Monday, January 23, 2006


DISCOURAGED FORWARD! Junior Cape Crusaders Worldwide and our new trusty-side kick Award Winning Journalist Ed Caraballo!

We at Stupor Patriots Center have made some command decisions. We will no longer refer to Jack Idema as our imprisoned POW Hero Leader "Commander" Groucho Jack Idema. We will refer to him now as JackLynn! JackLynn is a cross over between a psychotic she-male and a stupid cow with sexual miscreant tendencies. The main character traits of Jack-Lynn are deceitfulness, defrauding, dirty dealing, dishonesty and lying. JackLynn has been known to cross dresses as a girly man-wartime tour operator, scamming the press for seats on drug running helicopters for a $1.000 a piece and selling vintage 1970 AQ Tapes. One of the other traits of JackLynn is a constant state of confusion. It so bad that JackLynn can't decide to squat or stand up, hung out, to take a Wis! JackLynn is such a maucho guy-gal! Actually he-she is nothing more than two despondent spoiled children made for each other....

Lets remember posting PROFLIER? Lets take another look because we think it explains JackLynn to the bone! BTW JackLynn this was done by a realprofiler

"After the recent personal attack against
William Hagler and we also note that our imprisoned POW Hero Leader "Groucho" General Jack Idema has been very busy updating his website!

We decided to have Stupor Patriot Agent X37 our profiler and psycholinguist have at it. Agent X37 writes;

"Keith "Jack" Idema is a very troubled and complex man. The key word here is "humiliation". Humiliation is very important to Keith Idema, because if Keith Idema can humiliate someone, it means one thing; Keith Idema feels he has control over them. Its Keith Idema's signature MO in which he is very consistent with. Notably we are reminded of the instance when District Court Judge Boyle sentenced Keith Idema to prison for 56 counts of wire fraud. Keith Idema challenged the Judge to and I paraphrase "step down from that bench and face me like a man". This was Keith Idema's attempt to humiliate Judge Boyle. Moreover Judge Boyle order a 45 day psychological review as his own brand of humiliation.Why is humiliation so important to Keith Idema? Failure! Keith Idema was basically booted out of the US Army never to serve with an elite A-Team.

Failed in a number of business ventures and served prison time. So Keith Idema strikes back, how?By creating a military identity or fantasy as a counter-intelligence operative, humanitarian, and hunter terrorist-killer. Keith Idema figures he can not just humiliate defendants, reporters, law enforcement officers, political leaders and a plethora of others but especially the US Military. So by adopting this military fantasy its another act of humiliation. Keith Idema is basically saying: "you can't stop me, I am better than you".This is not about proving to the world that he is a great patriot and hero.

Its about proving to H. John Idema his father a very successful man that Keith his son is a great patriot and hero. In reality Keith Idema is powerless and see the truth as an attack on his own self-importance. The more humiliation Keith Idema can create the greater his self-worth.Keith Idema has already had a taste of real power. The power over life and death, when he was on the hunt for Bin Laden, his real first taste of combat. The greater death and destruction Keith Idema created the greater his feeling of self-worth.

Now Keith Idema is rationalizing what he has done and what he is now doing in his writings. Keith Idema must prove he is all powerful.Keith Idema is showing malignant narcissism tendencies, a severe personality disorder that leaves him in a grandiose state, paranoid and even ruthless. Just like the terrorists he claims to be hunting. These type of people want credit for what they are doing. It has become Keith Idema's identity, a persona worthy of notice and respect.Human beings appear to mean nothing to Keith Idema. They are just objects that he can get something from, or they're obstacles. Keith Idema's only interest is satisfying what he perceives as his needs. Keith Idema is trying to not just control individuals but society itself.

Agent X37"

We will also now refer to Cao's Blog
as Cows Blog with emphasis on the word stupid. Let us give you an example of Cows latest deceitfulness. There he-she goes again defaming people he-she does not know nor have any basis in fact. Sick JackLynn, just sick.... We think that Lynn's husband will be very interested in the material that was sent to him.... Bet he will get a real laugh!

One of Cows contacts with first hand knowledge? LOL! Oh he-she means JackLynn! JackLynn continues to defame Artis and Knighsbridge hoping to draw a law suit so JackLynn can abuse the legal system for the 132nd time. JackLynn also attacks Bill Hagler who again she has no clue too and we can assume when JackLynn says, "All Im asking is instead of going off the deep end, and manufacturing witnesses, why don't you come up with some irrefutable evidence that what I've said here is wrong, incorrect, or not based in fact? Really, these unhinged smears that Hagler produces that you post on your site only proves that you've compelled him to break the law some more."

...she means us! Compelled to break the law? OMG! LOL! LOOKIE WHO IS TALKING! And who's law are we talking about? Yours JackLynn? Well hell JackLynn call the FBI and complain.....

Manufacturing witnesses! LOL! This is hysterical coming from you JackLynn! Well first who said Hagler told us anything? Again you assume. The fact is that information came from one of our guy's at Ft. Bragg and its all over Bragg.... not from Hagler. Again great research JackLynn! Hell JackLynn and we did prove you wrong!!!! Hence your sitting in a Afghan Jail and no matter what you will serve out your entire sentence! Also to confirm you being so very wrong the entire Fox News Law Suit was dismissed and you were sacked for $5.000 for not answering discovery in the cross-complaint. All of this is on PUBLIC RECORD! Proving your as big a liar as your alter-ego JackLynn is. If you had anything, just one ounce of proof you would not be in jail and you would have a great lawsuit.... But as normal you are nothing but a common fraud. And so is your alter-ego!

So JackLynn you still ain't getting this eh? How stupid can you be? Moo.... very stupid it seems! Second we will do it again when your charged here in the States upon your return. Lastly.... JackLynn, he-she lies so much that the word reality is confused with television.

JackLynn you have three more long years to go in prison. 1 1/2 of those years will be all by your lonesome. Then you can get ready for the next set of charges. Now as far as your alter-ego JackLynn is concerned her problems are now getting very complicated. BTW JackLynn... who else are you going to lie to and play poor innocent she-male? Your the one who provoked death threats against Steven Pearcy
and U.S. Senator John Kerry. Your the one who is manufacturing evidence and witnesses associated with your convicted alter-ego! And you will end up just like your alter-ego!

Now JackLynn we will give you one more opportunity to prove us wrong!

Show us your Afghan Law License? You must have one don't you?

On another note we have even more chatter coming from Fayetteville. It seems that JackLynn's divorce from Vicktoria is becoming very complicated. You see in Afghanistan when a man divorces a woman she gets zip! But Vicky resides in the States and Vicky is no dope! Remember this gal was convicted of securities fraud and she knows how to swindle. BTW nice why to cover your wife JackLynn! You know the one who wanted to hoodwink your father? What a bunch!

But anyway the main contention point in this potential divorce is old "Sargie"! No not you Bumhack! Your cousin...JackLynn's dead dog. You know the one! The one that JackLynn has in his refrigerator! Well it seems that Vicktoria knows she gets half of everything Jack has including his Afghan War-Tour Museum which we understand she wants to put up on eBay! But what really has JackLynn nuts is exactly that....nuts! Sargies! You see the fight is over Sargies frozen testicles! Vicky wants half and JackLynn want both of them! JackLynn needs to have both of these because the sad truth is that JackLynn has none. Well except what JackLynn dreams of having and you might say that Sargie had a bigger set than JackLynn ever dreamed of having! Its been reported that JackLynn wants to even have them brass plated!

So the contention continues! We will keep you posted!

BTW this was in our mail box! "I'm not sure why you are so interested in this man, but since you are, I thought I would inform you that he is definitely out of prison now. I have it on very good authority. --Posted by piper to The Stupor Patriots! at 1/22/2006 09:17:41 PM"

Piper....should we be afraid? Worried? NAAA Piper your as big an idiot as JackLynn! Hang in there Jack its only a few more years!

Stay Tuned Junior Cape Crusaders! We are days away from Part 3 "The Outing"!

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(PS JackLynn we love how you are selectedly blocking those IP's you want! Keep searching.....)


Big Dog said...

Thanks for the link

Kender said...

Yeah....thanx for the link.....BTW, I am awaiting my "outing"......and why do you have a bunch of people in the list that aren't in the free jack blog group? Couldn't that ve construed as harassment?

Duncan Avatar said...

Yeah, thanks for the link, though I am not sure I want any of the filth that probably reads this tripe actually soiling the doorway of my place. Good luck on your self-described/congratulated "outing". I am sure someone, somewhere, will actually give a crap. Someone. Somewhere. Nah, probably not.