Tuesday, February 21, 2006


DISCOURAGED FORWARD! Junior Cape Crusaders Worldwide and our new trusty-side kick Award Winning Journalist Ed Caraballo!

Oh JackLynn! You so very full of yourself! Two weeks ago you were on a hunger strike now the latest from Cows Blog! We also have some very good news for you from Kabul! You dweebs are NOT on the agenda for any of the Justice Committee hearings! ROFLMAOWTIME! This is C O N F I R M E D! Just ask your Police Chief buddy JackLynn!

Again Thomas instead of blowing smoke just post JackLynn's DD214 and a letter from the US Army's Inspector Generals Office in support of your hero boy! Well??? Of course you can't! We know that! This is why JackLynn is so full of himself! Why he is known as a LIAR! Yeah anyone even Jack can post Special Forces Certificates and even Special Operations Certificates! Actually this is JackLynn's favorite on-line shopping store!

JackLynns favorites: 30 Inch Neck Chain, A Team Certificate , American Foreign Service Officer Book , Army 1st Calvary Certificate , Army Airborne Ranger Certificate , Army Weapons Expert Certificate , Bachelor Of Science Certificate , CIA Classified File Folder , Federal Agent T-Shirt , Holographic Overlay - Secure Eagle ! Anyone want a badge? Hey Jack you forgot your GET OUT OF JAIL FREE CERTIFICATE!

So Thomas unless you or your hero boy friend can produce a DD214 and a letter by the U.S. Army Inspector Generals Office backing up JackLynn's claim your nothing more than a frustrated old house wife living in her own little nightmare of homicidal fantasies with her hero boy friend JackLynn... BTW Jack Ole Boy........ forget about getting out! We will make sure you serve out your term! All of it...every day of it!

We received a lot of e-mail from the Wingnutosphere about Part III.... So Rottweiler Puppy and Kender here is our reply. Its coming! Our Russian friends tells us very shortly they will have the new SuperPatriots site up and running. Very Soon!



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