Sunday, August 06, 2006

The Nail!

DISCOURAGED FORWARD! Junior Cape Crusaders Worldwide and our trusty side-kick Psychotic and Homicidal Lynn Thomas of COWS BLOC!

Well Junior Cape Crusaders, it's been very quiet out there in Jackbo land. Of course we laugh at all of the accusations made by Lynnbo in defense of her honey Jackbo. Talk about Groundhog day! But you have to remember a very important point here. Jackbo can't prove anything he makes claim to, even with his phony document maker, but we can prove in a court of law that Jackbo was never a Official Advisor to the Northern Front. That Jackbo defrauded and used the American and Afghan Governments for his own personal gain. That Jackbo was nothing more than a glory seeking bounty hunter making one way phone calls and using others in an attempt to propel his fame.

That his lawyer John Tiffany Edwards is violating his ethics by crossing the line as an advocate for his client to someone who now has a personal and financial gain to propel the distortions. FBI paid off Judges? LOL We would just love to see you prove that one Tiffany! How about the FBI witnessing Jackbo's beating? LOL....

Then there is Lynnbo Thomas who continually distorts the record and just re-cycles garbage while using the same press she decries about for Jackbo's sake, against others. Ole Lynnbo here seems to just love to make accusations. Remember Eddy Reames the dead guy she accused of being web-blogger SoJ of Flogging The Simian? Her proof? Her razor sharp mind and the Internet! What Jackbo? Could not come up with one of your phony documents? Then to top that, Lynnbo and her whack job clan harassed Reames Mother to boot. Lynnbo's latest attack on Artis, Cafasso, Morris and everyone else comes from a source that Lynnbo once blogged about being a fraud.

"Curiously, Christine Dolan started up another organization in order to continue defrauding people out of their money, called The International Humanitarian Campaign Against the Exploitation of Children. Dolan’s group claims connection with Knightsbridge."

Now let us tell you where this came from. This comes from the the famed Vatican Bank lawsuit of Phillip J. Kronzer. Kronzer is also suing Christine Dolan a supposed advocate against Illegal Human Trafficking, at least on paper. Dolan like Jackbo loves to make some very exaggerated claims about herself and when you do your diligence you find a totally different story. You see Junior Cape Crusaders, Dolan who has a very well known drinking problem and in some cases has been spotted smashed in public at even at her own functions, contracted to Kronzer to write a report on Pedophile Catholic Priests and what Kronzer claims as the "Medjugorje cult" to get back at his estranged ex-wife who was a Medjugorje follower and as it's reported to us, has a perpetual restraining order against him. Of course Dolan could never verify the Medjugorje cult stuff which is actually a control fight between the Serb and Croatian mobs. Medjugorje as a parcel of land is a cash cow, once run by the Serbs but now by the Croatian's who are ringing those cash registers.

But Dolan took some $300,000 from Kronzer and wrote a report ( or as it was told yesterday to us much of it was a'copy and paste" report titled, "In the Name of God", while also using Kronzer's money to live a very, very extravagant life style, which included a plush home in a very exclusive section of Virginia she claimed she needed for security. Threw and attaneded lavish parties, bought designer clothing and even had very nice Med-Cruise in search of a mysterious island monastery where Kronzer claimed was nothing more than a haven for child abuse. This claim was proven very wrong by Dolan. But Dolan had a wonderful time in search of the island. Can't imagine how much that cost Kronzer? Hey Phil! Got a few grand left we need a Med-Cruise vacation? Besides we know where there are better tax-havens....

So when Kronzer challenged Dolan on her expenses and asked for an accounting, which he had every right to no matter how stupid or unfounded his religious claims were, Dolan refused. Wonder why? But Junior Cape Crusaders as reported to us, this exchange lead into a Dolan e-mail attack against Kronzer and Kronzer fired back. This ended with Kronzer suing Dolan in California using Knightbridge as a vehicle to file his action in the California Courts, thought there was never ever a real relationship between Dolan and Knightsbridge. As it was reported to us, this got even worse when Dolan named in a few other actions bartered her way out by forking over information on Kronzer.

While all of this was going on Artis got falsely called a Pedophile by the Kronzer and Jackbo zombies. It did not stop there either. Artis was called a phony Knight. That Artis trafficked in humans and stole humanitarian aid. That all his medals are frauds....

eh... Jackbo... Philbo.....

Artis has the Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC) and the Purple Heart.... What medals do you have Jackbo? Oh yeah the one that has your old prison number on it! Nice of Lynnbo making hay about Artis a real American Hero, while she just rails about how much a Hero Jackbo is! Hey Tiffany that goes for you too...Talk about being a disgrace. How can anyone defame someone who has the DFC and Purple Heart? Get a life all of you!

So who is the Kronzer source making claim against Knightbridge and Ed Artis for being a phony Knight, a pedophile, someone who stole humanitarian aid and so forth and so on? It came from none other than.... drum roll, please! Our Imprisoned POW Hero leader Commander Jackbo Idema himself ( got to love how all of this comes full circle, don't ya?)! While Jackbo has a interesting relationship with the Kronzer and crew. Must be certain oil and uranium producing African country... eh...Cabinda ring a bell? One of the African Countries that also had ties to Iran. Oh yeah and a certain tax haven....? Wonder now how all of this fits with the Cabinda separatist signing a peace accord with the Angolan Government? Bet the FBI and IRS would love to know?

So Kronzer at first got a default judgement against Dolan, but like Jackbo never acted upon the default and so Dolan filed a quash due to jurisdiction in the California Courts. Many claims and counter claims have been charged but none of them have ever proven by either side. Again just like Jackbo's lawsuits. And when you can't get by with making phony shell companies and tax havens, try making phony documents to support your claims. If that fails then try accusations. If that fails threats are in order. you gotta love Jackbo, he does it with style.

This Junior Cape Crusaders are some of the sources and facts Lynnbo Thomas uses to make her claims and accusations, now by mis-using her Internet radio show, WAR (Whacked, Arrogant, Ridiculous). But what the hell, when you sleep with Jackbo you spawn the devil's son. Death threats and all... The fact is that Jackbo knows all of this but all he is out to do is cause as much damage as he can. Both Jackbo and Lynnbo just want to keep everyones name up in the Internet lights.

No matter what is said on either side of the Jackbo issue. It has to be remembered, "do not create your limitations by taking the opinions of others and allowing those opinions to become yours without a common frame of reference or basis in fact". Especially with Jackbo and his phony document making machine and who is a master at distorting facts. And we mean the real facts, the ones that can be proven in a court of law and the facts in the Jackbo Idema case weight heavily against Jackbo.

What a surprise.....

Hows your wife Jack? We find it funny you have not bothered to mention how much you love and miss her in the past few months! How things change!

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