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Disavowing Lynn Thomas

DISCOURAGED FORWARD! Junior Cape Crusaders Worldwide and our trusty side-kick Psychotic and Homicidal Lynn Thomas of COWS BLOC!

"Thank God it's Friday! Thank God I am Free because men like Jack Idema are in JAIL"!!!

Yes Junior Cape Crusaders today we want to do a little detective work and analyze one of COW’s recent picture posts. Yes, somehow COW came up with a “NEVER BEFORE SEEN OR PUBLISHED” picture of a young Keith Idema. (Anyone care to guess who provided her a copy of the photo?) Along with the photo, our wacko Lynnbo published her usual insightful analysis and commentary, and, as usual, it is pure trash and 98% wrong. We will take today’s post to go through her comments and add our own sumplementary commentary.

Sit back and enjoy yourselves.

Cao’s Commentary:

“Oh look again, Uncle Jimbo, this is another genuine picture of the real deal, a very young Jack Idema, in his uniform (courtesy of the JFK Special Warfare Center & School). It is a picture that no one has ever seen or published, and one that Idema has never released. But I think we can all agree, it really is him.”

SP Counter-Commentary:

Oh look again, Mama COW, this sure looks like some civilian photo studio glamour shot of a very young Keith Idema, all puffed up and posing for the camera for an “I Love Me” photo (he went by “Keith” back in those days but that just wasn’t “sexy” or “bad” enough if you are trying to bluff your way through the world and don’t have any real soldiering credentials, hence the later name change to “Jack.”) Hey, Jack you didn’t get anything else changed at the same time you changed your name? No little trips to Sweden for some , uh, shall we say, unmentionable surgical procedures? That might explain why some of your former colleagues call you, well, a “p****”? ). This picture is not really from JFK Center files, but what the hell, nothing else that Idema says is truthful, why not lie your ass off on this too. “No one as ever seen this picture”, unless of course, you go to Jack’s “I Love Me Wall” where it probably hangs prominently displayed for the whole world to see. Yes COW, your ARE right about one thing. We can all sadly agree this is JFK* Idema (Jonathan “Fraud” Keith Idema).

Cao’s Comentary Continued:

So, all the “experts” out there don’t get their knickers in a twist over Idema’s missing black and white name badge, during those years 10th SFG(A) operated against the Soviets, and those on teams with real world USSR missions did not wear nametags on their dress green uniform.

SP Counter-Commentary:

For all you experts out there, you can probably smell a BS story as well as anyone, according to “Keith’s” commanding officer in 10th SFG from the period when this photo was taken, 10th Group personnel wore their nametags on their dress greens. Period. It is more likely Jackbo had this photo taken when he was home on leave and forgot to bring his nametag along with him. But, what the hell, a sexy BS story about “real world missions against the USSR “ sounds so much better than, “Hey, I forgot my nametag.” Maybe he lost his nametag when he was down on Red Square, breaking into the Kremlin, on a super secret “real world” USSR mission – probably trying to steal a road map so he could find his way to the super secret non-existent “boomer” sub base at Vladivostok for his next super secret mission. How’s that for BS?!

Cao’s Comentary Continued:

Let’s see, this one was taken around 1977, when you were what, about 10 years old? Back then, the Army Special Forces uniforms were slightly different also. There was no Special Forces “Tab” for graduating, you were awarded your Green Beret after Phase I (Selection) and your “full Flash” after you graduated fully qualified. The Special Forces Tab wouldn’t even be invented for another ten years, right before your time, but it seems to be “missing” off Uncle Jimbo’s Philippines and Paintball pictures.

SP Counter-Commentary:

Aside from the personal attack on “Uncle Jimbo,”, I do believe that Jackbo and COW actually did get something right for once. The SF tab would not be authorized until much later and the full flash was awarded after completion of Phase III for the enlisted course. On the officer’s side of things, beret and flash were awarded upon completion of SFOC. There was no interim awarding of the beret as SFOC was not broken down into phases like the enlisted course. But you wouldn’t know that Jackbo, because, despite your claims that you were a Special Officer OFFICER, you were never even close to earning a commission. Even Army bureaucracy isn’t THAT stupid.

Cao’s Comentary Continued:

What else can we notice? Jack Idema is wearing a green Full Flash designating 10th Special Forces Group (ABN),

SP Counter-Commentary:

Wow COW! What a keen eye for detail you have there! Idema IS wearing a full flash. What that means in Idema’s case is something different than for others who went through SF school and wear the flash. For Idema it means that, after failing 05B Phase II course twice, and having a rich Daddy get his congressman involved, and having pressure brought to bear on the Army, ol’ Jackbo was recycled for what was probably an unheard of third try to get through the SF school, but this third time he was placed in the easier 11B specialty (light weapons) track. Wow, Jackbo, glad you made it! I don’t think even your Daddy or your congressman could have gotten you a fourth pass at the SF course. We heard they graduated you just to get you out of their hair. Too bad for the guys up at Fort Devens. They probably thought they were getting a SF Weapons Sergeant. What they got sure sounds like someone else’s bag of dirty laundry being passed along.

Cao’s Comentary Continued:

[H]e has an expert marksman badge, with little placards hanging off it, which are probably for either Expert rifle, pistol, and grenade, or Expert rifle, pistol, and machinegun.

SP Counter-Commentary:

Holy COW! Lady, can’t you get anything right? The correct term for the expert marksmanship badge suspended bars is not “placards” but “clasps.” Any moron can go on line and look up AR 670-1 and get the correct terminology. What are the clasps? We can’t see. Grenade? Not likely. Jackbo might have blown himself up with a real grenade. One thing is for sure. The clasps can’t include “Bayonet.” Jackbo has already showed us his “expert” knife fighting skills with his barracks “Hwa Rang Dodo” episode. (Score: Roommate -1 / Jackbo – 0) Hey, maybe one of the clasps says “potato peeler” on it. Why don’t you ask him, COW? Oh yes, just about every soldier in the entire US Army ends up with one of these little pretty marksmanship badges. They really don’t mean Jack Shit (Sorry Jackbo, you don’t mean Jack Shit either).

Cao’s Comentary Continued:

He has a Parachute badge, and a SCUBA badge, which means he graduated what is arguably the world’s most difficult special operations school– note I said the WORLD’s most difficult school.

SP Counter-Commentary:

As for Jackbo’s SCUBA badge? Correct there Lynnbo – but look for future postings on how little Jackbo lucked into a SCUBA slot – he sure didn’t earn it from what we hear. As for the SCUBA course being the “WORLD’S most difficult school.” Hey, Lynnbo, I thought you said Jack’s Hwa Rang Dodo course was the toughest school in the world? You have simply got to make up your mind! Granted, SCUBA school was physically demanding, no argument there, but “WORLD’S most difficult.” That just might be stretching things a bit COW. Here is a web site: The Special Forces Underwater Operations Combat Diver Course and an extract from that site. Let’s see what other people who have been through the course say:

“The Special Forces Underwater Operations Combat Diver Course. This is one of the tougher schools the Army has to offer. If you make it through the OL-H, it is not too difficult physically...but you still have to learn dive tables, physiology, tides, waves, and currents, CPR, submarine lock-in/out, etc. “

Hey Lynnbo, maybe we should check and see if it took Jackbo more than one pass to get through SCUBA school. Jackbo, who was your SCUBA buddy? We would like to get in touch with him. He might have some stories we can post. Did your congressman go through the course with you on this one or did you make it through on your own this time?

As for Jackbo’s parachute badge? Yes, Jackbo completed the Basic Airborne Course at Fort Benning. Right along with many tens and tens of thousands of others before him. No big deal there Lynnbo. Or perhaps you want to tell us that Basic Airborne Course is the “WORLD’S most difficult course?”

Cao’s Comentary Continued:

You know, the school you failed and flunked out of Uncle Jimbo. Did you even get the first day of class in the school Idema graduated from with honors, then returned to teach, and eventually became a Master Diver, then a Master Instructor, and then a Master Instructor Trainer?

SP Counter-Commentary:

Who ever said Idema graduated with honor’s from the Basic Special Forces Underwater Operations Course? In fact Jackbo’s former commander says there are rumors that he washed out (he also says he doesn’t think they are true). We will get busy trying to see what the truth is on that. As for Master Diver? Lynnbo.. Army Master Diver IS NOT an SF course and SF guys don’t go to that school. In any case, Jackbo was thrown out of the Army in 1978 and didn’t attend any further diving schooling before that happy day in Army history. To quote Jackbo’s former commander “Bottom line -- No Idema on a SCUBA team -- no secret spook SCUBA missions. Just made up stories.”

Look COW, this is the Army Master Diver Badge from the official web page.

Army Master Diver Course (CIN A-433-0064) is the pinnacle of Army dive training. Successful completion of this 20-day course results in the award of the Master Diver Badge. The course includes classroom testing and training and a rigorous 3-day performance evaluation.

Note Lynnbo, that your hero IS NOT wearing a master diver’s badge. Never has. Never will (legitimately at least). Not even his later pictures in Afghanistan which show him wearing every bell and whistle he can possibly justify (and it looks like one or two he isn’t entitled to wear) is he wearing a Master Diver Badge? As for Master Instructor and then Master Instructor Trainer? Are those titles from Jackbo’s defunct and bogus two-bit counter terrorism school? It certainly doesn’t seem to be anything to do with Special Forces. But I’ll bet that Jackbo can come up with another certificate or two if we ask him.

Cao’s Comentary Continued:

According to a real Master Sergeant in the US Army Special Forces, Idema’s team had one of the most classified missions– the Soviet SSBN “Boomer” base in Vladivostok. Have you ever even seen a Closed Circuit Rebreather system for infiltrating into an enemy coastline, like the one a 20-year-old Idema is wearing here? Or locked out of a Submarine? Because according to real SF sources, like the real SF Master Sergeant pictured down below, Idema is has actually done sub lockouts (USS SEAWOLF as in the SSN-575 Seawolf, not the Seawolf class of sub), not just daydreamed about it.

SP Counter-Commentary:

We simply can’t put it any better than Jack’s former CO, the commander of ODA 324 who included this in his August 23 e-mail to you, COW:

“I don't know where you got the make-believe story about the mission against the "boomer base" in Vladivostok. If you knew anything at all, you would know that the Soviet (and now Russian) Pacific sub base for their missile subs is at Petropavlovsk. Vladivostok WAS and still IS a big Russian SURFACE navy base, but it is not a submarine "boomer" base. Bad news for the fantasy warriors. They really should do their homework before they start making up bogus war stories.

ODA 324 (the first team to which Idema was assigned) NEVER had a mission to operate in Russia and certainly not on the Russian Pacific coast. I guess as the CO of the detachment I would know what the wartime mission was and what country it was in. You are not even close. I don't know who your "real SF Master Sergeant" source is, but I hope you aren't paying real money for these ficticious stories. Perhaps the Vladivostok mission was so "super classified" they overlooked telling the unit commander, the team sergeant, or any other person on the team -- other than Idema of course.”

Lynnbo, it isn’t hard to guess that the source of this fairy tale from your “real Master Sergeant in US Army Special Forces” is Idema’s equally self-delusional buddy, Thomas Bumback. Like Jack, he apparently just doesn’t know crap from crisco. So Lynnbo, why don’t you post Colonel Carlson’s info on your bog site? Too much truth there for you? Or has Idema told you not to say anything that further exposes just what a fraud he is?

Oh yes, one last thing that you overlooked in your brilliant analysis of Jackbo’s glamour ego photo. Just look COW, Jackbo is wearing ALL of his awards and commendations. Let’s look real close. There is the Army Good Conduct ribbon (boy someone was asleep at the switch when they handed out that one.) Actually, GCRs were automatically processed by the unit personnel section unless otherwise told not to do so. That means, this photo must have been taken before Jackbo got his Article 15 (Non-judicial punishment) and rehab transfer from being thrown off ODA 324 in the spring of 1976. He also proudly wears the National Defense Service Ribbon, you know, the ribbon given to every single servicemember that finished basic training in the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps. What a small elite group that is! Oh, Jackbo. You are a true hero!

He also wears . . . . oops. That is all the personal awards he has! No combat awards. No meritorious service awards. Nothing. Zip. Nada. Zero. Just two ribbons handed out pro forma like candy on Halloween night to every enlisted man in the Army. What a hero your Jack is. Lynnbo, I’ll bet your heart just goes pitty-pat when you think about our heroic Jack . Forget the real heroes in the world Lynnbo. Jackbo is the “real deal” for sure.

One last bit of very advanced detective work and photo analysis here. Over Jackbo’s right breast pocket, he wears the unit citations for 10th Special Forces Group. Jackbo is right at home with this. You see, he gets to wear the unit citations for the unit which were earned at times and places when Jackbo wasn’t actually with the unit. This may be where Jackbo first got the idea of taking credit for the heroic deeds of other’s, just like he has been doing ever since this photo was taken some 30 years ago. The difference is, in this photo he can actually wear the 10th Group unit citations while assigned to 10th Group and it is fully in accordance with Army regulations. As for taking credit for the heroic deeds of others since he was thrown out of the Army in 1978? Well that’s more than not being in accordance with regulations. It’s just plain pathetic and despicable.

Jackbo, you stink! And oh yes, COW, you stink too.


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