Monday, September 04, 2006

Afghanistan's DAWG!

DISCOURAGED FORWARD! Junior Cape Crusaders Worldwide and our trusty side-kick Psychotic and Homicidal Lynn Thomas of COWS BLOG!

Yes Junior Cape Crusaders this is the best that the she devil psychotic and homicidal Lynn Thomas of COWS BLOG can come up with defending her honeybee our imprisoned POE Hero Leader "Commander" Jack idem! Just like a good Christian woman should do... defending a lie!

So Jackbo has been doing his DAWG routine by illegally entering into people homes while making a made for TV movie flick about how great he is. Hey Jackbo who taught you to do a forced entry like that? Sure as hell was not anything taught at Fort Bragg. Yes with guns blazing and all! Must have come from some Rambo flick or maybe it came from the Super Patriot School ...Counterr Terror Group. You know the place. Where the good people of Red Hook, New York got sick and tired of being terrorized by Jackbo and had the place shut down.

Well Lynnbo if this is the best you can do then your missing the boat of truth! So let us start publishing Chapter 9 from the book Licensed To Kill. The truth about Jack Idema the Afghanistan version of Dawg. Here we have pages 227 to 230 for your reading pleasure. Of course we will milk this chapter for all its worth and yes Jackbo we will post the entire chapter. Maybe Lynnbo can post some more incriminating videos in the meantime.

Page 227

Page 228

Page 229

Page 230

We love the part where it says "Idema's exploits were no more than a side show to the real action in Afghanistan , and Jack was no more than a bit player with no real role in the legitimate private security industry".

Yep our hero-boy was no more than a "bit player" and "side show".... LOL! But Jackbo and Lynnbo would just love for you to believe that ole Jackbo was the main deal here. BTW Jackbo nice interview of Police Inspector Gary Delagnes of the San Francisco Police Department. You were NYPD back in the 80's? LOL! No Jackbo that was another scam that you and your buddies were pulling from Long Island! Well Jackbo it sounded to us like the good Inspector thought you were part of the military or police. Our bet is that he did not know that he was being interviewed by a CONVICT from a prison cell. What did you tell him Jack? You were the Commander of Task Fraud Saber 7? So we placed a call to the good Inspector and we can't wait for his return call. Want to bet he is going to be surprised? You can make book we will report back on this interview.

Stayed Tuned Junior Cape Crusaders as we continue the story of Jack Idema the two bit Afghan Dawg!


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