Tuesday, January 24, 2006

They Just Don't Get It!

DISCOURAGED FORWARD! Junior Cape Crusaders Worldwide and our new trusty-side kick Award Winning Journalist Ed Caraballo!

Well Junior Cape Crusaders we seem to have some e mails from JackLynn's wingnutosphere! No problem Bigdog it was our pleasure to provide you a link. We hope you feel the same way in a few days when we out you.

Now this one was very interesting and actually deserves a response.

From: Kender
To: stuporpatriotscommo@yahoo.com
Subject: [The Stupor Patriots!] 1/23/2006 09:52:48 PM
Date: Mon, 23 Jan 2006 21:00:53 -0800 (PST)

Yeah....thanx for the link.....BTW, I am awaiting my "outing"......and why do you have a bunch of people in the list that aren't in the free jack blog group? Couldn't that ve construed as harassment?

Posted by Kender to The Stupor Patriots! at 1/23/2006 09:52:48 PM

No problem Don! Its coming! We are very focused on you anyway and just this once we will play since you do raise a couple of questions worth answering. Why all of Wideawakes? And can it be construed as harassment?

Well now. To answer your first question. Wideawakes was not even on our radar screen until its psychotic founder JackLynn made it an issue. Dumb mistake. So of course we looked into the writings. Stupor Patriots is non-political and dedicated only to Jack Idema until his alter-ego jumped in. Of course we have our own opinions on politics and world events. Most of which we all believe is nothing more than spin minus a hell of a lot of facts at the expense of the US Constitution and the American Public.

Wideawakes adds to the sheeple factor just as its liberal counter-parts do. If you must know we here are Constitutionalists. Solid conservatives but with real world experience in matters of the beltway. We do deal with the liberal points of view in our own ways and in a matter of speaking very directly.

Wideawakes are a group of anonymous writers who share one common thread.... stupidity... and in many cases are worse than their liberal counter-parts. Lets call it ...christiantics....a mixture of religion and political antics that says, we are right and you are wrong no matter what the facts may be. At least you can sandbag the liberals with facts.

Most of Wideawakes have never been involved with Hill politics. Never attended meetings at Foggy Bottom or the Puzzle Palace. Never testified in front of a Congressional Committee and never been inside the beltway to see reality. But they project their own unfounded reality.

Lets give you a couple of examples.....

Jack Idema.... Now lets see.... All of Wideawakes are Christians...Bible thumping Christians or so they say. Pro-life...of course that does not mean anti-death penalty, or champions for social justice or believers in war as a last resort, supporters of the first amendment for all equally.....Just anti-abortion. The rest they define.... So here we have Jack Idema who is anything but a Christian nor holds to any Christian beliefs and the last time that Jack went to Church was when he was Baptized....Now he gets hero type of support from this so-called Christian community even though the real facts say the reverse. Which is why JackLynn was convicted of 56 counts of wire fraud and why JackLynn is in jail right now. There is no grand conspiracy. Never was. While spinning his horsehocky is very Christian of you all. Its also very Christian of people to attack others they do not know just based one ones points of view without and common reference or basis in fact......Very Christian. Its also very Christian to re-write or should we say cut and paste distortions from Jacks site and verbally running off with the mouth... And we know YOU don't like it done to you! Right Lynn? Right Don? So why do it to others?

Lets take a look at War.... The Wideawakes group, a Christian group, are major supporters of this so-called war in Iraq. Why? Especially when their beliefs go against the
Lausanne Covenant of 1974. Because they believe that George Bush is not just one of them but was Divinely placed into office? Don't get us wrong we also believe in taking out Saddam. However the problem we have is very simple. The order of battle in this war on terrorism was taken out of order. Meaning after Afghanistan, which we did not finish..Iran was the next logical target. Iran the "most active state sponsor of terrorism". You can go back to 1983 and you will find that 85% of the worlds terror attacks can be linked the Iranian MOIS and the QUDS Force. In 1998 MSIC (Missile Space and Intelligence Command) was screaming about the Iranian Shahab Ballistic Missile Systems. In 2001 MSIC was screaming about the pending deployment of the Shahab 3 and in July of 2003 Iran operationally deployed the system while this Administration did absolutely nothing. Matter of fact in 2001 Iranian Special Forces were in Herat, Afghanistan supporting a warlord by the name of Ismail Kahn going against Karazi and our own forces. Did we take them out? Nope.... Yeah lets blame it all on the intelligence community....This administration is not any better than the last one.

Now Iran has the potential of going nuclear. Can we attack them now? Sure... Can we whoop'em? Sure... But the cost in American lives will be far greater now than before the Iraq war. Hell Baghdad is now called "Little Iran"... MOIS influence is strong in Afghanistan. Both this Administration and the Liberals say, Iran has nationalism! Hell since when did we ever care about the nationalism of an enemy? Bill Clinton bombed Yugoslavia. Did we care about its nationalism? We armed and supported the Muslims in Kosovo. Many of those are the same ones we are fighting today. But because this administration suffered for a bad case of cranial rectal inversion, American soldiers are caught in the middle of the pincer.....

Are we any safer now than prior to 911? Not by much! While there are mid-level executives in both law enforcement and intelligence that could fix our problems with one hand tied behind their backs... But they are not political animals. Once again never place all of your loyality with any false prophets....especially the political type.... Like Reagan said, trust but verify!

So that leads us the one of the main focuses on Wideawakes. Their lack of reality.... There is an old saying, "Never create your own limitations by taking the opinions of others and allowing those opinions to become yours without a common reference or basis in fact". Meaning do some real world research. Not the research as done by JackLynn.... real research...Not the duckspeak that Wideawakes adds to the dumbing of Americans. They are no better than their liberal counter-parts. Hence our decision to out....

Now does that constitute harassment? Nope... We have not been in contact with most of them with exception of those who have been stupid enough to reply to us, Like you Don... But harassment is, forcing your beliefs on someone else to a point where that person feels life threatened and receives threats, like Steven Pearcy. While we do not like Mr. Percy's politics he has a constitutional right to free speech without the threat of violence. The Nazi's did things like that! The Communists did things like that! The KKK did things like that! That Don is harassment! That Don is Domestic Terrorism! Posting a Treason Contest and threatening the life of a sitting US Senator is not just harassment but its also a criminal act and Don... We don't think much of Senator Kerry's politics either. But death threats? That's not even funny. Very Christian!

But even more importantly not one of the Wideawakes bloggers spoke out against any of this type of behavior. NOT ONE.
Not one spoke out against the verbal attacks sponsored by JackLynn.... Most either supported or remained neutral rather than face peer presure.....Not one spoke against the behavior which we find very bothersome....like the threats....the verbal attacks....So Hence the outing.....

So Don if you or any of the Wideawakes blogger feel offended....all we have to say is.....
"They sow the wind and reap the whirlwind".... And we are the whirlwind that you all helped create.......

BTW Don.... here is a PS for you... "The hottest places in hell are reserved for those in the course of a moral crisis remain neutral".... Dante

Five Days, 12 Hours, 36 Minutes to the OUTING!



Big Dog said...

Though I do not recall any of the same people you discuss crying about all the pictures of Bush with a gun to his head. The issue is free speech. They have just as much right to write what they want as you do. The whole idea of free exchange is just that. The so called outing, though I am unsure what that is since most people know me, is an attack on people because they have a different view point than you. I have said a number of times that all the bad things said about Idema might be true but I do not care. As an American he deserves the same courtesy as any other American and I would advocate bringing any American home.

I don't care what anyone writes because they have a right to do so. If it involves threats against people that is what courts are for. I think attacks on people are childish and the banter back and forth takes away from any point either side of an arguement is trying to make.

You can pick on me as much as you want. If that gives you some strange sense of satisfaction then fine. I still have a job, I still have a house and I still have my family and all of that is unlikely to change. Blogging is a past time and I could just as easily spend that time playing golf.

I do find it troubling that when you published the last stuff on Cao you included the names of people who had lived at those different residences. Those people might not even have anything to do with the situation. Does it not matter to you who gets caught up in this game? Or does your desire to out people (whatever that means) over ride the decency that should be shown?

I don't know why this adversarial relationship exists. You are certainly entitled to your opinions as others are entitled to theirs. The back and forth just takes away from that.

With regards,

Kit Jarrell said...

Um, who's Don? Not Kender, according to my Caller ID.

Unless you somehow mixed him up with Don Hall, who's a troll that visits. I'm surprised you two looney tune teams haven't hooked up yet. You use a lot of the same tactics. Pointless smearing with no facts and even less intelligence. Yawns all around.

Kender said...

I am don hall.....

Caoilfhionn said...

On Saturday February 11, 2006, the new Afghan Parliament, led by Prime Minister Yunis Qanooni, the man who’s life was saved by Jack and his team, brought the last three enemies of Jack in front of the Afghan Parliament. So began the trial of:

1) NDS Chief Amrullah Saleh (FBI lackey and Head of NDS who arrested and tortured Jack and his men),

2) the Deputy of Ahmad Ali Jalali. Jalali was the Interior Minister/former journalist who ordered the arrest of Jack and his men at the direction of Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad- both were enemies of Yunis Qanooni and Massoud’s United Front (Northern Alliance) and both were trying to keep Qanooni and the United Front (America’s greatest allies in the 2001/2002 war) from controlling Afghanistan. Smart enough to know his imminent demise, Jalali fled back to the United States last October. His spokesman, pro-Taliban journalist Lutfallah Mashal, fled to London.

But that has not stopped the new Parliament from holding someone responsible for their acts. PM Qanooni summoned the next in command to take the hit, and

3) General Wardaq, a Pashtun American citizen (like Jalali and Karzai) was next to be put on the stand. Wardaq, a former Soviet trained junior officer who fled Afghanistan and never held any type of command rank, lived in America and never fought once in any of the Afghan wars. He succeeded General Fahim as Minister of Defense after Karzai fired Fahim over his support of Jack. He too will answer far reaching allegations that are expected to not only bring about their firing, but probable criminal and treason charges at the hands of the new Mujahadeen controlled Northern Alliance Parliament.

What is being called a inquisition style trial started today. The first questions posed to Saleh were:

“explain why have you released terrorists after a few days, imprisoned innocent men, why is border security a disaster, and what have you done about suicide bombers?”

Similar questions were directed at Wardaq and Jalali’s replacement, Engineer Zarar. Massoud loyalists said afterwards that,

“this is only the beginning of the United Front setting this country straight and exposing Khalilzad and Karzai’s crimes against the people.”

What is expected over the next few days? A special Commission will ask questions about how and why Saleh and Jalali allowed the terrorist would-be assassins of Prime Minister (then Minister and National Security Advisor), Yunis Qanooni, to be set free while the men who saved his life have sat in prison for 18 months, and still remain in prison after the Appeals Court found them innocent in a new trial.

Jack and his team were reached by phone in their NA General Officer’s suite at Pulacharke Prison right after the hearings concluded for the day. We could just see him smiling at the other end of the phone. “The sword swings,” was his only comment on the record.

“Vengeance Is A Dish Best Served Cold.”

It is a known fact that Jack waits until the very last minute before anyone knows the plan. Go Jack !

See it at Superpatriots.us

Discouraged forward to the CABAL! Read it and weep, boys.