict actions. Internal actual beliefs, if stated, are stated honestly.

Internal actual beliefs contradict actions. Internal actual beliefs are NOT consistent with stated beliefs.

Honest External hypocrites: Their stated beliefs contradict their actions. However, their stated beliefs are consistent with their actual internal beliefs. Therefore they are also honest internal hypocrites. They have strong convictions but do not always follow through. Causes for this type of hypocrisy will be discussed later.

Dishonest External hypocrites: Their stated beliefs contradict their actions and their stated beliefs are not consistent with their actual beliefs. They often have weak convictions, and it is possible for them to be non-hypocritical on an internal level.

Honest internal hypocrites: Their internal beliefs contradict their actions. Their internal beliefs remain constant despite their contradicting actions. They are honest with themselves, and strive not to conform their beliefs around their own desires, actions, or imperfections.

Dishonest internal hypocrites: stated beliefs are consistent with actions but actual internal beliefs are not. They are often people pleasers with weak convictions.

Now that we have covered the terminology I will be using, I now pose a very interesting question.
What causes one to be an honest hypocrite?

So far, I have narrowed it down to three general factors:

1. Uncertainty of Beliefs: If you are not 100% certain in what you believe, then your actions are not likely to be consistent with your beliefs 100% of the time. A conservative interpreter of reality is seldom 100% certain about anything. This uncertainty can cause one to be hypocritical at times.
2. Carnal Desires: These are inherent human desires that often cause one to act on what the flesh desires, rather than what one believes to be the right action.
3. The difficulty level of the belief system: If one's belief standards of right and wrong are higher than what is humanly possible, then their actions are obviously not going to be consistent with their beliefs.

Now that we know the major factors that contribute to hypocrisy, what should we do? Should we create a belief system that is not too difficult, so our actions will always be consistent with our beliefs? Should we create a belief system that takes into account carnal desire, so that we have no hypocrisy? I think not. That sounds like something a Tautological Rationalizer would do. One's priority should be on Truth.
How should one go about obtaining a belief system?

One should do their best to objectively perceive Reality for what it is.
One should do their best to objectively perceive Truth for what it is.
One should do their best to objectively perceive Morality for what it is.

Once you obtain a belief system in this manner, your perception of reality will be as close to actual reality as you can make it. If your beliefs are humanly impossible after this evaluation, then you will have to settle for being an honest hypocrite!

Now don't get me wrong, you should do everything humanly possible to keep the hypocrisy to a bare minimum. Conform your actions to your beliefs the best you can, but never conform you beliefs to justify your actions, unless you have objectively found flaws in your beliefs.

I leave you with the following:

It is best not to be hypocritical, but I would rather be an honest hypocrite than a person who tries to make truth conform around his or her own desires and imperfections. In other words, I would rather be an honest hypocrite than lie about my imperfections. That is the Hard Core Truth.

Anonymous said...

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