Sunday, September 03, 2006

ODA 324?

DISCOURAGED FORWARD! Junior Cape Crusaders Worldwide and our trusty side-kick Psychotic and Homicidal Lynn Thomas of COWS BLOC!

Now that the truth about our imprisoned POW Hero Leader "Commander" Jack Idema hit the street and oh what a tail Jackbo and that psychotic and homicidal so-called Christian woman Lynn Thomas has been spinning!!!

Oh by the way, Lynn "The Brain" Thomas we just laugh our asses off at you making claim that someone else is a celebrity stalker! Let's see Lynnbo is having a problem with the truth. Something a true Christian should not just be after but should embrace. But not Lynnbo! She can't come to grips with the fact that her honeybee, Jackbo is a scumbag and a fraud and who by the way is a stalker extraordinaire. So Lynnbo instead of accepting the truth attempts to attack someone else she thinks is venerable. Of course Lynnbo knows absolutely shit about what she blogs about. Since she has be proven wrong about everything she has posted about Jack why should anyone believe anything this bitch from hell as to say?

So she now blasts away with Guns for Hire-Afghanistan LOL! The entire doco is an insult to all Afghans and ole Jackbo had to promise to blow Sam Kiley. Anyone who watches this doco will see what a real piece of shit Jack Idema is. Hey Lynnbo, is this the best you can do after Licensed to Kill was released? After Billy Waugh nailed Jackbo? After the real truth of Jackbo's famed military career was stomped on by folk who were not just there but knew Jackbo? LOL! What a piece of shit you really are! Truth? Shoot you could careless about truth. What a phony!

Lets talk about stalking... and not in theory either....

Lynn "The Brian" Thomas has been stalking and spinning garbage against Artis, Morris and Cafasso since the get go. LOL! Three guy's she has never even met but because her honeybee was being shown for the scam-bag he is, Lynnbo decided she would attack. Think she is ashamed? Hell no! This so-called Christian woman does not care about the truth even when the truth bites her in the ass. Lynnbo what happned to Jackbo's law suit against these guys? You forget you say? Let us remind you. JACK LOST! Jack got his ass handed to himself and almost got his lawyer in hot water....

Well lets not stop there. Remember Steven Pearcy? This stalker bitch propelled a death threat against Pearcy to the point where Pearcy had to file a police report to protect himself naming Lynn Thomas as a primary source of the threat. Lynnbo was so proud of herself as a Christian woman she created Kerry 180. To that point she propelled a "DEATH THREAT" against a sitting United States Senator of which was reported to the Capitol Hill Police. But lets not stop there either. This pathological liar continued her assault attacking Eddy Reames a guy who is deceased. Yeah a dead guy! This attack included a telephone assault on Reames mother. Again nice Christian woman. As if that was not enough this
psychotic bitch goes ahead and attacks Kathryn Cramer because ole Lynn is a jealous bitch and taking points from a washed up ex-news director and drunk, who Lynnbo one made claim was a fraud... No Lynnbo your source is a drunk and sick person. This is a creditable source?

And if that was not enough! Lynnbo goes ahead and posts Cafasso's mother's obituary with the phrase RIP and sending her prayers. Like that was not a slap. Again nice demented
psychotic bitch. Now lets talk about a celebrity psychotic and homicidal stalker and not in THEORY! Remember Lynnbo what goes around comes around....

Why is it Lynnbo that only your honeybee is in jail convicted of stupidity twice over and no one else you attack is?

But we have to remember Lynnbo has a brain! Her blog is full of insults and attacks and this so-called, "Christian" "brain" and researcher is now playing the Hilter and the
fascism fiddle speaking in relations to islamo/fascism. Not principles or methods of, but fascism itself. to Lynnbo the Christian woman, the only good Muslim is a dead Muslim..... Talk about wanting to kill people..... Projecting again Lynnbo?

BTW Lynnbo! Fascism is " a governmental system led by a dictator having complete power, forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism, regimenting all industry, commerce, etc., and emphasizing an aggressive nationalism and often racism". Please Lynnbo explain to us what "state" and dictator your talking about? All Lynnbo "The Brian" Thomas does is spit out talking points and then with that university education of hers rationalizes her demented thoughts.

Lynn Marlone "Check Kiter" Lawler, Thomas.... a sick BITCH! By the way Lynn how was severing 30 days in the slammer? Its simple Lynnbo you know jack-shit!

Now let's talk about the real fraud and a person who has made claim to killing and shooting at people..... Jack Idema...

Since licensed to Kill hit the street our e-mail has been loaded with goodies. Gee Jack you seemed to have skipped over the fact that you were "THROWN OFF ODA-324 and sent to a rehab A-Team! Guess you did not last long there because you were shipped out to the groups signal company. Impressive!

Many of the e-mail we receive are from some of your old ODA-324 team mates. They all say that with you" they believe that at least two countries got it right so far." Referring to your conviction for wire fraud and now the conviction from the Afghans!

Let's also correct the record on Haiti. It was reported to us from folk who were there that Jack was never, ever part of any Special Forces operations in Haiti. Matter of fact Jackbo served on 324 from October 1976 until the spring of 1977, say April of that year long before any Haiti Operation. At that time the team was training for German Mountain School but good old Jackbo could not stop that blabbering mouth of his and got pulled from going to that school. Meaning Jack Idema never went to any German Mountain School as a SF'er. Jackbo also claims to have gone to a NATO Ski School! Jackbo... there is one slight problem with this claim........... There is no such animal!

Jackbo makes claim of his expert shooting abilities. What his teams mates have told us is that while Jackbo was a decent shot he was never competition caliber. Gee Jackbo we find it funny that you forget to mention that you nearly got your entire team disqualified because of your blow-ups and insubordination! Hell Jackbo you were so popular that your ENTIRE team voted to have you thrown off! And in 1978 you were barred from reenlistment from the U.S. Army.... In your short lived time with Special Forces you never saw "COMBAT"! Never! PERIOD! End of the proud service of the Super Patriot! Maybe someone should call H. John Idema and tell him that the vanity wall he has in his house is nothing more than a sham!

LOL! This is the man who claims himself as "THE SUPER PATRIOT! LOL.

This is the man Lynn Thomas thanks God for. Not her sons serving, not the boys and gals in Country. But a fraud.... a man who only care about himself. This is the man who Lynn Thomas is a whore for, propelling insults, lies and distortions. This is the mark of a Christian woman? No Junior Cape Crusaders, this is someone who God has nothing to do with in her daily life. A women who is mentally sick and needs some real medical help. But this is also the type of woman Jackbo attached himself used... as a old wash rag.... She even looks like one tire threads and all......

Stayed tuned we Junior Cape Crusader we are just starting to warm up!


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