Friday, February 17, 2006

TGIF! Thank God I’m FREE! Thanks to the US Military!

DISCOURAGED FORWARD! Junior Cape Crusaders Worldwide and our new trusty-side kick Award Winning Journalist Ed Caraballo!

Well gang did you miss us? We have been kind of busy lately and no Kender we did not get closed down. Hey Thomas how's Allstate lately? We see you have been busy pumping out the bull and making your threats! We do apologize for our absence but there are other things out there that are more important than JackLynn and we do have a surprise for you all... BTW JackLynn our boyz in Kabul tell us you ain't getting out so enjoy your jail stay.... Nice try though.... Hey Jack didn't Yunis Qanooni say you duped him?

Shortly gang we will be introducing a new member of our Junior Cape Crusaders Worldwide lets say from Russia with love! You'll just love the site JackLynn! But in the meantime lets take a look at some corrections of JackLynn's distortions which are posted on his/hers warped website and that we were able to confirm as JackLynn Cowbull.

  • There was never a Special Forces selection until 1988. which was after JackLynn's time.
  • There were no graduations from "phases" EVER, and since there were no graduations from the phases there certainly would not have been any honor graduates.
  • A person either graduated the SF Qualification course as a whole or flunked out.
  • People received a certificate of completion after Phase II which was MOS training only. It has been that way since the beginning of the course and never has changed.
  • There has indeed been one person graduate the course with a perfect score of 100. Guess what? His name was not Jack Idema.
  • There was never a class of 1,225 people to go through any phase in SFQC at the same time. The largest class was around 300 and that was in 1989.
  • The Diploma for completion of SFQC has since day one, been a small green beret in the center, not the flaming pisspot from IMA.
  • JackLynn was an 05B4S, not a weapons man. JackLynn's records were made public during his trial in 1994. JackLynn had a secondary MOS of 11B4P which is the SMOS of every person in SF who did not have weapons as a primary MOS.
  • JackLynn never worked with the Ramon Belloso battalion in El Salvador. That's a confirmed fact. JackLynn was never served on an SF A Team when he was in 10th Group (active duty). He was on the B Team as a Radio Operator. Confirmed fact.
  • The picture of JackLynn in the snow suit with his team, was from 11th SF Grp which is a reserve group. It was simply the teams winter training. Nothing more. Confirmed by a team member!
  • JackLynn was fired from the team shortly thereafter. Also confirmed.
  • The picture of Idema "training" the SAS guy is crapola. Yeah, the picture was made, but it was the Americans receiving the training - NOT giving the training. Confirmed fact from a person who was there.
  • There are no records to break in the Weapons Committee. There were no records to be broken. No one ever had to "qualify" with any of the weapons in Phase II, weapons school. You had to qualify with the M-16 in basic. The only records that were kept were those who passed and those who failed and that is how it was scored "pass" or "fail".
  • As far as all of JackLynn's schools are concerned, well, everyone we asked says if JackLynn had time to go to all those schools, then he wasn't doing much - if anything at all, except going to school.
  • There is no such thing as an SF Instructor course. There was a Methods of Instruction Course that Instructors in SFQC had to go through along with people from the 82d, COSCOM or anyone else that even did unit training. Not a high speed school at all just a methods of instruction.

And the most important part!

  • JackLynn's military records were made public at his trial in 1994 and all of his claims proven to be bullshit.
Stay Tuned Junior Cape Crusaders Part III the Outing is about to happen.... Hey Kender hope you have a good Russia......LOL!


Hey Jack so you were working with the son of General Lodeen? Now talk about a cheating scam artist! Small world!


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